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Analysis Of Trumpet Player history assignment help is it legit: history assignment help is it legit

Kadeisha Lowe


Professor Loicano


English Composition ll Section 15G


Sept 17, 2017


Poetry Explication and Analysis Essay “Trumpet Player” by Langston Hughes


Part I: Scansion and Analysis While constructing the amazing poem “Trumpet Player,” Langston Hughes considers how music can enhance the misery continued through hardships yet that the excruciating recollections of those hardships never really blur away. A prominent African American artist of the primary portion of the twentieth century, a significant number of Langston Hughes’ works voiced the feelings of the Harlem Renaissance development in the 1930s. His ballad “Trumpet Player” thinks about how African Americans kept on torment from the impacts of subjugation even after its abolishment and held onto music as a way to facilitate the torment of their recollections.




  Hughes’ verse is organized by four eight-line stanzas followed by two six-line stanzas. The poem does not stick to standard English traditions, keeping away from all accentuation with the exception of two “M Dashes”. Besides, the lyric uses capitalization in odd places vigorously in the first stanza, but noticeably less in the rest of the stanzas. In the third stanza, in which the author manages the idea of music, there is an eminent nonappearance of any capitalization whatsoever. The main, second, and fifth stanzas hold fast to a comparative structure, each comprising of a solitary sentence written in free verse. The third and fourth stanzas are additionally comparative in structure, each comprising of two parallel sentences. Be that as it may, even among these groupings, the stanzas fluctuate incredibly in other complex perspectives. For example, the lengths of their relating lines and their utilization of capitalization changes. Moreover, though the fourth and eighth lines rhyme with each other in the four eight-line stanzas, the last two six-line stanzas have no reasonable rhyming pattern. The sonnet likewise does not hold fast to an unmistakable meter and is composed of free verse. The numerous varieties in style give the lyric an impression of a much extemporized jazz execution. This mirrors the poem’s melodic theme and insinuates the impacts of the African American music styles


Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass history assignment help online

Until the Civil War and the creation of the Thirteenth Amendment, slavery was considered to be a common practice. Its prominent role in the United States economy and way of life was simply accepted, while the negative impacts were ignored. In his autobiography, the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass protests against this acceptance of slavery and the wrongful treatment of African Americans, which resulted from their enslavement. He highlights the negative impacts by describing his experiences as a slave, as well as the conditions that the majority of slaves were accustomed to. By doing so, he displays the dehumanizing aspect of slavery and builds a compelling argument against slavery.  Frederick Douglass effectively argues against…show more content…

To display the common treatment of slaves, Douglass develops pathos when describing his first exposure to slavery and the brutal treatment of Aunt Hester. He gives a detailed description of her “heart-rending shrieks” when she was forced to endure countless lashings and beatings (Douglass, 24). Additionally, he describes the mentality of Captain Anthony, the slave owner, by stating that “the louder [Hester] screamed, the harder he whipped” (Douglass, 23). By describing the punishments that his aunt was forced to face and the deliberateness of Captain Anthony’s actions, Douglass develops pathos, which exposes the audience to the harsh nature of slavery and makes them pity the slaves who were forced to endure this treatment.  It shows the audience that slaves were forced to endure pain if they did not listen to their masters and could not…show more content…

He discloses the slave owner’s ability to control all of the material that slaves were exposed to using an anecdote regarding slave’s only exposure to freedom; during the holiday season, slave masters give their slaves a taste of supposed freedom to make them believe that freedom is actually more oppressive than slavery itself. Douglass explains that they promoted drinking and recreational activities during the holidays “to disgust their slaves with freedom” (Douglass, 84-85).  The anecdote is used to prove to the audience that slave owners had complete control of their slaves and exploited this power to manipulate the slaves. By promoting a false reality during their time off and creating a false image of freedom, slave masters were able to effectively control their slaves’ impression of freedom, so that they would believe that slavery was the better option. Douglass uses irony to further this point. In addition to manipulating the slave’s perception of freedom, slave masters also prevented them from gaining an education, a quintessential factor in gaining freedom. Thomas Auld justified this by saying that knowledge would only make the slaves “discontented and unhappy” and vehemently stood against Douglass gaining an education   (Cite). Douglass applies irony to the situation by stating that Auld’s lecture was what had driven


