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Director of Flight Operations Reporting Responsibility View out of the window of an airplane at sunrise. A sometimes common

Director of Flight Operations Reporting Responsibility

View out of the window of an airplane at sunrise. A sometimes common discussion regarding the organizational structure of a corporate flight department is to whom in the larger corporate organizational structure the Director of Flight Operations (DO) or the Aviation Department Manager (ADM) should report. There are many possible debatable answers to that question, though one is most generally accepted as best.

Analyze and evaluate the information you have learned in the reading assignments for this Module and state to whom you believe the DO should report in the larger corporate structure, and more importantly, state why you believe that.

Provide examples to support your contentions.
Support your work by citing and referencing a reliable source(s).

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Running head: WRSHT TWO




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FirstName LastName
University title

The Youth Unity
Youth Unity is a community youth group determined to engage unemployed youths through community activities. Youth Unity conducts frequent street clean-up and garbage collections and helps the community with environmental issues. The activities mentally engage the unemployed youth and prevent them from committing criminal activities in their spare time. It also prevents the youth from depression and keeps them physically fit through physical activities.

Youth Unity comprises unemployed youth who are graduates, continuing students, college leavers, and another group of youth who fall under the unemployed category. The group of individuals can learn and acquire new technology skills in the technology industry. We strive to reduce crimes among the youth. We also have mentorships that educate the youth in engaging them youth to reduce depression status. Youth Unity members promote good morals, environmental conservation, community growth, and reducing unemployment levels in the community.

Youth involved in the Youth Unity activities, such as cleaning the streets, have made positive growth at a personal level (DeAngelis, 2022). The youths have gained more courage in exploring the available options for gaining income, such as entrepreneurship. The community generally undermines the unemployed youths and perceives them as the first suspects when there is a crime. Therefore, the Youth Unity community collectively includes the unemployed youths in mentorship programs, engage them in extra-curricular activities, and connects them to job networks when available.

Youth unemployment is a liability to the community (Bigelow, 2015). A society affected by large-scale unemployment tends to describe a low socioeconomic status. In that case, the community will record many individuals with mental issues, high crime rates, and street beggars. Unemployed individuals experience mental breakdowns when they stay for a long time without getting a job. The mental issues trigger the crime rates in the neighborhood, street beggars, and violence due to unemployment in the community.

Community Assessment
The community’s objective is to reduce unemployment, promote good morals and prevent the youths from engaging in illegal activities (“Cultural Respect”, 2022). The community will include unemployed youths in the community. The community uses English as the native language; hence it will be the preferred language of communication. Members of the community understand that the community is established to promote good morals and elevate unemployed youths.

The information highlighted will be used to assess the community to determine the depth of youth unemployment, how society is affected, and the behavioral characteristics of unemployed youth. We will also use the information to track the performance of the community and how Youth Unity contributes to the situation. The community values will be detailed in the proposal.

The resources used in the community are books, psychological services, mentorship materials, and awareness. All the resources will be organized by special teams for psychological therapy, economic mentorships, and other teams that will be relevant in educating the youth on their worth. It implies that the resources will only be available when the services are being delivered.

The stakeholders in the community will be the Youth Leaders, Non-Governmental Organizations promoting youth development and growth, and the local school affected by the unemployed youths. We will also include local government personnel in the program.

The stakeholders will participate in mentorship programs to educate the youth on the importance of engaging themselves when unemployed. Schools and NGOs in the community will aid in funding some activities undertaken by the community. The local government will help direct the youth on leadership skills and how they can benefit from the government. By participating in the community, all stakeholders will have assisted in mentoring the unemployed youth to become entrepreneurs. As a result, they would be creating opportunities for the large populations of youths who have no idea where to start.

Cultural competency is fundamental for the well-being of a community. The culture, in this case, includes the educated and the less educated youths in the society who are not employed (Streib, 2019). Likewise, most unemployed youths come from a lower socioeconomic background. Cultural competence, such as education attainment among the youth, is a stepping stone to success. The general knowledge acquired from school makes the youth easy to mentor and easily adapt to the situations once they are guided. The youths come from the same neighborhood and share common ethnic values.

A group of professionals will be available in the community to help the youths get on their feet (Kaihlanen et al., 2019). The professionals selected will operate within the cultural, ethical, and ethnic dynamics. As such, the youths will develop increased confidence around them and easily understand them. 


