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Dead-end Relationship Among Individuals. History Assignment Help Online


In many cases, everybody likes stability, that a relationship compromises even if it means staying in a dead-end relationship.

  People who stay in a dead-end relationship, consider their partners  “Always working,” and continue fixing their partner. While every relationship gets more profound and fades over time, and you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship, it is a red flag that you should take notice of it.

 Here is how you can end a dead-end relationship and check out new dating terms on the reviewsbird.

Be honest every time about yourself.

Honesty is not just about truth. It’s about being real with yourself and others, about who you are, your values, and what you require to live your most real life. After spending a valuable amount of time together, it is uneasy about being apart. Still, if you find it hard meeting your partner, you can find time for yourselves.  Be honest in your action, be open to yourself, and know that it is in your best interest to move forward. Once you commit internally, don’t question yourself. Don’t reconsider your decision.

 Consider the time and place.

Sometimes you may be tempted to rush into a conversation to get it over with, do consider controlling all possible variables that could potentially disrupt your conversation. Choose a place that works best for you two. Put some thought into selecting locations that allow taking your time freely without disturbance.

Handle issues face to face

According to Lab24, 33% of people have been broken up via technology, according to analysis. Handling issues using text or any other electronic means is just wasting your time. It would be best to lay a rigid foundation by handling issues face-to-face to understand one another better.

Take care of yourself. Keep Knowing Your Value.

Feel good about who you are. Appreciate yourself, and what you offer in your personal and professional relationships. Encourage yourself if you want to go back into your dysfunctional relationship. Everybody deserves self-compassion. All, this is the solitary way you will finally have the option to proceed onward and wind up participating in different things. The off chance that you are feeling regretful about cutting off the relationship, at that point, don’t. It’s to the most significant advantage of the two partners.

Deal with yourself, and make sure to have an emotionally supportive network set up.


After you’ve allowed yourself to mend from a toxic relationship, you might need to attempt matchmaking ways this time around.

Halt communication (temporarily) post-break-up


Even though it could be enticing to keep getting together as “companions,” this makes disarray for the two individuals due to a separation. Uncertainty may start to leak in. On the off chance that you live respectively, make courses of action to move out, after you have focused on proceeding onward. End-all correspondence for a month or somewhere in the vicinity, including Facebook exploration. Permits time

to handle everything.


HOW TO SET UP A PROXY IN WINDOWS. history essay help: history essay help

How to set up a proxy in windows

Meta description: save the hassle and cost of hiring an IT guru to set up a proxy for you. You have the power to set a proxy by yourself through your windows 10 settings. Read this article to identify three simple ways where you can set yourself a proxy server.

Three ways to set a proxy in windows 10

Whether online or offline, you can set a proxy for yourself. Even with the advanced windows ten program, this exercise is easy, fast intent connection, and provides customized web search results.

With the proxy server at hand, you can access geo-blocked sites, hidden webs, retrieve data faster, and hide your location. All these functions appear because the proxy server act as a middleman to redirect your IP address to appear like it’s coming from the proxy server itself. With that, you browse the data anonymously.

Also, most businesses use their intranet LAN network as a proxy to the Internet Service Provider. Therefore they regulate or monitor what their employees use, watch or operate with their WIFI network connection.

The following are techniques to set up a proxy form your windows 10

Setting up a proxy via network settings.

To facilitate that action, you need a network connection like WIFI. Then follow the following steps to access the proxy setting in your computer windows 10.

find the proxy server settings in Windows 10(step-by-step)

First, click on the start option at your taskbar and identify the setting icon.

Open the settings icon and locate the network &settings panel.

When you access the network &internet panel, click the proxy icon found in the bottom list

set a proxy server

Once you click to open the proxy feature, you will find two options. These options are automatic proxy setup and manual proxy setup.

Set a proxy server with an automatic setup script(step-by-step)

First, ensure that the automatic detect settings are on.

Change the use set up script tab from off to on.

