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Dentist Admissions Essay: Changing the World One Gum at a Time

Changing the World One Gum at a Time

My college plans include attending a two-year college and then pursing a degree in dental hygiene. I believe that I will have a great opportunity to give back to my community with my chosen career. As a dental hygienist, there would be many ways to help young and old alike. The time that I would volunteer would enable me to become more involved in the life of our community.

Our community usually has a small health fair sponsored by our local hospital. Services are offered to the public free of charge or for small fees. The health fair has not included dental health services. I think that this would be a wonderful way to promote good dental health. Brochures for all ages could be provided on the importance of dental hygiene. This would also be an excellent time to encourage and teach young children the importance of brushing their teeth. Toothbrushes and toothpaste could be provided for the children at this time.

Another opportunity in giving back to the community would be through the school system. With the financial help of local civic clubs, kits could be prepared for the students in the elementary school. Through the kits, the children could be taught the importance of taking care of their teeth. I believe that the younger students would respond well to the “tooth fairy.” The tooth fairy could then teach the correct techniques for brushing and flossing teeth. This would be a fun experience for the younger students, as well as a fun reminder. Here again, students would be educated and provided a service.

One other way that I believe I could give back to my community would be through the local nursing home. Comfort and not being forgotten are both important to our senior citizens. Checking with the nursing staff on the condition of the residents’ dentures would be an opportunity to serve. The nursing staff could recommend those residents that might have minor problems with dentures.

Giving Back To My Community

My plan after college is to become a Sociologist or a Social Worker. With a college degree in one of these areas, I hope to impact my community in various ways. First, with the knowledge obtained from college, I hope to counsel with young people who are on the verge of going astray. In today’s society, there are so many negative factors that influence young people. I want to help them understand the importance of setting goals and striving to become productive citizens. I also want to give them a sense of hope that with perseverance, they can become great role models for other young people.

Secondly, I have been a community volunteer worker for several years. Being a community volunteer has helped me to understand that by obtaining a college degree, I can help impact the lives of many homeless individuals. Recently, as a volunteer of United Methodist Metro Ministries, many of the homeless individuals were amazed that I am almost finished with high school and plan to go to college. One man that I had the opportunity of meeting saddened me because he could not even write his own name. I thought about how his life is forever impaired by his inability to read and write. Perhaps that is one reason he is economically poor. My relationships to persons such as this man have inspired me to want to continue my formal education so that I can help people who have somehow seemed to have lost their way.

Also, a college degree as a Sociologist or a Social Worker will require me to become engaged in the lives of people, many who are socially, mentally and economically disadvantaged.

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