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Describe The USA Infant Mortality History Homework


The major contributor to high infant mortality online history assignment help: online history assignment help

The major contributor to high infant mortality among the citizens in the USA seems to be the lifestyle  factors which include  smoking, obesity, and child gap spacing. First, the rate of smoking among pregnant women in the USA and, more specifically, in Indiana, which has recorded a high rate, is 13.5%. This means that several women still smoke while pregnant and this cause an effects such as organ deformation and breathing problem to the infant thus causing death. Secondly, their weight issues among Several USA women, obesity affect pregnant women and lead to infant mortality due to the mother pre-existing condition such as high pressure and difficulty in exercising. This makes it difficult for them to give birth typically or even causing the baby to die due to lack of proper oxygen level while at the stomach or during birth.

There is a need and room for the USA to get out of the high infant mortality rate, which has placed her behind other developed nations. The USA needs to create awareness and sensitization of the existing that prompt high infant mortality rates.






















Versioning and Maintenance Plan Presentation ap history essay help

Versioning and Maintenance Plan Presentation

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An essential element in graphic design history assignment help cheap: history assignment help cheap

Contrast is an essential element in graphic design and part of C.R.A.P(Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity). Contrast is an element of the visual technique applied to ensure that what appears on the screen is appealing and meets the objective of the graphic design. Using contrast makes elements similar appear different, making the essential elements in a piece of graphic strikingly stand out. Through contrast, the less important element in a graphic will be minimally made to stand out. Through contrast, there is the creation of dynamism on the graphic.

The contrast has significantly been achieved from the McDonald Burger advertisement through a proportional combination of the essential elements that make up a contrast. The advertisement is visually appealing through the application of color, font, and line thickness. In creating the intended effect of the advertisement, color has proportionately been used. The use of the color red in varying intensities has enabled the advertisement to evoke excitement in a potential customer to develop a liking for the burger. Visually, the burger has been made to appear more appetizing.

Complimenting the color scheme applied, the visual appearance of the advertisement has been further advanced through the use of the font. Presenting the writings or information through a combination of different fonts and line thickness has enabled the advert to attract the readers’ attention. With the bold texts, the reader’s attention is drawn to the advert, making the aspect of contrast to be achieved in the advertisement.

Cumulatively, the advertisement has fully achieved all the qualities associated with the aspect of contrast. The aspects of dynamism, making important elements stand out, and making significant parts stand out all have been achieved through color, font, and line thickness which has essentially made the advertisement stand out and achieve its objective of attracting potential customers.





The largest airline group in Europe Summary advanced higher history essay help

Overview of the Company

Ryanair Holdings Plc is the largest airline group in Europe and is the parent company of Buzz, Malta Air, Ryanair DAC and Lauda (1). This company carrying 154m guests annually on over 2400 daily flights from 82 bases connects more than 200 destinations in 40 countries on a fleet of more than 470 aircraft. This airline company is the greenest cleanest airline group in Europe and the consumers switching to fly Ryanair could reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by around 50% as compared to other major airlines of Europe.