On the script address dialog box, type the URL to use

Switch to your browsers like internet explorer or edge

Type the website you want in the internet explorer’s search box.

You will notice how fast you connect to the internet. That is because of the proxy you set.

Manually set a proxy server.

If you want to use the manual set up, go back to the proxy setting.

Click on the manual proxy setup and turn on the proxy server on

After turning the proxy server on, identify the address and ports dialog box.

Enter the IP address of your wish and its respective port number

Suppose you want to instruct the system to use your respective proxy address and port. Enter a command in the dialog box below the port and address icons.

Use semicolons to separate your address or proxy entries.

Finally, click the save feature to record your entries.

Setting up proxies via command prompt (Step-by-step)

Primarily you have seen IT specialists coding using command prompt. But did you know you can too execute a command, especially for setting proxies on windows ten?  Follow the following steps for executing a proxy command.

On your keyboard, press the windows icon and R button simultaneously. it  will bring a run program

On the run program, type a command cmd and click OK.

Or else, for efficient results, make the run program as your administrator. Go back to the start menu and type the word ‘cmd’ in the search dialog. Right-click and choose the run as administrator icon.

Alter your computer root directory (this is not necessary) – for example, if your system is 64-bit use (C:WindowsSysWOW64)

Lastly execute commands like netsh winhttp set proxy proxy_server_ip:proxy_port or <proxy>:<port>. Type the system’s proxy IP address in the <proxy> or proxy_server_ip part. For the port part, type the proxy provider ports figures in the proxy_port or <port>.

After doing that, you make your proxy setting automatically.

Setting up proxies via a control panel.

Typically, the control panel is where you find most software that controls your computer’s control application. You also use the control panel part to configure your proxy settings. The following is a step-by-step process for doing so.

First, type the word control panel and click it in your search box’s start menu on your computer.

Click on the network and internet option among the eight options you see.

After clicking on it, choose the internet options icon.

Select and click the managed browser add-ons feature in the internet options

Find and access the connection tab and select the LAN.  LAN means Local Access Network where many companies or premises use LAN (intranet) network to access the internet.

Click the LAN module and identify the proxy server. Input the IP addresses and port number in the proxy server.

Do not tick the ‘the bypass proxy server for local addresses. ‘That is because your proxy settings will not work if you tick this icon.

Press OK tab when you want the program to save your proxy setting

When using either SOCKS, HTTPS, FTP, Secure proxy server, go to the advanced setting found in LAN settings. These advanced settings, too, have a dialog box to input the proxy address and port.

There is an Exceptions dialog box (not necessary) in the advanced menu. Here you type the addresses of proxy servers you want to omit. In this part, you should use the semicolons to separate the proxy entries.

Lastly, after inputting the respective entries, click on the ‘OK’ to finish the job.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a free proxy?

Yes, most internet users use free proxies more than the premium ones. Even the proxy setting you have read is a form of free proxies. However, free proxies software and programs can be downloaded or used with browsers like chrome extensions.

These free proxies include, free proxy, Hidestar, IDcloak, Hide My Ass (HMA), and countless others. There is also the free proxy list that appears as a gazette list in many countries. With that information, you can sort the type of country IP address to use.

What do you need to prepare to configure a proxy Win10?

Configuring windows ten would prove a hassle without IP information and port number.

Especially for the free proxies, we have a server IP address and a port number. In this case, a port number is a protocol that decides how a message is transported from the user to the client. Mostly we use 8080 as the port number.

For premium proxies, we use the IP address, port digits, username, and a password. In this context, there are personal details used. That means you open an account and pay the premium proxies with your username. After paying, you protect your proxy account with passwords.

Why use a proxy for your PC

A proxy acts as a middlemen interface that disguises your IP from ISP to appear like it is coming from the proxy server. The server also stores ISP information that any information you require comes from the proxy server and ISP. Hence enabling a fast internet connection.





Hope this article has been of your help as you decide to set your proxy settings. Whichever type of connection you make, you will recognize that the speed, bandwidth, and the latent of the internet connection will improve.

