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Chris Watts A Serial Killer Summary. Ap American History Essay Help

Chris Watts

Chris Watts was 35 years of age man who hailed from the town of Colorado and was jailed by the court for the murder of his two daughters Bella who by then was aged four years, his wife who also by then pregnant and aged 34 years and their youngest daughter Celeste at the age of 3 years in the august of 2018. When Chris Watts killed his wife, he drove the body of the wife and two of their children’s bodies to an oil workshop that was owned by one of his previous employer situated close to 65 kilometers away from their matrimonial home and took a blanket which he smothered the bodies of her girls with the blanket.

Chris Watts was later sent to jail but wrote several letters that revealed what led to the murders. In one of the letters that have surfaced, Chris Watts says that on August 13th, 2018, in the morning, he went up to the girls’ room first before his wife Shanann and picked an argument. “Then he proceeded to the room of Bella and also went to Cece’s room where he used a pillow and suffocated the two children to death using the pillow, and that is the reason as to why the case has been recognized as smothering” (Weatherall, 20). After leaving Cece’s room, he then climbed back to their bed with Shanann, where the argument took a turn in a higher notch. After killing Shanann, the two girls woke up, but he could not explain how they woke up, although he confesses that they woke up. Bella’s eyes had some bruises that she has sustained during the horrifying moment, and he points out that both girls showed signs that they were coming from some trauma.

According to Weatherall (20), after the police arrested Chris Watts in August 2018, he was later taken to court. The sitting judge viewed the statement file presented before the court and sentenced Chris Watts to a total of three sentences that are consecutive life sentences to serve in prison without the possibility of getting parole. He was again sentenced to an additional term of 48 years due to unlawfully terminating his wife’s pregnancy, which the judge said will run consecutively with the other three life sentences. The judge added that Chris Watts would also serve an additional two life sentences because of committing first-degree killing of a minor under the age of 12 years and another 36 years as discipline for tampering with the deceased’s bodies. His plea of guilty spared him from being handed the death penalty.

Pedro Lopez a serial killer summary. history assignment help ireland: history assignment help ireland

Pedro Lopez

Lopez’s mother was a well-known prostitute, and his father was married by another woman by the time he was born and was the seventh sibling out of thirteen children, and they hailed from Colombia. “His mother was termed as a caring and relatively loving mother, although she would sometimes be abusive and cruel when she came home with her sex clients” (Chiriboga Aldáz, Mikaella, 19). Lopez indicates that he could at times watch his mother while having sex with those clients.

At the age of eight, Lopez was caught molesting one of his younger sisters, where he was kicked out. After being kicked out, a pedophile caught up with him and lured him by promising him better accommodation and meals but later abandoned him in a hut after sodomizing him repeatedly. “From there, Lopez joined a street gang for the sake of securing protection where he found life harder as the street children would fight each other using all sorts of weaponry ranging from the use of knives to the use of belts and for the scramble for food rations and sleeping slots” (Ürmösné Simon, 18). He was introduced to drug use while in the streets. Four years into the streets, he was absorbed by an American family that took him to a school of orphans but could not settle down and ran away after being molested by his teacher.

Being an adult now, Lopez began stealing personal cars and selling the cars to the local car shops after taking money exchanges. “He was later arrested in the year 1969 for the theft of motor cars and was later sentenced to serve seven years in the prison of Bogota” (Ürmösné Simon, 18). After spending two days at the facility, he was gang-raped brutally by a gang of three inmates which eventually traumatized him. This led him to hunt the rapists and killed the three. The event made him a darling of the other inmates, and none dared to joke with him.

Lopez went ahead to be released from prison in 1978 and began raping, abductingand murdering three girls every week. “On one of the occasions in Peru, he attempted to make an abduction to a nine-year-old Indian child and was caught, beaten, and buried alive, but the neck was left outside so that they could pour syrup on it for the ants’ to invade him”(Ürmösné Simon, 18). Miraculously, he was saved by an American woman who drove him and dropped him at the border. Lopez then continued to operate his murder trade between Colombia and Peru by abducting and murdering especially young girls across the two countries until he was eventually arrested again.

Harold Shipman a serial killer summary. do my history homework

Harold Shipman

Harold Shipman was born to a wealthy parent in Manchester and grew to become a doctor and eventually a serial killer of his clients. “He murdered close to over 250 of his clients who came in as his patients” (Browning, 20). His murderous ways caused an uproar on the medical community’s powers and the responsibilities bestowed on them in his country of origin, Britain relating to the procedures and adequacy of certifying the claim of sudden death.

His murderous ways began in 1998 when a patient he attended aged around the years of 81 was discovered while dead inside her home hours after requesting the services of Shipman. “Her family became heavily perplexed since the woman showed good health signs and had written a will that endowed her entire estate on Shipman valued at around $400,000” (Browning, 20). Shipman insisted that there should be no autopsy on the body of the woman.

In the year 2000, Shipman was convicted for the murder of 15 and made a forgery, which made him be handed a life sentence in prison. He went ahead to commit suicide while serving the life sentence in prison by hanging himself inside his cell. In 2005, the government constituted an inquiry into determining how many patients had been murdered by Shipman and found that he killed close to 250 people since 1971 by injecting them with lethal doses and then signing their death certificates would attribute to death by natural causes. Since his mother died after being injected at a hospital, many people started to claim that Shipman took the idea as a way of avenging his mother.


Criminal psychology Conclusion. online history assignment help: online history assignment help


Criminal psychology is diverse, and officers in the field require to be very intelligent in delivering their expert opinions relating to criminal activities so that the right perpetrators of the criminal acts are brought to book and those found innocent to be granted freedom. Criminal prosecutions are risky since they attract selfish interests in their prosecutions.

Therefore, concrete evidence is required to get justice for the victim and the defendant since some of the suspects may have been arrested on mere suspicions while they are innocent. All criminals require the same treatment before the law’s eyes until they are confirmed as guilty of their offenses. In another twist, serial killers and murders need not be mixed with other inmates since they can extend the same crimes to their fellow inmates while at the prison grounds. While serial killers pose great risks to every human being, they need each of them to be placed in a separate cell for everyone’s safety.






Critical Analysis of An Academic Abstract. history assignment writing help


Winning or not winning’ is an article on the effects of coaching-athlete relationships on achieving core goals. The article critically analyses the connection between the success of athletes and the perception of the athletes on the leadership of their coaches, the contention of athletes with the leadership of their coaches,  the chemistry between a coach and an athlete and the achievement of goals. The article reveals that excelling teams assess their coaches’ vision of their coaches, their Inspiration and their positive feedback and active management positively compared to the losing teams. Sporting success is associated with athlete’s positivity in their perception of coaches’ leadership, coach strategy satisfaction and higher perception of goal attainment.