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COVID 19 on aviation an logistic sector in the Sultanate of Oman

this dissertation topic will include a case study from Muscat International Airport. to include how was the operation at the airport before the pandemic, during the pandemic and post pandemic. Mixed method ( qualitative and quantitative will be used ) area of discussion is attached. This will include both passengers and cargo

1. Proposal: The introduction engages and prepares the audience for the essay.

1. Proposal: The introduction engages and prepares the audience for the essay.
Any relevant background information is covered and the question at issue is clearly
defined. Leads the reader to the enthymeme. (With Therefore) Draws a conclusion.

2. Enthymeme: The essay has a clear purpose and makes its point with a stated
thesis/topic sentence. Enthymeme is stated or clearly implied. “Should” and “because” are
obvious. Stand and reasons are clear.

3. Overall Organization: The essay as a whole has an identifiable structure that is logical,
coherent, and developed with clear and relevant points. Each reason leads to next.

4. Reasons: The body clearly explores the reasons why the reader should find your stand
compelling. The body does not fall into just discussion or summary.
Paragraphs present whole ideas supporting a topic sentence.

5. Support: The relevant points supporting the thesis/topic sentence are well-developed. The
essay uses examples, reasons, concrete detail, and sensory and narrative detail, and the
technique of showing rather than telling, where appropriate. Avoid using “Formal
Announcements”,i.e. the inappropriate use of first person “I”.Emotional supports are kept to a
minimum. No fallacies are present. At least two Academic Sources are used in the text.

6. Insight/Critical Thinking: The essay demonstrates insight and gives the audience a
sense of discovery. The discussion in the essay goes beyond the obvious. The essay is thoughtful and reflective. Avoids assumptions.

7. Writing Conventions: The essay demonstrates correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and
mechanics. It avoids run-ons and fragments.

8. Conclusion: The conclusion is not merely repetitive of the thesis/topic sentence and provides the audience with a sense of closure or resolution. Answers “so what?” question.

The body of the essay should be 1500 -2000 words. Given the

COVID 19 on aviation an logistic sector in the Sultanate of Oman Business Assignment Help The body of the essay should be 1500 -2000 words. Given the length of the assignment, you will need to be focused on the task and be concise in your explanations. There will be no room for irrelevancies or digressions, or just using information to fill in space.

Please make sure your essay is well organized with introduction, thesis statement, and conclusion. It is best practice to sort out your ideas by putting together a preliminary essay outline (not handed in). Please carefully proofread your essay for grammatical and punctuation errors.

This essay should demonstrate that you know how to credit your sources in proper academic style. You may use APA, MLA, or the Chicago Manuel of Style. However, whenever possible, you must cite page numbers for any texts you use, and time stamps if using video.

Your essay should have a Title Page where you indicate what your essay choice is for your instructor.

Your essay should also have a Works Cited Page (or a Bibliography if you want to include other texts and videos you consulted, but didn’t use).

Please make all pages as part of the same file since the essay has to be submitted as one file at the Course submission link which you will find at the end of the course.


This is a research essay, so it is important that you do sufficient research before beginning to write. Find at least three scholarly articles pertaining to your topic and show a familiarity with the ideas, arguments within them. One of these articles can be substituted by informative video(s) as long as it totals at least 30 minutes of viewing time.

You might also want to use newspapers articles, and expression of positions that are not fully scholarly (not in peer reviewed journals, for example) depending on your topic, to ensure that you are up to date on your topic. In rare cases such reports, and less scholarly articles can substitute for a scholarly article. It is best to contact your tutorial instructor, explain your research efforts and what you are suggesting replace the scholarly article.

You should also refer to relevant course materials such as course articles on your topic, and relevant ideas gleaned from lectures and readings.

This essay should demonstrate the ability to research relevant materials, and to be highly selective in what you actually use in the essay. Your essay should show clarity, breadth of comprehension, and absorption of key ideas from your research and from the course.

Evaluation: You will be marked on

a) the quality of your research

b) your comprehension of ideas

c) the strength, focus, and clarity of your outline of the problem and the evaluation of arguments

d) the organization, grammar, punctuation of your paper, and use of proper citations.

Essay Topics: Choose One

1. Climate Justice. Henry Shue, in his chapter 8 on Basic Rights and Climate Change from his book, claims that those who live in the privileged world have a duty to protect the human rights of those in poorer countries who will be most effected by runaway climate change. Evaluate his argument, doing further research on climate change and its effects, further research of his moral position (from his book for example), as well as finding any critics and/or defenders of his position. Discuss at least one argument against his position and defend against it, or present reasons why you agree with the criticism.