Whether network setting, command prompt setting, or control panel, practice setting them using your computer. That is by setting as many proxies as possible. At long last, you will uncover restricted information in your school, work, or geo-blocked sites.


British American Tobacco (B.A.T.) Hiring Process university history essay help


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Human Resource Management

Case Study on British American Tobacco (B.A.T.) Hiring Process


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For maximized production in a company, effective selection, recruitment, and coordination of employees is paramount. Employees with the desirable expertise that suits the firm must be sourced, recruited, trained, and remunerated to uphold its mission, vision, objectives, and customer satisfaction. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of every company to ensure this is achieved.

To execute this phenomenon, every company devises different strategies and theoretical models concerning human resources. This is evidenced through a case study on one of the prudent companies (British American Tobacco) in the United Kingdom. This company has formed the Human Resource department to help it ensures that they have the best employees.

Definition of Human Resource (H.R.)

Human Resource refers to all the people working in a company besides the departments handling the employees’ issues in an organization to maximize production and reduce the employees’ turnover rate. It is tasked with sourcing, selecting, recruiting, and training employees and rewarding them. H.R. also takes care of employee’s compensation and benefits, hiring and recruitment, dismissal, and updates the company and employees on any law that influences the duo. H.R. ensures that employees develop and apply key competencies to boost their performance and the company’s (Gedro, J., 2017).

In B.A.T., H.R. executes duties such as ensuring that their employees are equipped with creativity, innovation, and flexibility. The company’s products can compete fairly with substitute products in the local and global market. Therefore, they are keen on matters of employee selection and recruitment (Gedro, J., 2017).

Meaning of Recruitment

Recruitment refers to the process of identifying, inviting, interviewing, screening, and staffing suitable and most qualified employees to perform a given task in an organization. It should be done promptly and at the cheapest cost possible. It entails identifying the company’s needs concerning the job, advertising the vacant position within the local environment and beyond its territory. Scrutinizes a particular job’s requirements, influencing candidature application, interviewing them, and finally bringing onboard the ones with the most desirable qualification that suit the company (Chang, E. and Chin, H., 2018).

The recruitment process should be effectively and efficiently done by following the right due process. Effective recruitment is achieved when an employee integrated into the structure has the company’s best skills, qualifications, and talents. Simultaneously, efficient recruitment entails executing the process in a cost-efficient manner (Luenendonk, 2021).

Recruitment Models

A model is a simple procedure that needs to be followed to execute a given task. Recruitment models are simple representations used by different companies in finding and hiring employees with the best qualities to fill in the vacant positions. There are different models used in recruitment. Hiring the best employees is based on the model that the company has chosen (Brandão et al., 2019).

For instance, a company can decide to use the old school model. In this model, the H.R. advertises the job to be able to attract prospects. The prospects are allowed to respond to the advertisement. H.R. screens all the applicants or candidates through interrogation, shortlists, and invites the qualified candidates for I interview. Based on set guidelines, principles job specifications, the prospects apply for a job based on their interests and qualifications, the H.R. screen the applicants, interview them, and select the proficient candidate(s). The prospects may accept or decline the job offer. This model is tedious and time-consuming, especially where the H.R. fails to recruit; therefore, it is rarely used currently (Brandão et al., 2019).

The flowchart below shows how the old school model is used in recruitment. It outlines the main steps which are followed in the model till the right candidate is hired. It also shows where the unsuccessful candidates are dropped from the process (Zhao et al., 2020).

Background Information on B.A.T

British American Tobacco (B.A.T.) is a company which was founded on 29 September 1902, London, the United Kingdom, as a result of a merger between the Imperial Tobacco Company in the United Kingdom and the American Tobacco Company of the United States. The joint venture was mainly formed to empower the employees to produce high-quality tobacco products at the cheapest cost possible and promote tobacco products in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. It’s an international company with its headquarter based in London (B.A.T., 2021).

