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Proliferation Of Social Networks And Smartphone history homework: history homework

The proliferation of social networks and smartphone has advanced the field of healthcare in term of more effective sharing and communication between patients and healthcare providers. Prior to the expansion of social media and mobile technologies patient to patient and patient to doctor relations were stagnant, communication only occurred via telephone or in person. However, medicine is far from static today. Social media, smartphones, and cloud computing allows for patients and healthcare providers to share their experiences and expertise on a platform that reaches thousands, if not millions, at once. These technological advancements have allowed people to not only contribute to the total sum of knowledge, by…show more content…

Physicians pride themselves in being lifelong learners; therefore, it has been imperative for them to adopt the novel technologies and use them for more effective patient care. Additionally, in this “digital age”  patients and healthcare providers are readily able to gather and share healthcare information using social media (Chretien et al, 2013). They are likewise capable to obtain support through discussion groups and forums, and chronicle their illness journeys. Collectively, these changes have led to the establishment of the social healthcare, where in which social media and mobile technologies are widely applied in the health care area. This change is driven by the need for better patient care and information sharing among healthcare providers and patients. Many hospitals have in place and/or are already working on a social media strategy, but those strategies do not evolve with the technological advancements. The application of social media and mobile technologies in healthcare has only lately started to take effect. One medical research and treatment centre that has applied social media and mobile technologies to its existing health care model effectively is the Mayo Clinic. The clinic adopted 15,000 iOS devices from Apple; including iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone. Mayo Clinic has integrated these mobile devices into their health care model by building custom mobile applications. They have developed Synthesis Mobile which is a mobile application that


Cell Phones and Social Media history assignment ideas

Cell Phones and Social Media: Keeping in Touch with Everyone but Ourselves

John Doe


04 May 2014 Abstract

Technology developed in the past decade has been life-changing. Cell phones have become the most quickly embraced consumer technology in history. Because of this boom and the monumental popularity of social media; have we lost the ability to communicate without this medium? Smartphones and pocket-sized mobile devices have allowed us to do things that were only dreamed of a few years ago. These new technological marvels combined with the overwhelming wave that is social media are reshaping the way we communicate, and with whom. Smartphones and social media are changing the way we relate to people and lessening…show more content…

Booth stated (as cited in Keller, 2013) that there has been a shift in the way we communicate, rather than face-to-face interaction, we’re tending to prefer mediated communication. We’d rather e-mail than meet, we’d rather text than talk on the phone. Booth also noted (as cited in Keller, 2013) that while we’re communicating more, we may not necessarily be building relationships as strongly. Booth’s research suggested that there are three issues regarding the role social media plays in people’s communication styles. First, our messages are more open as we tend to trust the people on social media. Second, our social connections are not as strong as our face-to-face ones are so those relationships don’t tend to deepen. Lastly, we mostly interact with others that share a similar view so there is less diversity of viewpoints (Keller, 2013). So what makes these relationships not as strong as our face-to-face ones? It could be that we are worried we will miss something that is going on around us, such as the latest event or news in our friend’s lives. Due to the constant distractions of social media our conversations are becoming shallower, less meaningful. Our attentions spans are becoming shorter as we focus more on the social media platforms that mean so much to us (“Mobile Phones,” 2013). What sort of world will we have, if because of social media, we can’t even carry on a conversation

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Negative Effects Of Cell Phones history assignment help in uk: history assignment help in uk

This generation in particular is facing huge difficulties in the way we communicate with one another, the way we feel about ourselves, and with how much we are being exposed to and this is all because of what we know as cell phones. These problems began to shift around the 1930s but weren’t brought to the public’s attention until recently in 2012. These cellular devices that we use on a daily basis are taking effect on how people socialize and act towards each other and is negatively affecting our minds. The decrease to face to face interaction, the increase in social anxiety within children and teens, and the increase of availability for sex offenders all can be tied to the dependence of cell phones. First topic of interest would be social interaction between people. As this generation continues to be wrapped up in cell phones and social media, we will never be able to talk to and deal with situations with one another as we did before. “Young adults also use text messaging as their primary method of contacting friends – over 80 percent report texting as their preferred method.” This quote alone shows how much people in this day and age would rather text message someone than have a face to face conversation with them. As for adults, they don’t as much but they aren’t the people that are leading this upcoming generation, us teens are the ones that are. “When you conduct your social life via text, keeping track of your cell phone takes on particular importance.” This

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Confucianism And Monotheistic Religions history assignment help cheap

In life, one will undertake a spiritual journey in which you will uncover the meaning of the self. Many religions, including Hinduism, Confucianism and monotheistic religions, have developed philosophies placing importance of the “self.” Emphasis on morality, virtues, honest contribute to the development of the inner self. In religions such as, Islam and Judaism the importance of conducts and worship will lead you to paradise in the after as promised by Allah or Yahweh. The teachings of proper behavior, edict, ethics and conduct are also part of the teachings of Confucius, an ancient Chinese philosopher.  Redeveloping the self, according to the founders of Buddhism and Christianity, will lead to your spiritual enlightenment and Salvation.…show more content…

It is one of the four aims in life. The definition of the literal translation of the word in English, according to Wiki quote, is, “goal, purpose, meaning, sense an essence.” Two of the other four aims are Kama and Dharma as explained to us by a lesson titled, The Four Goals of Hindu Life: Kama, Artha, Dharma & Moksha by It continues to explain, Kama is the pursuit of pleasure and happiness in life and Dharma in Hinduism, is the law which governs each and every one of our actions and individual conducts in life. Through these two elements you will begin discovering your inner self. This is supported by the first principle of Hinduism in the Vedanta school. It declares that you will uncover you will true self after having gone through life’s trials.


The concept of Dharma also exists in Buddhism. However, Buddhist Dharma is “the teachings of the Buddha” it is known to be the second of three jewels. Gautama Buddha seeks to enlighten one’s self. The Buddha teaches of four truths known as the four noble truths. The four truths are the truth of suffering, the truth of the causes of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering and the truth of the path that leads to suffering (PBS). The four truths are plans to deal with human suffering altogether. Identifying the causes and reasons behind suffering is step one. Determining what to do about it is step two. Karma is also a teaching of the Buddha. In this teaching the Buddha places emphasis that good or bad