2. Animals. For this topic choose to work on EITHER a) Meat Eating OR b) the Protection of Animal Habitat

Engage in research to find at least two articles of your preferred moral approach that you will defend, and one article that you will argue against. Briefly outline the two different moral approaches and defend your approach against one objection.

Basic moral approaches can include a) virtue ethics b) utilitarian (sentientist) c) deontological d) feminist e) the land ethic and f) indigenous. Please contact your tutorial instructor if you want to include something different.

3. Indigenous Justice Research ONE of the following controversies (or choose your own, if your tutorial instructor has verified it ahead of time).

For the controversy you have chosen, you should make sure in the first part of your essay that you outline any of following issues that are relevant to your topic, in order to set up the moral problem:

Briefly outline any environmental issue that might be involved

Briefly outline any historical political injustices, indigenous rights that may be involved

Address the issue of resource development if it is involved, including for example Canada’s general policies, commitments to the economy, to corporations, and to the well being of citizens, as well as various stakeholders who may be in opposition (including different indigenous groups themselves),

In the second part of your paper, use scholars to help you assess the conflict, and argue for what you think might be (or might have been) a fair and just resolution. Affirm certain values and/or principles that you think should be centered in resolving the controversy or conflict.

Choose one:

a) the Wet’suwet’en controversy over a pipeline

b) the court judgement on the Colten Boushie case

c) the reserve conditions on Attawapiskat

d) Indigenous whale hunting

FINAL EXAM, Summer 2022, Vision and Qualification Document GM 105 You are

FINAL EXAM, Summer 2022, Vision and Qualification Document

GM 105

You are the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a mid-size manufacturing company that is seeking a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to fill the pending vacancy in the next few months, and you are seeking this position. The process requires that you submit a Vision and Qualification Document to the Board of Directors for the CEO position that demonstrates your qualifications based upon your experience and command of the various disciplines required to be a successful CEO. You believe that you are extremely qualified for this position that requires your ability to lead the organization through the Strategic Management process. This submittal is a comprehensive document that delivers a broad understanding of your qualifications that are relevant for the position that you are seeking and provides your vision for the future.

Your confidence level in seeking this position is supported by the fact that you have spent your entire career with the company in various departments including manufacturing, marketing, finance, managerial accounting, and human resources as part of the company’s management development program. This exposure to the core operations of the company has provided you with a vision of what the CEO position is and what is needed to provide the company with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. You have demonstrated over the years that you “belong at the table.”

This is the one opportunity to demonstrate to the reader that you know the content, have critical thinking skills, can utilize the problem-solving/decision-making process, and are able to communicate what you want to say. You have two (2) hours to accomplish this goal.

Requirements for the Vision and Qualification Document:

You must assume the role of the COO.

You must demonstrate your command of the appropriate concepts and terms to support your Vision and Qualification Document.

You must demonstrate critical thinking skills.

You must demonstrate problem-solving/decision-making skills.

You must demonstrate your ability to communicate your thoughts that justify consideration for the position.

To assist all students with their preparation for the final exam, I want to clarify the length requirements that may be on the minds of students. The decision for the length of the exam is totally up to the student. The only requirement is that the student has two (2) hours to demonstrate what you have learned with respect to the course objectives.

As stated on numerous occasions, the reader is looking to see if the student has command of the content, demonstrates critical thinking, utilizes problem-solving/decision-making skills, and is able to communicate what they know. This exam allows the student to do that, and this methodology has worked extremely well over the years in differentiating one student from another.

I totally understand that all students are facing challenges and I am trying to accommodate the realities without compromising the objectives and rigor of the course. I also face the time constraints each student faces and I want to be timely with every relevant issue that impacts each student. This means that we need to follow the instructions and format as presented to facilitate a smooth process for the Final Exam.

From the student’s perspective, it is important that you develop a plan that is derived from your vision, goal, and objective. That sounds like something right out of Management 101 and it is, but it works. Spend some time determining what the exam is asking you to do and develop a plan to get there. As provided in the support documents dealing with the Mid-Terms, you need to utilize all the resources that YOU decide will support your response that is allowed for the exam.

As previously stated as to the length of your exam, you will decide, based on what you believe is necessary to meet the requirements that have been provided. The reader is looking to see what you have learned and your ability to communicate what you have learned. It is your decision to make for the length of the exam response within the time allowed for the exam.

Best of luck with your efforts!