The company’s growth can be summarized as follows; between 1904-1911, there was a surge in the market in various countries like Finland, Egypt, and East Africa, among others. In 1927, B.A.T. had partially and fully owned120 companies globally, making it one of the leading companies in the U.K. Although World War I was adversely affected in 194 permutated into food, cosmetics, and paper factories in the 1960s, it gained momentum globally to-date. The company is currently missioned to produce secure output that is harmless to both consumers and the environment; thus, it must be thorough in its recruitment process to achieve this objective (B.A.T., 2021).

B.A.T Recruitment information

Since B.A.T. Company is a worldwide company with several branches in the entire world and wants to better its products, it embraces online application from its prospective applicants to reach the entire world for the best candidates. The applicants are then interviewed virtually using the online tests. The online tests measure the vital qualities attached to a particular job in terms of cognitive, social, and attitude. This helps both the company and the prospective candidate understand who they are holistic. The online tests consist of hilarious games as oppose to stressful analog interviews. Once an applicant has accomplished the tests, they get feedback essential for cognitive and emotional growth (Coombs, T., 2017).

The third step is the screening phase. This forms the initial interview, which incorporates a telephone or a recorded video clip. It is a very flexible type of interview mainly used when hiring managers. They ask about five questions that will enable the company to know more about the candidates easily within a very short time. This levels the ground for one-on –one interview, which is the ultimate phase. Finally, the most successful candidates are hired to take the job they are qualified for depending on their qualifications, experience, and expertise (Coombs, T., 2017).



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The purpose of orienting new employees history assignment help online: history assignment help online




Institutional Affiliation




The purpose of orienting new employees to the workplace is to help them get accustomed to their new environment. In the process, they become aware of the company’s governing policies and expectations that come alongside such policies. Before accepting the roles, they are free to ask questions, and their concerns might be addressed using an appropriate channel or personnel. It also helps in reducing job-related anxieties and ensures that the hired employees perform at an optimal level. Besides, it also limits the case of employee turnovers, especially, if the employees are highly valued.

The process of orienting employees is quite simple. It begins by welcoming them to the new facility. They should feel appreciated and adored right from day one. Just a proper welcome is enough to impact positively on their productivity. Secondly, it is essential to keep things simple, and burdening them with figures and new faces may be unnecessary.  The offices where they work should be fully operational and the set-up of the machine. The next thing is giving them a detailed policies and expectations of the company. It is essential to provide the company’s departmental structure (Men, 2015).  It is important to engage them on how their expertise will benefit the company and achieve its goals. If necessary, they should be given one or two activities to kick-start their stay in the company. Lastly, a mentor should be assigned to them to check their routines and keep them on track.



Incorporating up to date technology to involve the newly hired employees is very hectic for the newly hired personnel to fulfill all the necessary paperwork before the first in the office.  It is important to avail of those forms online to make necessary adjustments in good time. Availing of such forms online will also help the company to minimize excessive scrutiny.

Crating a formidable social network,  how the employees are treated and engaged in the workplace determines their commitment. In the most aspiring organizations, they have maintained very lofty standards because their employees are valued and adored. For the employees who will be committing their duties on-site, it is necessary to make comprehensive tours on the very first day (Bagyo, 2017).  In such a case, it is crucial to assign a mentor to the hire, right from day one. Giving a mentor will enable him to swiftly settle into the new ways of life and consolidate engagement. The employees are also supposed to be accustomed to their clients, top leaders, and critical business partners; it is inevitable for them to know the key players in the business franchise.

Incorporating clear goals, and performance metrics, it is vital to give the employees the job description and what they are mandated to do. Besides, it is important to attach performance metrics so that they don’t fall below what is expected. Before setting up those measurement standards, it is crucial to hold an honest conversation with the employee and communicate to him what is expected. In creating a perfect onboarding experience, it is not advisable to discriminate against the contingent workers (Bagyo, 2017).  Their influence might be minimal, but still, their roles are significant for the success of the organization.  Instead, it is crucial to building a warm relationship with the temporary workers. Building allegiance is very important because it put boosts the image of the company and prompts future referrals.

