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College Admissions Essay: Art Therapy and Animal Therapy

Art Therapy and Animal Therapy

As another wave of excited, hopeful seniors pack their cars for college, the community that nurtured them watches them go with nostalgia and anticipation at what these bright new adults will make with the talents bestowed on them and with the mountains of opportunity available to them. The students are brimming with anticipation also – what possibilities await them! As I take my place with my fellow classmates, I watch my old community fade into the distance and wonder how I will contribute to my community in the future.

My career choices have varied throughout the years with a colorful strand threading my love for animals, art and people. I intend to major in psychology with a minor in art. My dream is to help people through my compassion and creativity. Art therapy and animal therapy are exciting fields of work hungry for new talent and well-educated, dedicated professionals. My love of these lines of work stems from having witnessed the wrinkled hand of an infirm, elderly woman stroke the soft fur of a dog, immediately brightening and starting to communicate her first words in years. I have also understood the intense relief of parents of a sick, depressed child whose interest in her artwork sparks renewed interest in the world around her. My artistic ability, strength in science, love of animals and passion for bettering the lives around me give me daily reasons why I know I am committed to this field.

However, the reasons do not stop there. I want to extend my vision into the community, perhaps starting a program in my church community that involves participants taking small pets on their visits to nursing home residents. I could even involve surrounding youth groups in work on art projects with the youth at our local children’s home. Getting the community involved in such projects opens new outlets of creativity to flow into a cause I am so passionate about. Plus, the participation can be a healing, nurturing experience on both sides. With my sometimes-stubborn determination and enthusiasm for this endeavor, I will be able to involve my community in worthwhile efforts to improve the conditions of many of those who need most need assistance.

College Admissions Essay: A Stepping Stone for Others

A Stepping Stone for Others

I have always had a passion to learn. My interest is in political theory and economics, hoping someday to become a lawyer and stateswoman. I realize that in order to reach any of these goals, a college degree is vital. When I in turn reach my goals, I will use them to encourage and uplift my community by investing my time, money, energy, and influence to become a stepping stone for others.

I feel the most important step in giving back to the community is to stay in the community. As a Mississippi native, I witness first hand some of the financial and economic set backs it faces. Although we are making tremendous progress, I know that I too must do my part in contributing to the well being of my community. So many times the best and brightest of our youth graduate from top Mississippi high schools, continue their college careers in another state, never to return again. After I have obtained my college degree from a Mississippi University, I will become an entrepreneur, contribute to my state by opening up a business, and provide jobs to help stimulate the economy.

With a college degree in the field of political science, and a career in law and politics, I would encourage youth to be active in the political arena. I would offer intern positions in my law firm to help provide youth with first hand experience to further understand our legal and justice system. I would also volunteer my time in becoming a speech and debate coach for a local high school, because it is very important to have corporate and professional involvement with schools. In a hopeful career as a state legislator, or perhaps a congresswoman, I would support legislation that would promote better conditions for our schools and teachers.

My community is very important to me.

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