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Athletes, and Sports – Benefits of Supplements in Athletic Training

Athletic Benefits of Supplements

The Development of drugs and supplements used by mankind has evolved from what it once was in its early stages of existence. As with all man-made things, it is said that anything made by man can be improved (Moore, p35). With this concept, almost anything in nature can apply. In this case, the development of anabolic supplements and the human body. In the later years, the usage of supplements in sporting events have helped athletes achieve new goals which could not have been accomplished through training alone. With the Human body, there is only so much room for improvement until a limit has been achieved in the progress of a persons developments. With these limits in the development in the human body, certain frustrations can result from witnessing no benefits in physical training. Even for those individuals who are ill and plague with a disease, the usage of supplements can aid that individual back to health. The same reasoning can be applied to a bodybuilder who has reached his maximum and can no longer attain new goals. But certain questions arise when the usage of supplements are in to play, “Do they (supplements) actually working?”,”Are supplements hazardous to the health?”,”Are the supplements just a waste of money and don’t benefit anything?”. All of those questions are what the developers of chemist, doctors, and training consultant take into consideration before actually creating a new product or recommending someone to use supplements. The question that I would like to answer for myself, “Are supplements actually beneficial in attaining new gains and do they genuinely produce results?” The answer …

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…d talk to someone who knows and a doctor to see if any of them could prove to be lethal to you. Otherwise, those interested in quick results, see what products work best for you.

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Using Caffeine is a Sin Against God

Using Caffeine is a Sin Against God

One of the most widely misunderstood commandments in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Word of Wisdom. The question that seems to trouble many members of the church is whether or not caffeine is part of the Word of Wisdom. In this paper, we will find that as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we cannot drink caffeinated beverages and say that we keep the Word of Wisdom.

President Hinckley asked and answered a question in General Conference on October 4th of 1997. “Are we moving to mainstream America as some observers believe? In this, I fear we are.” The comment came due to the increasing amount of shopping that is being done on sundays in LDS communities, and the increasing amount of disobedience to the Word of Wisdom. His tone was one of concern and love.

We have a great responsibility to be an example of virtuous thought and deed. We have been blessed exceedingly with knowledge, that combined with wisdom will give us understanding. Why then, as a whole, do we seem to be regressing and becoming more like the world, as our Prophet has stated, instead of like the savior of all mankind, even Jesus Christ.

We have been counseled heretofore by prophets of old, “to seek learning, even by study, and by faith”. We have an obligation to search the scriptures and to learn what the Lord is teaching us and warning us of. We must go forward with faith, and not backward. We must come unto the Lord, and not expect the Lord to come unto us.

Of the many dangers in this world, the greatest danger that we have is an uninformed citizenry. Being informed is an obligation that each of us has to ourselves. Brigham Young said that “Education is the ability to think clearly, to act well in the days work, and to appreciate life”.

By this definition, and after knowing the effects of caffeine upon the human body, I have come to the conclusion that drinking caffeine is a sign of a lack of respect for oneself, and of an unappreciative attitude toward the life that each of us has been blessed with. Furthermore, it shows of either our inability, or unwillingness to learn to think clearly.

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