Communicating cultural values to the employees, culture defines the face of any organization, and thus the hires must be made aware. The organization should be very open about them and could be communicated in meetings or one-on-one scenarios. The communications should be frequent, and the employees must be reminded from time to time.


Analysis or assessment of training needs, before initiating any training program, it is vital to acquire the relevant knowledge and make adjustments if there are changes in training need.  First, it is essential to develop both general and specific questions about why the training is needed in the first place. Afterward, it is essential to identify the goals of training. Goals help expound the whole training approach and are vital in the inclusion of what is necessary and eliminating what is not needed.

Design, is the second phase, and is vital in considering what has been previously done, to help in the proper making of decisions. The design might include the strategy, feedback methods, and assessment mechanisms (Ariani, 2017). The next approach is to create a prototype of the sequence of ideas. Creating prototypes is essential because it helps in initiating communication with other interested stakeholders.

Creating a comprehensive action plan might include theories, and other vital content that may be fundamental in the training process.  Detailing the training resources, and different training delivery approaches might be very important for this process.  In this process, it is essential to identify the needs of training by the participants and their learning styles (Ariani, 2017). The majority of the companies do first before coming up with a program is piloting their intentions to the rest of the organization and getting feedback. Such feedback is very necessary before deciding on actions to take.

Training initiatives implementation, in this phase, is where the training program begins to manifest. The organization has to decide whether the training needs only internal coordination or if it requires external assistance.  The implementation process involves creating a schedule for activities and assembling the necessary resources to fulfill such needs. After that, the program is then officially launched and executed. In the course of training, it is important to observe the behavior of the participants. Monitoring their progress is a practical approach since it helps in measuring the effectiveness of the training process.

Evaluation and revision of training, training program is not a one-time thing; it should be frequently monitored to gauge its effectiveness. Right at the end, evaluation of such programs is necessary since it helps in adapting if the process met the required objectives or if there was a need to make other adjustments. The feedback should not be from the management heads alone, but the rest of the stakeholders should also give an opinion about the process (Ariani, 2017). Analyzing various feedbacks will give the company room to spot any kind of weakness to the formulated program. In a case whereby the objectives are not met, a revision could be initiated and tailor-made to meet the initial expectations.


Classroom-Based training would avail diverse presentation slides to the recruits of the policies of the company. The policies cover what is accepted in the workplace and what is unacceptable. It may take place once or twice in a designated venue.

Interactive training, employees learn effectively and develop necessary skills if they practice them by themselves.  Integrating quizzes and simulations might be an essential aspect of this process (Bagyo, 2017).  If the employees are given the room to practice their newly acquired skills in the real work context, it gives them confidence, and the approach helps them to be more engaged. As a result, they would undoubtedly retain what they have learned in the past. However, it can be a very hectic approach, especially if the learners required detailed feedback from the facilitator from time to time.

On-job training, considered one of the best practical approaches in employee training.  In this regard, the employees have room to practice their learned skills in their current or even future expertise (Men, 2015). It prepares the employees psychologically for the hurdles, and the opportunities they might exploit when they finally get the nod. The challenge of it is that it requires persistent input, and that might be hectic for some employees.

Social learning, in this approach, the employees would mostly learn from observing the phenomena of what happens in the workplace. It is a behavioral approach of adapting to what others are doing well, and imitating their success. It is an effective approach since it helps in pushing the trainees from their comfort zones. In doing so, they get to learn new skills, and cognitive abilities to solve other problems.

Online training, employees are human, and they cannot entirely rely on whatever information they are given in the workplace. The dynamics in society have rapidly changed, and it requires instant innovation to solve particular problems within the environment. Some of those solutions are found online, in the form of videos, and eLearning course (Ologbo & Sofian, 2018). For an individual who would like to be routinely challenged, it might prove to be massively inspiring for him. It also offers excellent convenience since an individual can learn in his own time while also addressing his immediate needs. Consequentially, it could be an essential approach in validating whatever they consume from the workplace against the current norms and trends.