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Streib, J. (2015). Explanations of How Love Crosses Class Lines: Cultural 
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Requirement Please write a personal statement for application to MSc Economics at

Director of Flight Operations Reporting Responsibility View out of the window of an airplane at sunrise. A sometimes common Writing Assignment Help Requirement

Please write a personal statement for application to MSc Economics at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and MSc Economics at Chinese University of Hong Kong. The program websites are for your references.



The PS should be explaining why you are interested in studying this Programme, why you are suitable for it and the value of the Master Programme to your future career.

The PS should have two different endings customized for HKUST and CUHK according to their program features.

Please write the PS using the background provided in the resume. However, you can fabricate some details to make the PS more interesting and convincing, as long as they do not contradict the resume.

The applicant is born and raised in China and came to Canada for university in 2018. The career goal after graduation of MSc Economics is to work at a big consulting firm.



Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada, 09/2018-04/2022

Bachelor of Science in Economics GPA: 3.85/4.3

GRE 333, Verbal 163 (92%) Quantitative 170 (96%)

Awards: Dean’s list 2021, 2022 W. Andrew MacKay Alumni Scholarship 2021

Main Courses: Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Linear Optimization, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Modelling, Intro Data Mining with R, Intro to Econometrics, Microeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic Theory, Intermediate Statistics


Deloitte Consulting, Toronto, Canada 05/2022-Present

Data Analyst, Data Science Team

Design and implement end-to-end data-oriented solutions to solve business challenges for large Canadian energy corporations

Lead weekly technical meeting of five, checking on the quality and accuracy of data,

Process, design and present the data to make better decision. troubleshoot data issues.

CITIC Securities, Henan, China 06/2021-08/2021

Summer Intern, Investment Banking

Prepared IPO prospectus for a 300-million-RMB company

Conducted market research, collected and sorted financial information for client companies

Scotia Bank, Halifax, NS Canada 05/2020-08/2020

Data Analyst Intern

Analyzed financial information from Bloomberg, counterparty risk profile, and investment strategies

Prepared and maintained executive summary and risk summary reports for the GCM Banking portfolio


Impacts of climate change on residential demand for electricity in Nova Scotia

Summarization: The report produces projections of future electricity demand in the province under different climate changes scenarios, and we suggest significant investment in power generating capacity to meet the demand by 2090.


VP of Chinese New Year Activities, Halifax, NS, Canada Jan 2019-Feb 2020

Organized Chinese new year celebration activities, secured sponsorship outside campus

Volunteer Leader, Freshman Orientation Team, Dalhousie University Jul 2019-Feb 2020

Received accepted students at registrar and guided them during campus tour, helped with admission arrangement

Programming skills: Python, R

Hobbies: Tai Chi, Chinese Chess, Skiing


Research: Impacts of climate change on residential demand for electricity in Nova Scotia


The relationship between climate change and energy is often misperceived as being

unidirectional. That is, production and consumption of energy sources, including

electricity, emit greenhouse gases (GHG) that contributes to global warming. While

correct this view ignores the impacts of rising temperature on energy consumption. The

feedback effects of climate changes are mainly due to changes in heating/cooling

requirement and often vary geographically. So far, there has not been any studies

investigating such relationship in the province of Nova Scotia. This report seeks to

fill this gap and looks at the impacts of climate changes on the future of households’

demand for electricity in the province. In doing so, we come up with projections of future

electricity demand in the province under different climate changes scenarios. Under our

most aggressive projections, significant investment in power generating capacity will be

needed to meet a demand of 11Mwh by 2095

Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents School and going out

Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents

School and going out with my friends used to be fun, but not anymore. Mom keeps telling me just to go out and have fun, but I don’t see the point of trying. All my friends are better than I am. I keep having these headaches and just feel worthless. I used to get As and Bs in school, but not anymore. I can’t concentrate at school. I would rather be at home sleeping.

—Madison, age 16

Mood and anxiety disorders can be particularly challenging to address in childhood and adolescence for many reasons. Children may not be able to fully express or understand their feelings and behaviors. Parents may misattribute or not recognize signs and symptoms. The symptoms of disorders also vary when present in children as opposed to adults. The PMHNP needs to know how to diagnose these conditions and must understand the importance of integrating medication management strategies with both individual and family therapy to optimize treatment outcomes.

