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Topic identification and discussion

The chosen topic for the following research is how AI has transformed business operations in the eCommerce industry. By making sense of exponentially big data sizes, AI encourages companies to create positive partnerships with their clients. When a customer visits a website, they leave behind a digital breadcrumb trail, several of which have remained untapped. However, AI enables retailers and quickly monitor sales details and help workers generate visibility into habits, buying dynamics, and marketing guidelines.

Literature Review

According to Thiebaut (2019), in the modern age, marketers must be willing to contextualize their customers’ search results, optimize them and limit them. AI allows traders to exploit cookie data and to deliver extremely personalized offers to customers. By using their ability to process images, videos, and audio, marketers will find what their consumers want. Without information, AI is nothing. Intelligence stems from the large amounts and the importance of computer science and digital engineering that organizations hold. However, it is by no way simple to derive information from these statistics, and organizations need to ensure they provide the appropriate bases to use analytics. The benefits of e-commerce are enormous. As it has shown, businesses are shaping both shopping and sale experience, AI is expected to reach $27 billion alone before 2025. Another form of AI in e-commerce, which helps to adjust Websites for some users, is intelligent search, similar to smart product recommendations. The findings of a website search engine reflecting what the consumer was looking for and related things he would still require with this technology. Intelligent quest ensures a more tailored consumer search experience, increased client retention, and smart consumer profiling for upselling and marketing.

AS per the viewpoint of Soni (2020), predictive sales automation is a new and increasingly popular type of e-commerce AI in recent years. This technology is intended to help e-commerce sites capture the actions of clients efficiently, especially where product purchases are concerned. Company owners may arrange and plan their inventory correctly with the result of this predictive study to ensure they are sufficiently supplied with goods that are highly demanded. This technology lets online shopping owners have a more customized shopping experience for current and new consumers. Gao et al. (2021) commented that personalization technologies can be used from welcoming messages and product reviews to construct nearly any part of an e-commerce Website for particular users to increase the likelihood that they would become a repeated buyer. Auto-finished search plugins are a popular type of AI built to facilitate and speed up the process of locating items. The program finishes the search expression as a Consumer enters a Search Word. Potential benefits of autocomplete research plugins include seeing similar goods, increasing session time, and better revenue, which could be essential for the consumer (Kumar and Trakru, 2020).


The most important winner of AI technologies would be customer service. Traders cannot continue to sit tight with the market adopting technologies and growing demands for personalization. Since the system is expensive and complex to use, the early adopters can enjoy the benefits. It will rely on how prepared the e-commerce traders will prosper. Until investing in AI, retailers can consider whether a business is possible and whether they have the right data, people, and technologies. Lastly, before AI can begin to produce performance, there is a lot to do. As opined by Bianchi et al. (2021), organizations must ensure that they provide clean, open, and high-quality data that provide them useful information, only then will they exaggerate through them. AI has been more and more able to write, and e-commerce advertisers have certainly notified themselves. This technology automates the production of online shop product details. This is not just a coping of product material from distributor’s websites. Automated product descriptions benefit from the capability to rapidly and cost-efficient manufacture large volumes of product copying, competitive descriptions aimed at individual purchasers and dynamically pricing goods to optimize income and volume of sales.

AMATO and CANTORO (2018). apus history essay help: apus history essay help

AMATO and CANTORO (2018) mentioned that AI has vastly changed the way online shoppers purchase and deal with traders in e-commerce. From promotion to achievement, AI has had an enormous influence on the e-commerce sector as a whole. Artificial information will provide a perfect way to support the e-commerce shop for online traders in particular. Chatbots are one of the oldest automation instruments for e-commerce and are used to imitate written or spoken words. The bots will therefore replicate conversations with actual consumers efficiently in online shops. Chatbots are now 24/7 linked with clients and can communicate with them through speech, image, or text. As commented by Uche (2021), this technology makes it possible for business owners to promote their goods with accurate ads to make ads with a low advertisement budget easily accessible. Initially, such an ad was only usable on Googling and Facebook, although several other intelligent publicity sites, including Refule4, Sizmek, and AdGooRoo, are now available. The benefits of intelligent publicity involve accurately targeted buyers and less publicity and campaign expenditure.

