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Colonialism and Oppression in the African Diaspora
The experiences of the women of the African diaspora are as diverse as the regions they have come to inhabit. Despite the variety in their local realities, African and African-descended women across the planet share in many common experiences. Wherever they have made their homes, these women tend to occupy inferior or marginalized positions within their societies. Whether in the United States, Europe, Latin America, or even Africa itself, black women must confront what Patricia Hill Collins describes as a “matrix of domination” which has, for centuries, perpetuated their subjugation and oppression. According to Collins, a matrix of domination is a comprehensive social organization in…show more content…
Even Maathai’s ancestors, the Kikuyu and Maasai peoples, were among them. 
The majority of these forced dislocations took place in the highland regions. The rich soil and temperate climate of this area had proven attractive to native African peoples for centuries; and it seemed the new British settlers found it equally tempting. After most of the land’s original occupants were transported to the Rift Valley region of western Kenya, settlers began taking advantage of the highlands’ vast natural resources. The land was essentially ravaged as ancient forests were clear-cut in order to make room for agricultural plots. The introduction of the plantation system, with its non-native plant species, large-scale hunting, and systematic recruitment of Africans as field laborers, signaled the next phase in the oppression of native Africans (Maathai 6-9). 
The situation became even more complex when the British colonial administration introduced a currency-based income tax system. For centuries, the Kenyan economy had largely rested on the exchange of livestock and other goods. With this in mind, it should come as little surprise that such a drastic shift put native Kenyans in a rather precarious position. Since nearly all “acceptable” currency rested in the hands of colonists, many Kenyans were forced to leave their reserves and work as hired hands on the farms of white settlers, essentially becoming squatters on their own ancestral lands

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Anxiety disorder

A majority of people know how it feels be anxious but not many people knows what goes through a person’s head when they have a nonstop feeling of anxiousness or running thoughts. Anxiety disorder is quite common and it has been estimated that over one quarter of the general population will experience a real anxiety disorder in their life time. (NIMH) Anxiety disorder is affect by 1 and 5 Americans adults each year. (News in Health) Anxiety is the feeling of being anxious with problems, these the feeling could be temporary. Anxiety can be caused by many things such as trauma and genetics. Sometimes it will stay with you for a short amount of time, or it could return after many years. Anxiety is just another…show more content…
As Kacey was interview her first anxiety attack she realized that she had when she started having to talk to people without her parents. Kacey told me that she would start to get nervous when she had to speak to the doctor, bank teller, a service clerk, or anyone she did not know, eventually she knew something wasn’t right. Not being able to concentrating on a certain activity but also not being able to fall asleep because your mind is everywhere. Another type of anxiety is what we call stage fright. For example, being called in front of the class or a group of people and being unable to respond or your voice starts to crack or sweaty palms. There are many times when your anxiety can be very bad that you start to break out in a rash because you are so nervous of confrontation. When somebody starts to yell at you or even confront you, you may start crying or even become teary eyed because you can’t handle the fact that a person is talking to you in a loud angry voice. Even though you might think you have these signs it doesn’t necessarily mean you have anxiety you still need to speak with your physician so they can diagnose you. Throughout my paper, we will discuss different types of anxiety. The most common is generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), it affects five percent of Americans at some point in their lives, GAD usually affects women. Depression and substance abuse can trigger your anxiety. Another most common disorder is

Substance Abuse And Bipolar Disorder ib history essay help: ib history essay help

 Separately, substance abuse and bipolar disorder are two very serious conditions, and both have been proven to be caused in part by heredity.  Shockingly, co-occurrence of both disorders in a single person is a very common combination, and it can be very dangerous.  People who have both bipolar disorder and an addiction are understood to have a “dual-diagnosis” or “genetic overlap”.  Often, each condition can worsen the symptoms of the other; having both problems increases the risk of mood swings, depression, suicide, and other violent behavior.  Studies are still being done to determine the linkage between these two genetic ailments, but it is obvious that there has to be some relationship.

The genetic heredity of both bipolar disorder as well as substance abuse have already been proven through data from families, adoption, and twin studies, and I’m sure a positive link amongst the two conditions can be proven as well.   The National Institute of Health has gathered information about people with these problems who actively seek help.  They cite various studies from 1988-1996 that state 60.7 percent of people with bipolar I disorder had a lifetime diagnosis of a substance abuse disorder, and 48 percent of those with bipolar II disorder also had a substance abuse problem.  Compare that to the 27 percent of unipolar depression patients who also have substance dependencies, and you begin to see a greater relationship appear.  Those numbers are amazing to me, and definitely


Mechanisms Addiction Reviews as history essay help

mechanisms Addiction Reviews the strong relationship between bipolar and substance-use disorder Mechanisms and treatment implications Bipolar disorder and substance-use disorders commonly occur in the same individual. In fact, bipolar disorder has a higher prevalence of substance-use disorders than any other psychiatric illness. Individuals with both disorders have a more severe course of bipolar disorder, including earlier onset, more frequent episodes, and more complications, including anxiety- and stress-related disorders, aggressive behavior, legal problems, and suicide. Bipolar and substance-use disorders share common mechanisms, including impulsivity, poor modulation of motivation and responses to rewarding stimuli, and susceptibility to behavioral sensitization. Studies of potential treatments for bipolar substance-use disorder have paid scant attention to the combined disorders. The most promising treatment strategies are those that address their shared mechanisms. Keywords: bipolar disorder; alcohol-related disorders; substance-related disorders; recurrence; impulsive behavior; behavioral sensitization; comorbidity Introduction Substance abuse is prominent in bipolar disorder, and bipolar disorder may be equally common in substance abuse : bipolar disorder may be the most common non–substance-related Axis I condition in patients with substance-related disorders. This association raises the questions of mechanisms that underlie this relationship and effective

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