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Developments Of Social Media Summary As History Essay Help

Developments of Social media

Social media can no longer be ignored. Firms must learn to use social media and allow it to be used by the employees and other stakeholders in the firm. It allows the organization to relate well with all its stakeholders and thus facilitate the process of development. With the advancement of social media, organizations should teach their employees how to use social media platforms to remain relevant in the market (Hu, Kettinger and Poston, 2015). For instance, a boutique should have a person who manages their social media platforms like posting their new stocks, answering customer questions on time, and many other things since most people are carrying out business online, especially during this global crisis of coronavirus disease.

Social media is one of the best ways to build customer loyalty, depending on how you relate with your clients. Any business owner or manager should know where their clients are, their preferences, and dislikes to know how to attract them on their channels best and know how good their strategy is for them to keep the relevance in the market (Dong and Wu, 2015). Using social media for reservations, giveaways to loyal customers and advertisements requires an organization to have a good person who is well informed about social media. This also helps one know what their customers say about their business and what should be maintained and changed for customer satisfaction (Fang, Hu, Li and Tsai, 2013). Social media enables you to communicate with customers without even meeting in person.

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Social Media and the Organization

Once the reputation of a certain firm is damaged in social media, it is very difficult to restore it, and that puts the organization a great risk. Therefore, the pages should be maintained and checked regularly to avoid putting an organization at risk of losing even loyal customers. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others are good platforms for business, but they are still risk pages for the same (Hu, Kettinger and Poston, 2015). Social media is a good marketing strategy. It helps any business organization that manages it well to connect with new clients worldwide, advancing the awareness about the business and clearing any doubts about your brand to the target market. By doing that, it boosts the sales and leads of the organization.

Most people are using social media to carry out their businesses, and anyone can get access to the pages without limitation; therefore, this gives the managers and the owners of small businesses a chance to evaluate and know how their competitors are growing using social media (Fang, Hu, Li and Tsai, 2013). Using social media in business marketing is quite economical since it uses social networks and tremendously reaches a large number of people, and spread brand awareness greatly

Challenges of Social Media summary history assignment ideas

Challenges of Social Media

Using social media in a business firm might be challenging. Creating a social media strategy is one common challenge (Dong and Wu, 2015). Most of the heads of organizations are not well informed about social media use, which becomes a challenge to them and the entire organization. Again, the employees may have little knowledge on how to use social media for the success of the business and therefore changing manual tasks to online tasks may also be a challenge to the organization since they have to educate them on the same (Fang, Hu, Li and Tsai, 2013).

Using social media has both positive and negative impacts on a business organization. Reaching more customers globally, directly engaging the clients and getting their feedback without a middle person is one of the best advantages. Building brand awareness is an added advantage to the organizations (Fang, Hu, Li and Tsai, 2013). For a firm to avoid the negative aspects of social media, an organization should ensure that the managing personnel is well informed on how to use the social media and is doing it regularly to avoid cases of hacking accounts and trolls going viral without being handled and controlled (Hu, Kettinger and Poston, 2015). Any organization with proper strategy makes good profits from the online way of marketing after creating customer loyalty.


In this paper, qualitative interviews were used to collect information from social media experts in Spain through Delphi study research. The study focuses on the variables relating to impact, use and importance of social media, incorporation of marketing online and brand image; therefore, the paper uses a two-round Delphi study. The paper conducted a Delphi study, and this is conducting by interviewing all five rounds of experts in social media in Spain. The group of experts was identified using the snowball technique. All those who said that they had experience in the field of social media were interviewed first. Semi-structured interviewed was used for this research; this method allowed the researcher to ask the interviewees open-minded.

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Executive summary

This paper will focus on agile organisations. First of all, I will introduce the topic by defining what agile organisation is and how the organisations adapt to the changing world in terms of technology. The paper will also highlight some of the characteristics of an agile organisation and how its management structures are. The study will also provide how agile organisations conduct recruitment and compensation process. I will also highlight some of the expected behaviour of agile team members, such as managers and employees. Finally, I will give an example of an agile organisation, and I will focus on Clydes­dale and York­shire Bank (CYBG).


An agile organisation refers to the organisation which are fast in addressing the changes in the environment and marketplace (Pries-Heje & Krohn 2017). Most agile organisations mainly focus on the interest of their customers, which does not need standardised offerings; instead, they call for customised. For highly agile organisations, they used advanced training processes to allow successful reactions to the new and emerging technology, competitors, and shift in the market condition. The most agile organisation works well in a non-hierarchical structure (Pries-Heje & Krohn 2017).

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Management structure

The organisation structure shifted to team working closer to customers from structure management hierarchy, where decision making is more controlled. Management will not only focus on overseeing people and their development. Still, it will also direct sponsors and projects to the right employees to support the project and all the requirements needed.

Recruitment and compensation

Since the Great Recession, there has been booming in the economy; therefore, hiring and recruiting has become more urgent, demanding and agile. Most agile organisations are working with technology to track and identify candidates who can work well in an agile environment.IBM and CISCO are among the companies working with vendors to develop software that does the recruitment process.

Payment is changing as well. Some of the adaptation to the agile environment is shown by Macy’sMacy’s, a retail company. It uses bonuses primarily to appreciate employee contributions rather than salary increase at the end of the year. The study has shown that the best motivator for employees is compensation. The annual salary increase is less effective as compared to instant rewards. Compensation increase instant feedback in a remarkable way. Bonus is used to increase agile values such as knowledge and learning.