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Problem statement

The challenge is that these data are mostly taken from scattered and siloed sources and thus data has to be made more available, which means that consistent incorporation structures are needed. In addition, this data is manually screened and aligned, and data collection will require a considerable amount of time and effort. In addition, many of the data required by AI need perishable insights (Wei and Zhang 2021). This is an overview of the degradation of values over time, which must be observed and operated as soon as practicable. Therefore, it will easily be made worthless if businesses fail to gain all of the requisite data. AI chatbots are particularly advanced for e-commerce, and can hold more human-like interactions and have more reflective and insightful responses. AI makes it easy for e-commerce companies, especially in terms of searches and purchasing history, to gather consumer data. These details can also be used to advise current and future consumers on goods as they visit a website and will save time and effort. Increased retention rates, increased traffic, and better revenue is some of the advantages of smart product suggestions.

Research questions

How artificial intelligence has changed the business operation in the eCommerce industry?
What is the impact of using AI in the e-commerce business?
What are the challenges of using AI in the e-commerce business?
How AI is contributing to the e-commerce industry in the recent digital era?



APPLE MARKETING RESEARCH. ap us history essay help: ap us history essay help

SWOT Analysis

Apple (IT Company)

Revenue: 265.6 billion USD (2018)

Headquarters: Cupertino, CA

CEO: Tim Cook (Since 2011)

Apple Inc. is a world-leading supplier of consumer goods, computer applications, and other internet resources. It manufactures and sells consumer products.

Technological advancement – Technological development is still an advantage in the electronics sector.

Growing market – In a rising market is Apple a growing business (Sala et al. 2017). The increasing GDP of developed countries is equally essential for the business and hence the demand for such luxury products as Apple is increasing.

Market penetration – A challenge to Apple’s core business position is that other smartphone brands will now find a place in the market.

Rivalry – When it comes to the notebook segments, rivalry never stops. Overall, Dell has built some gorgeous versions, including the Alien ware laptop.


Incompatibility – One essential problem in Apple, as a corporation, is that applications and devices are not in many of its goods compliant with third parties.

Limited product – Compared to the different offerings available to their nearest rivals Microsoft and Google, Apple’s portfolio is just 7-8 (Gilioli et al. 2017).

Manufacturing costs control by relying on dealer partnerships and building production facilities in low labor costs nations.


Release a variety of competitively priced goods to target medium-sized clients and reduce competitive demand.




Innovation in products – Apple’s creative product portfolio has been one of its biggest assets over the years.

Market position – Apple is the world’s largest technological organization in terms of sales.


Greater interest in mobile devices, their production, and promotion to benefit from their demand. Concentrates on notebook portability; introduces versions that provide better portability including 360 laptops.


Create a wider variety of products; penetrate emerging product areas and serving new consumer groups.


APPLE MARKETING RESEARCH DISCUSSION. history assignment help is it legit


According to Campbell et al. (2017), in its product style, Apple was always comfortable and beautiful. An amateur individual in the technology industry is one of Apple’s main drivers and the champion. One of Apple’s main benefits as an undertaking is the profitability of its brands. Through its brands still focusing on customers, Apple always maintains its minds in the future. Since the 1980s, Apple has become a leading business with a large market proportion and the expectation of consumers is rising. People demand amazing results year after year, and it is not simple for someone to keep these expectations. Compared to the different offerings available to their nearest rivals Microsoft and Google, Apple’s portfolio is just 7-8. Apple thus relies heavily on each of its brands. Although one product loses, Apple would lose 10 percent. Apple’s demand to expand its product portfolio is also normal. Molet-Rodríguez et al. (2021), Apple had decided to find out about any of Apple’s latest offerings. Apple is set to introduce Apple Car in 2020. Apple will be released now. We still have wonderful stuff to expect from the Apple car like every other Apple product. Every rising business wants a greater consumer base, and the basis for the market is being developed steadily by Apple’s growth. The dominance of other labels in the smartphone sector is a key challenge to Apple. Android is swallowing market share and already has a market share of 47.5 percent while iPhone has a market share of 42 percent. Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, and almost all who wish to reach the Smartphone industry use Android. Android is Google, of course, Apple must be able to compete with smartphones.