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Carina Martinez is an American citizen of a Mexican decent. She is

Carina Martinez is an American citizen of a Mexican decent. She is nineteen years old and in the university, she has done all her schooling in the United States. Together with the siblings and parents live just a few blocks away and have been good neighbors for a while now. Interacting with her, has unwrapped a lot of secrets. She has found it very informative, revealing as well as presenting exciting experiences. The neighborhood consists of diverse cultures and a mixture of many races and therefore there is always something else to learn every day. However, growing up in such an environment provides its own challenges for the children, especially the ones that feel like they are not quite at home.

Carina feels that the mixed race environment has been providing the rare chance to learn many different cultures. She finds it difficult to communicate effectively since some of the residents are from completely different cultures. The language provides her with a challenge that hinders her from interacting freely with her peers in the neighborhood. This is because most of the residents spend time together in the family unit. It is a factor that sees her friends being very few and sometimes unavailable for her. The diversity presented by this situation also helps her develop great communication skills. She is able to express herself to people of different cultures without creating a conflict of interest due to the different in cultural ideology from the other guys. Her interpersonal skills tremendously grown and this can be attributed to the fact that the situation forces her to learn how to relate with her neighbors while maintaining a strong personality.

The community around her also influences her culture in many other ways. For instance, she gets accustomed to going to the catholic chapel on Sundays. This is a trait that she picked up from a few neighbors that she went to high school with and who are also from the same region. Miss Martinez also learns several cultural practices. For instance, she attends the gym for work out but after seeing some neighbors’ kids do some routine salsa dances as they waited for their aerobics session, her interest for salsa begins to grow. This goes on until she finally bows to the pressure and decides to register for dance classes. It is this kind of influence that alters the natural culture set up to accommodate the ideologies learned. Her love for art also draws her interest towards Italian pieces of work which in most of the times, makes her study any foreign artwork she comes across.

She says the composition of her neighborhood brings a lot of insight about the culture of other people who are often not afraid to show off themselves. Her way of dressing too is highly influenced by the cultures around her as tries almost everything she has seen around on ther other day to day activities. Carina has never known any other life rather than the life she lives now. Her experiences whenever she visits her Mexican family and friends are characterized by curiosity confusion and quite some bit of nervousness. This clearly shows that her stay in the United States has made it very difficult, for her to come to reality and stay in touch with the track of events at her native country. The interview in general shows that culture has had unlimited effect on the life of Carina Martinez over her life in the mixed race neighborhood.