Coaching, coaching has proved to be a very fundamental method in bringing the best out of employees. In this approach, the superiors disseminate essential details to the subordinates, thereby helping them to get accustomed to the work at hand.  The coach’s motive is to guide the employees through an elaborate process (Azeem. Rubina, & Paracha, 2016). With time he monitors the progress the employee has made over time. If he feels that some changes are needed, he changes the program to suit the employee or the colleague’s needs.

Job rotation, the employees should have varied skills, and that will help them to settle for diverse roles. In most companies, competition for positions has become very intense. Having one particular skill may not be enough to secure a job in the long term. Through job rotation, it is possible to settle for other roles even if the areas of expertise no longer fit (Ologbo & Sofian, 2018).  However, when carrying out the rotation, adequate time is needed to allow the employee to master relevant skills that will enable him to survive comfortably in other roles. In most cases, it might take six months to a year to complete.

Conferencing, confidence is an essential thing for employees who have just secured a position and to the others who have been there for quite some time. Through conferencing, it is possible to share ideas, and give an honest review of what is happening within the organization. The method facilitates interaction among the hires, and help in reinstating their confidence in the long run.

Carrying out an understudy program, the reason for hiring employees is to help them ascend to senior management levels when their superiors retire. In this approach, the employees are given the will to practice the skills of those above them, and assume those roles (Azeem. Rubina, & Paracha, 2016). Such roles come with authority, and thus prepare him for future endeavors. If the supervisor or the senior becomes ill or retires, he automatically assumes the role either on a permanent or temporary basis,


Training programs versus the business objectives, the objectives of the business must align to the reasons why the training is needed. The training process should thus provide solutions to the problems the organization frequently face.

Vision and goals, the need for training must derive meaning, and picture the organization performance after incorporating the facets (Ologbo & Sofian, 2018). Many organizations believe that by clearly outlining goals and visions of the business, it is straightforward to integrate the employee skills with the company visions, and stimulate comprehensive and coordinated growth.

Communication approaches, the performance of employees depends on how the organization communicates its intention to them. If the communication is open, and less biased, certainly, the training approach would be an instant success (Ologbo & Sofian, 2018). On the other hand, if the management is not keen on how it communicates to the subordinates, littles results would be achieved, and the training process would be a  complete waste of time



Ariani, D. W. (2017). The relationship between employee engagement, organizational citizenship behavior, and counterproductive work behavior. International Journal of Business Administration, 4(2), 1923–4015.

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Ologbo, A. C., & Sofian, S. (2018). Individual and organizational factors of employee engagement on employee work outcomes. International Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 3(3), 498- 502



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Humanities Discussion

Culture is people’s way of life. It includes practices that make a community distinct from any other group, for example, food, songs, rites of passage, dance patterns, social norms and taboos, traditional occupations, etc. Western culture is the heritage of ethical values, traditional systems, political systems, and social norms associated with Europe. Western culture is also applicable to countries and cultures whose histories are connected to Europe by influence, immigration, or colonization.

There is a link between culture and a particular society’s development, any society that rejects culture cannot develop. Can Africa’s culture be rejected without diverse effects on its regional development, assuming that African culture hinders development? The obstacle to African development is their culture because it is not it needs to change. Africa is expected to change its tradition if it’s expected to achieve its development goal.  One of the African practices that should be abolished is violence against the girl child through early marriages, early pregnancies, national taboos, and child delivery practices. This will encourage the girl child to get educated, which is a social and economic development source.

On the other hand, African music culture is rich and diverse with different musical traditions. Through the medium of sound, Africa musicians express life in all its aspects. It’s fascinating that there is no written music for the musicians to analyze. The pitch and intonation are very different from western music, making it very unique. This makes this kind of music admirable by people of different regions hence it’s a source of revenue it attracts tourists. With the stated reasons above, it’s impossible to let go of the African music culture.