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Case study: 8-1

Question 1

By 2020 how many smartphones will be available globally?

According to, the number of smartphones is expected to reach 6 billion devices in 2020, as projected by a research firm known as IHS Markit (Kharpal, 2017). The rise will be possible given that people have made smartphones their hub of entertainment and a business platform arena.

Question 2

Who are the two companies that generate the most significant revenue from mobile ads?

The two are Google and Facebook companies. According to, Google was able to generate 116 billion and Facebook 55 billion U.S dollars in the 2018 fiscal year (Guttmann, 2019). Ads advertisement has been the core revenue-generating source for the two companies.

Question 3

What does placeIQ do for businesses?

The invention of the Smart Market Area gives brands and their media agencies a new approach to media strategy
SMA audiences define market areas based on the knowledge about store locations, travel routines
Offers marketers the best and competitive advantage through the exploration of traditions definition of market areas
Offers data points that assist brands to better engage with consumers


Question 4

For what purpose is Audi using the services offered by PlaceIQ?

It’s using data points to measure the number of customers that visit the dealership.

To gauge whether mobile ads work (Shileds, 2015).

It also uses the PlaceIQ to establish consumer journey and measure real-world ROI


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