Assignment: Patient Education for Children and Adolescents

Patient education is an effective tool in supporting compliance and treatment for a diagnosis. It is important to consider effective ways to educate patients and their families about a diagnosis—such as coaching, brochures, or videos—and to recognize that the efficacy of any materials may differ based on the needs and learning preferences of a particular patient. Because patients or their families may be overwhelmed with a new diagnosis, it is important that materials provided by the practitioner clearly outline the information that patients need to know.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

For this Assignment, you will pretend that you are a contributing writer to a health blog. You are tasked with explaining important information about an assigned mental health disorder in language appropriate for child/adolescent patients and/or their caregivers. 

To Prepare

Please complete your assignment Bipolar Disorder Depressed  

Research signs and symptoms for your diagnosis, pharmacological treatments, nonpharmacological treatments, and appropriate community resources and referrals.

The Assignment

In a 300- to 500-word blog post written for a patient and/or caregiver audience, explain signs and symptoms for your diagnosis, pharmacological treatments, nonpharmacological treatments, and appropriate community resources and referrals.

Phase 1: Research Worksheet for Step 1: Analyzing the Situation Begin with

Phase 1: Research

Worksheet for Step 1:

Analyzing the Situation

Begin with the basic planning questions. Then address the expanded planning items to the extent they help. Skip any items that don’t address your planning needs. The word “situation” is synonymous with “issue.” An example of a hypothetical issue is provided to illustrate the basic planning part below:

Basic Planning

What is the situation/issue facing the organization?

The following is an example only. You need to answer this question as it applies to your campaign topic.

The UAE Ministry of Education (MOE) requires children at private schools to study Arabic for up to three hours each week while children of Muslim parents are also obliged to attend Islamic studies classes. However, private schools in the UAE offer the option of “Special Arabic” and “Special Islamic” to parents whose children do not speak Arabic, to non-Muslim students and to students who are generally weak in either subject. “Special” courses offer a more basic curriculum and are simpler than the regular courses required by the MOE. While many take these special courses for legitimate reasons, some parents enroll their children in these courses to escape the rigors of the full courses.

Note that if your situation/issue requires presenting an accepted definition, you should start with it. For example, if your situation/issue is a medical or health condition, a social or cultural issue, a technological issue, a new trend, etc., then start with a common definition from an authority.

What is the background of the situation/issue?

A history of the situation/issue should be provided here, including when did it start, where, why, how, did it expand, how many students are affected by it, how many points of view are involved, etc. This should be referenced and sources cited APA style.

What is the significance or importance of the situation/issue?

For this situation/issue, the significance is that an increasing number of high school students in the UAE are choosing a lighter curriculum of Arabic and Islamic Studies. According to educational experts, this is contributing to a weakness in Arabic language proficiency among high school graduates in the UAE (Al Qassimi, 2013). It is also creating two systems; one in which students study the full curriculum and another “easier” option where students study a watered-down version of the two subjects. According to UAE educational expert Nabil Matar, special classes are contributing to a general decline in Arabic proficiency and use in the UAE (Matar, 2011). In addition, Maitha Al Muhairi, an Abu Dhabi school principal, believes this situation is one of the causes of the weakening of the UAE national identity (Al Ittihad, 2012).

What are the research key words for your topic?

Special courses, UAE private schools, light Arabic & Islamic curriculum

“Special Arabic”, “Special Islamic,” weak language preparation UAE.

Expanded Planning

Choose only the questions that apply to your campaign situation/issue and those where information is available. Ignore any questions that seek information you’ve already provided in your answers to the basic questions.

Background on the Issue

Is this the first time your organization has dealt with this situation, or are you setting out to modify an existing communication program?

What is the cause of this situation?

Is there any dispute that this is the cause?

What is the history of this situation?

What are the important facts related to this situation?

Does this situation involve the organization’s relationship with another group? If yes, what groups? 

Consequences of the Situation

How important is this situation to the organization’s mission?

How consistent is this situation with the mission statement or vision statement?

How serious of a response is warranted to this situation?

What is the likely duration of this situation? (one time? Limited/short-term? Ongoing/long term?)

Who or what is affected by this situation?

What predictions or trends are associated with this situation? (These can be organizational, industry-related, community relations, nation-related, etc.)

What potential impact can this situation make on the organization’s mission or “bottom line”?

Do you consider this situation to be an opportunity (positive) or an obstacle (negative) for your organization? Why? If you consider this an obstacle, how might you turn it into an opportunity?


Resolution of the Situation

Might information (quality or quantity) affect how this situation is resolved?

How can this situation be resolved to the mutual benefits of everyone involved?

What priority does this situation hold for the public relations/communications staff? for the organization’s top management?

How strong is the organization’s commitment to resolve this situation?