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‘Call Me by Your Name’ drama film ap us history essay help: ap us history essay help

‘Call Me by Your Name’ is a romantic drama film directed by Luca Guadagnino and is based on a novel of the same name, authored by Andre Aciman. The film is a story about a relationship between two men which happens in 1983 in Northern Italy. Elio is a seventeen-year-old teenager, who lives with his mum and dad in a small town called Crema in Northern Italy. Oliver is an archeology student who comes to stay at Elio’s house as an intern for Elio’s father who is an archeologist. The film follows the development of the relationship between Elio and Oliver from strangers to friends and then into a romantic relationship. Guadagnino uses different sets to showcase the desire between the two and shows the growth of their relationship that happens during their stay together. ‘Call Me by Your Name’ has been subject to both praise and critic. The film has won several awards and has attracted many viewers, especially among the millennial generation. The film has been criticized and defined as a non-Italian film that does not respect history and one that does not offer representation for Italian queer people and is defined as a ‘non gay’ movie.

Scholarly critics have criticized the film ‘Call Me by Your Name’ and described it as a non-Italian film. But I beg to differ. First, the movie was shot in Italy, in a small town called Crema. Guadagnino, the director, uses the setting of an Italian family and incorporates the Italian lifestyle into their lives. He uses real Italian locations, like the town square where Elio goes to show Oliver around when he first arrived, and the Perlman’s mansion which is a representation of Italian architecture and landscape. The visuals in the compound, which are well-maintained fruit trees and landscape are a clear definition of an Italian homestead. It is therefore right to say that this movie is Italian.

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unique way of life and Italian people

Italian society contains its unique way of life and Italian people value a good life and put importance on living life to the fullest. For example, Italians enjoy doing leisure activities together like, watching television together or taking walks together. As seen in this film, Elio and his family do their leisure activities together, Elio’s father takes Elio and Oliver on his archeological expedition, Elio and Oliver also go for bike rides together and enjoy swimming in the pond. They also go dancing and have fun together. Elio and Oliver also go on a trip together to Bergamo, where they enjoy drinking and listening to poetry together and also go hitchhiking. This is enough evidence to accept this film as an Italian film because it incorporates the aspects of a normal Italian lifestyle and way of life.

Italians also enjoy sharing meals with their families and place absolute importance on spending time with family and enjoying good food together. In this film, there are many scenes where the family is sitting and enjoying food together. In many scenes, the family sits together and chats over the meal. And when they have guests, good food is prepared and they seat together, have heated conversations about different matters, and share a good laugh. Time spent with family is important to Italians and it is clear that the society in this film also puts family first. It is therefore fair to regard ‘Call Me by Your Name’ as an Italian film.

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Critics of ‘Call Me by Your Name’ say that the film does not respect history. In Italian history, Christianity has always been the main religion and has never changed. Although all religions are equal and everyone’s beliefs should be respected it is fair to say that Guadagnino went ahead and depicted the characters as Jewish. Although Elios family is Jewish her mom wants them to be discreet Jews and calls her family ‘Jews of discretion. She also tells Elio not to wear the Star of David necklace, which is a symbol of the Jewish religion. Because changing their religion to Jewish does not change the narrative, and the characters do not practice Judaism openly it is fair to say that this film respects Italian history of Christianity as their main religion.

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In ancient Italian history, the Greeks were sexually liberated and homosexuality was openly embraced. Also, like Acimani other historical authors have written about homosexuality using the masking techniques and hiding its existence in plain sight. During the fascist regime in Italy, homosexual men were imprisoned and held captive to suppress homosexuality. Guadagnino avoids showing the relationship between Oliver and Elio out in the open and only shows their relationship in hiding. Therefore, concerning Italian history, this film retains its rights as an Italian film that respects history.

‘Call Me by Your Name’ is also criticized as being a film that is unable to offer a representation of Italian queer people or gay people and I strongly agree with this critic. It is crystal clear that this movie is not open about the gay relationship between Oliver and Elio. The movie only focuses on showing a first love and the growing sexual desire between them without referring to their gender. And from many scenes in the movie, it can be derived that Guadagnino did not give any representation of gay Italians.

For instance, Guadagnino avoids showing full intercourse or any graphics of anal sex between Elio and Oliver. In that scene, only the nonsexual parts are shown to imply that they had intercourse. The viewers can feel the intimacy between Elio and Oliver but there are no scenes of full intimacy, just brief images of nude touching bodies. However, when Elio and Marzia have intercourse, the cameras stay on them until the end. Their scene is not cut like that of Elio and Oliver. This aspect of the movie can be interpreted as the director trying to hide the fact that gay people also have intercourse and it’s normal. Therefore, it is justifiable to say that the film lacks a representation of the queer community.

At one point in the movie, Elio and Oliver are standing in an arcade in their town and a public place, and Oliver says ‘I would kiss you, if I could.’, this scene clearly shows how in this movie homosexuality is not accepted in that society, and it is also clear that only Elios parents and household knows about their relationship. However, homosexuality is allowed in Italy and the queer community in Italy is vast and openly displays their relationships. This movie does not represent the queer community in Italy which is open and acceptable.

Oliver was also hesitant to have a sexual relationship with Eliot and told Elio that he wanted to be good and he did not want them to do something they would be ashamed of. This in a way implies that homosexuality in this film is bad or is a sin, and it is clear that the word gay is not mentioned anywhere in the movie. Although Oliver and Elio have a brief sexual relationship, in the end, Oliver returns to America and even marries a woman. The movie does not give Elio and Oliver a chance to have a substantial relationship. These instances can be used to derive the movie’s intention of not openly representing the gay community and even regarding being gay as wrongdoing and not giving the two characters’ relationship to amount to something.