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Educational Awareness of the Computer and the Internet

It seems that persons presently in the workforce and those students who are now graduating college know less about the computer, its functions and the internet when compared to the younger generation. These days the children in elementary, middle and high school have more access to the computer and the internet than we did when we were younger. The internet has become the modern way of communication and research for the younger generation. The coming generation knows more about links, search engines, and “surfing the web”. In this essay we will look at the following questions: what is happening with the younger generation and computers? what would happen if computers were being used in the classrooms? and, what would happen to the workforce with this lack of computer knowledge?

Many of the individual’s who are in the workforce currently have to go back to school to get trained in computer use, to be able to remain in their work position and to compete with future (and recent) graduates. The current workers would most probably lose their jobs due to lack of training. Many workers would have to go back to school to learn about computers and its uses, in order to keep up with the ever moving technological advances. That is why there is so much of an increase in the computer workforce.

Jobs in computer field are opening left and right, training centers are growing widely, and almost every company small or large is looking for someone who has knowledge of the computer and the internet. Either to do networking, to set up webpages, or to do any other technical work needed to be done on a computer system. Most companies are setting up training programs in order for their workers to learn how to use the computer. An example is the nurses at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania (HUP). A computer system has been implemented there for inputting data and charts. The HUP nurses must learn to enter their notes and data into the computer system with ease and speed so that the hospital can run and flow easier.

With this increase in the computer workforce there is also an increase of computers being used in the classrooms. The article, “Teachers and Technology: Potential and Pitfalls”, cites examples that there is a great increase of computers in schools today.

Gambling On The Internet

Gambling On The Internet

Gaming sites are growing almost daily on the internet as more and more people are seeing the profitability of online gambling. Sites range from bingo to proffessionals giving strategies to poker and blackjack and every other casino game you can think of. With the ever present lure of the big payout and the ease of wich anyone in the world can access these online gambling sites the popularity of these sites has gone through the roof. But with the onset of government regulation is the future of online gaming a sure thing.

Online gaming has been somewhat of a hot topic in the news lately. The government is trying to decide how to go about regulating it. Senator Jon Kyl (Rep. Arizona), who championed the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act, got it overwhelmingly passed in the senate, in spite of a report by the Justice Department criticizing the bill for being inconsistent and overly broad.. One of the first of these companies to be affected by this new law was Bohemia, a New York based company. The New York attorney general seized all of Bohemia’ assets and blocked a $750,000 wire transfer to an offshore account in Antigua. With government crackdowns like these and the outlawing of gaming sites in the United States, online gambling companies are running for the borders..

Feeling the heat in the United States online gaming companies had to relocate, with some going to Canada but many more finding a haven in the Caribbean. Long a hoitbed for psychic hotlines, telephone sex lines, and sports betting operations the Carribean islands and internet gaming were a perfect match. With Carribean governments posing no laws against online betting and the relatively cheap $i00,000 or so fe…

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…and pages of online gambling sites to get to any sites that adress problem gambling. One site I did find was Gamblers Annonymous. The gamblers anonymous is a twelve step program similar to that of Alcoholics anonymous, the web site displays the twelve steps that need to be taken to help you curb your gambling addiction. With the ease of access to gambling online there is a very good chance that a rise in problem gambling may occur in the future.

I believe that the future of online gambling is secure. The government really wants to ban it but at this point I do not see the possibility of this happening. Internet gaming crosses too many national borders for the united states government to put an end to it. People are always going to find a way to do the things they want to do, the popularity of internet gaming makes it a sure thing in the years to come.

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