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Growth in the Practicum

I am glad that the practicum came in hand in facilitating my growth in several avenues. First, it allowed me to interact with other experienced and more educated nurses who were instrumental in impacting m with new skills and knowledge. Additionally, it assisted me in establishing new ties and great networks, which could prove critical in improving my access to opportunities in nursing. Thirdly, the practicum provided me with a perfect opportunity to interact with patients and their families as I sought to identify and address their health needs. To a large extent, this interaction ensured that I got to understand some of the insurmountable challenges that patients have to go through as they seek quality health care services. Additionally, it proved critical, encouraging me to always go far beyond providing basic care to patients and constantly demonstrate empathy to needy patients.

Challenges to Growth and Flourishing in the Practicum african history assignment help

Challenges to Growth and Flourishing in the Practicum

Poor communication, confidence, and heavy workloads are but a few of the challenges I faced in my Med Surg nursing unit at St. Luke’s Hospital career. Since joining the team, I struggled with teamwork, probably due to my inexperience, which made it difficult and, to some extent, impossible for other health care personnel to readily seek my assistance whenever a need arose. Secondly, heavy workloads and staying well-organized were significant challenges to my growth and flourishing in my practicum experience at the Med Surg unit at St. Luke’s Hospital. However, while these challenges were discouraging and difficult to overcome, they only served to enhance my resilience as an aspiring nurse. To a large extent, I can confidently attest that the challenges I faced during the practicum will come in handy in shaping my future practice and assisting me to overcome any difficulties that could otherwise undermine my efficiency as a nurse.

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Med Surg nursing is an exceptional line in healthcare for those looking to further their skills and careers in nursing. Through the practicum, I have learned admirable values and ethics, which will hopefully propel my nursing career to greater heights in the near future. As demonstrated above, the practicum made me appreciate the need to maintain and uphold human dignity while dealing with patients, demonstrating compassion, and prioritizing patients’ health needs at all times. Additionally, the practicum made me appreciate the fact that nurses have to do, be, and act ethically for them to improve their chances of being considered good and effective nurses. For this reason, my experience at the Med Surg unit at St. Luke’s Hospital made me committee to always act within the limits of prescribed duties and scope of practice as I strive to protect patients’ welfare and avoid contending with any negative legal implications that could result from inappropriate practice. As expected, my practicum experience was also characterized by several notable challenges. As demonstrated above, I encountered substantial challenges in communicating and interacting with my fellow staff members, thus making it impossible for me to work in teams. Additionally, I experienced workplace bullying, intimidation, discrimination, hatred, and intolerance, probably since I was a new and inexperienced entrant in the unit. However, I am glad that the practicum exposed me to numerous opportunities and allowed me to establish sufficient connections, which could assist me in the near future, especially as I strive to work my way up the nursing career.










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Machiavelli’s perspective on human nature

Machiavelli advises the prince to maximize the use of fear to safeguard his rule against enemies, especially individuals with bad behaviours and vices. The fear for punishment helps rulers to maintain fear against the public, thus gaining respect. Usually, people tend to behave immorally; hence a prince is advised by Machiavelli to apply the threat of force and fear to reform the subjects into normalcy. The question of whether a prince should be loved or feared has brought contradicting arguments by various scholars. According to Machiavelli, “it is difficult to combine them, but it is far better to be feared than loved if you cannot be both.”

In most cases, people tend to openly and effectively respond towards fear, unlike when subjected to compassion. Henceforth, a prince should ensure that their subjects develop fear for him to avoid instances of distrust and disloyalty. Machiavelli claims that “humans are always liars, ungrateful, deceivers, and fickle,” hence leaders should always ensure that they protect themselves using their resources. Leaders who base their rule on “a bond of gratitude tends to ruin his leadership.” Fear helps to strengthen loyalty since people tend to fear punishments, especially from their leaders, which sometimes results in execution.

Furthermore, Machiavelli’s political ideas compare hatred and fear, whereby he understands that fear enables leaders to amass more power that can be easily eroded by hared. Therefore, leaders need to develop a balance between the two concepts to avoid facing repercussions that include being overthrown. Machiavelli urges leaders to formulate themselves in a way that is fearful in the public’s eyes but avoid hate since it leads to revolutions. Therefore, “The prince can always avoid hatred if he abstains from the property of his subjects and citizens and from their women.” Leaders always need to abandon the properties of subjects who have remained loyal to them throughout their years of rule. Any action against the subject’s amounts to hatred since it is argued that” men will forget the death of their father than the loss of their patrimony.” Separation of powers and responsibilities helps create a difference between leaders and their subjects, thus effectively respecting and controlling power.