The Pros And Cons Of The Olympics history assignment help is it legit: history assignment help is it legit

About 206 countries in the world participate in the Olympics. Can you imagine the Olympic games in the same 5 countries every year? Have you ever thought about what the Olympics would be like if they were always in the same place? Imagine not being able to guess where the next Olympics are going to be held and traveling the world to get there. This is what will happen if the IOC stopped the Olympics from traveling from country to country. The only solution to stop this; keep the Olympics moving around country to country. The Olympics should not have a permanent home and should continue to move around the world. Having them in a permanent home takes away more than you think to people.

To start, having the Olympics in a permanent home would “deprive nations of a chance to show national pride, economic gains and, most importantly, make history” (Wendel & Flora, 3). However, some people believe that the Olympics cost too much money and countries are taking money away from their people and making the country/people go poor. If those countries are…show more content…

According to the article, “During the Berlin 1936 Olympics, Hitler planned to show the world that the Aryan people were the dominant race. Jesse Owens, an African-American…proved him wrong and sealed his place in Olympic history by becoming the most successful athlete of those games” (Wendel & Flora, 4)The chance for Olympians to move around the world and prove to people who don’t believe in them, or in this case, their race, the Olympics is the place to prove it. Jesse Owens proved to HITLER that the Aryan people were not the dominant race. For Olympians, the chance to prove themselves and their country, culture, customs, race, etc., is something that Olympians and even citizens of their countries, or others, take pride in. For this reason, the Olympics can not stay in the same countries every 2-4


Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports gcse history essay help

Did you know if one athlete on an Olympic team is found guilty of taking performance enhancing drugs, the entire team may be disqualified and forced to return the medals they may have won? People who want to win are taking “win at any cost” matters to a slightly better edge. Doping in sports is ruining and going to keep ruining sports, because it causes coercion, can ruin athletes’ lives, and can keep players out of the hall of fame.




Doping in sports is going to cause coercion, which means athletes feel like they are forced to do something. In this case, athletes feel like they need to take performance and enhancing drugs. “A report by Sports Illustrated, they did a survey that concluded half of surveyed Olympic athletes, saying they would…show more content…

People want more interesting sports. “In America’s major league sports, particularly football and baseball, the widespread perception of drug use does not seem to have had a negative impact on audience interest. The fascination of watching Mark McGwire break the home-run record in 1998 was undiminished by his overt use of nandrolone (not a banned substance in baseball), which stimulates the body to produce more of its own steroids.( Pro Con, Lincoln Allison) The only way to get more home runs and ninety-nine yard kick returns is for players to use performance and enhancing drugs. According to Restricting players from using PED’s is a waste of time. Players can beat the drug testing. “According to the IOC [International Olympic Committee] director general… the fact that only eight athletes out of 11,000 Olympic competitors tested positive is proof that ‘the war on doping is being won.’ But the argument that the small number of athletes testing positive is indicative of the low prevalence of doping is nonsense. Firstly, drug-using athletes often beat tests because they have access to specialized medical advice from sports physicians… Secondly, there is evidence of collusion between dope-using athletes and senior officials. Positive tests have been ‘lost’ at several Olympics.” (Pro Con, Ivan Waddington) We need to have PED’s legal so we have more exciting…show more content…

Imagine that your favorite player used steroids, and will now not be able to be in the hall of fame. Not only would your favorite player could be in the hall of fame, but other people’s favorite player would too. If we ban doping we don’t have to see players be kept out of the hall of fame, because they used PED’s. People also would see coercion go away. Also if we permanently ban performance enhancing drugs you don’t have to worry about an athletes’ health condition. Doping in sports should be