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Benefits Of Using A Standing Mat With A Sit-stand Desk? History Homework

Why is it beneficial to use a standing mat with a sit-stand desk?

Poor ergonomics is among the leading contributors to acute injuries at workplaces. Study ( has shown that when you maintain a good posture, the muscles around the spine are balanced, thus reducing back pain, and increase productivity. Staying in the same posture for too long can seriously affect your health. Researchers ( has shown that people who sit for too long every day increases the chances of getting heart diseases, carpal tunnel syndrome, and diabetes. Moreover, People who sit for more extended hours are likely to get obesity because only less fat is burnt. Since sitting for too long is a significant problem for many office workers, innovators have come up with sit-stand desks that allow them to stand up comfortably.

Some of the benefits of using a sit-stand desk are:

Sit-stand desk helps you lower the risks of getting obesity because you burn calories quickly.Using a standing desk lower your blood sugar levels.Standing improves your heart health.Sit-stand desks are known to improve lower back pain.Sit-stand desks improve your energy levels and mood because it breaks the monotony.Standing boost productivity.

If you are standing for too long, your body can experience fatigue and musculoskeletal sensation ( ). To increase productivity and reduce health risks, you should frequently switch to a sitting position or consider investing on a good standing mat.

What is a standing desk mat?

The mat can be described as a small, anti-fatigue, mat that you can easily lift and move. If you want to sit down, you can quickly move it out of your way. The mat is made of shock-absorbent pliant material that gives you relief while you’re standing. The mat also has bevelled edges that prevent trip hazards. It works by encouraging some micro-movements, which allows your muscles to expand and contract as they try to adjust to the flexibility of your balance. The movement is very crucial because it improves blood flow, and also distributes pressure throughout your legs. The good flow of blood and oxygen reduces muscle strain.

What are the key benefits of using a standing mat?

Getting a quality standing mat will provide you with tons of benefits. Unlike sitting all day or standing on a hard floor, a standing mat will give you enough support as well as help you stand comfortably.

Some of the benefits of using standing mats are:

Standing mats reduces compression. Standing on a regular floor for an extended time makes your feet, joints and spine get compressed. Ultra-soft surfaces are also not ideal because they are very unstable, and your feet can end up sinking. A good anti-fatigue mat will provide you with stable support.Standing mats stimulates blood circulation. Standing on a hard surface makes your leg muscles to tighten, thus preventing adequate blood flow. When your calf muscles ( are strained, their pumping ability is significantly reduced, making your heart to strain, thus causing heart problems.The mats help distribute pressure evenly throughout your feet. Standing for longer hours strain your limb ligaments, and investing on a good standing mat will keep your limbs from straining so much.Standing mats improve your standing posture by reducing the pain and discomfort in your body.The mats have bevelled edges that improve grip and prevent trip hazards.The mats improve your energy because you don’t have to strain your joints and muscles.Standing mats help you to sit less because your lower limbs are not strained.

Have standing mats been proven to be beneficial?

Science (