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Samantha should plan the trip with the children and prepare them psychologically about what to expect during the outing. She should convey a formal communication to the parents on the venue, time, and transportation of the children to seek authorization. Reconnaissance, as the assessment of the place of visitation, remains imperative. An evaluation of the area of visit expires within twelve months. It is not mandatory to conduct an assessment if it had been completed within the last twelve months. Samantha should distribute the children with the educators in an appropriate and safe ratio. A good ratio will guarantee a safe response reaction in case of risk occurrence. Samantha should consider the availability of safe and hygienic food to establish whether food should be carried or bought at the scene. Although drills should never be informed before the execution, Samantha needs to notify a few staff members to make sure they are prepared for any eventuality. Emergency medication and transport services should also be available to guarantee the safety of the children. Imperatively, training on how to react during an emergency based on the drill should have been conducted prior.

The existence of discrimination towards racial sets of people as history essay help

The existence of discrimination towards racial sets of people.

Racial discrimination has gained the attention of many people, both the victims and those unaffected (Lee, & Scott, 2017). People will meet daily as they interact, thus offering a platform of discrimination. Racial differentiation happens when an individual is catered for less pleasingly, or denied equal opportunities, like others in the same situation, due to their ethnic origin, skin colour or other reasons. Racial discrimination has become popular in modern society though it’s done privately. The victims of social discrimination generally have no voice and suffer in secrecy. There exist various reasons as to why racial discrimination occurs, but none of them can be justified. In the following interview, Randy examines the levels and bases of racial discrimination, whether acceptable and what can be done to address the problem.

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Racial Discrimination Interview- Randy

INTERVIEWER: Well, Randy, let’s begin with understanding racial discrimination and when it started.

Randy: racial discrimination is the unequal treatment of people due to some reasons which are not their fault. (that means there’s bias in how people are treated). It’s very hard, almost impossible, to define when racial discrimination started due to a lack of adequate records. (this is because it’s not acceptable).

INTERVIEWER: what prompted you to gain interest in issues about social discrimination? Are you a victim, Randy?

Randy: I’ve never been racially discriminated against, maybe due to my good skin colour, but I learnt about it on social media and read from articles. (role of social media in fighting racial discrimination).

INTERVIEWER: What did you find out, Randy, like the reasons for it

Randy: the findings were that people, especially foreigners, are mistreated or denied some rights by the original inhabitants as they feel they bring competition to their available resources. (fight for available resources).

Also, in particular, black people are treated as criminals even without any past involvement in criminal activities. (the notion that black people are wrong).

In the American context, where our findings were based, the black and the Asians suffer discrimination the most because they are not employed in good jobs even with relevant certificates and enough experience (wrongly preconceived opinions regarding the black people).

INTERVIEWER: how do the racially discriminated feel about the situation?

Randy: of course, it’s not a nice feeling; they feel they are unwanted, unloved and to some extent insecure. (because they have no one to come to their help).

INTERVIEWER: what do you think should be done to address discrimination?

Randy: it’s pretty tricky since the discrimination seems to have deep roots (hate from prejudgment and assumptions), as some people feel that they have superior rights compared to others. However, the problem can be addressed through awareness creation on how important it is for people to work together, be treated equally and that all people are equal. (Here, social media will be an essential tool in effectively communicating such information).


The Covid-19 pandemic summary ap us history essay help

The world is currently facing a major pandemic that has significantly affected basic day-to-day activities. Like other major calamities, this situation is expected to result in profound changes in human history that are being compared to the bubonic plague. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the shutdown of numerous industries, including the hotel industry and transportation. Naturally, human beings are predisposed to resist any form of change introduced suddenly in society. Resistance to change is observed in all aspects of life, including governance, societal norms and values, and religious and scientific beliefs. The current health crisis has created a situation that has forced governments to close operations in different areas, a move that has been met with resistance from the citizens. The state of Michigan is among the regions where people have become very vocal in resisting an extension of the lockdown. The new direction taken by governor Gretchen Whitmer has resulted in full brown protests from citizens. The corona lockdown presents an event that will go down in victor due to the resistance by the public and the effect it has had on the various crucial systems such as healthcare, transport, and the economy.

On the 1st of May in 2020, Gretchen Whitmer, the governor in Michigan, announces a state-wide lockdown that forced individuals to stay at home as a measure to prevent further spread of the coronavirus*. This announcement was based on the high rate of infection recorded in the state and the transmission model of the covid-19 virus through contact with liquid droplets*. The spreading model makes it easy for people to get infected by being in crowded areas such as public transport and restaurants. The Michigan governor announced a state of emergency in a bid to lower the new infection cases in the region. The move to fully shut down operations in Michigan and forcing people to stay at home was made at an inopportune moment because the order concurred with a gathering of protesters lobbying for a change in this directive*. On the same day that the governor declared a state of emergency, citizens gathered at Lansing, the state capital, to oppose the stay-at-home orders, which were only a consideration prior to the announcement.