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The Shift to Wellness and Prevention history homework help: history homework help

Shift to Wellness and Prevention

The healthcare reform has helped in a big way to promote the focus of the health care system to wellness and prevention as opposed to a disease-oriented one. In the current times, most of the diseases terrorizing people are preventable with just some extra caution and a few lifestyle changes (Benjamin, 2011). Therefore, the health care reform seeks to have a healthcare system that can stop diseases before they happen and encourage everyone to strive to be healthy and fit.

The reform has strategies to help in the shift by addressing the underlying causes of disease such as obesity, alcohol and substance abuse, community stressors and so on (Benjamin, 2011). Here, the health reform has several strategic directions and priorities such as healthy and safe community environments whereby health will be omnipresent in homes, schools and workplaces by enhancing the quality of the air, land and water, which will, in turn, diminish people’s exposure to environmental hazards (Xu et al. 2019).

Another direction is clinical and community preventive services such as immunization and cancer screenings and encouraging people to utilize clinical preventive services (Xu et al., 2019). The health reform also has identified key priority areas that will help improve and sustain the health of the people (Benjamin, 2011). These areas include healthy eating, mental wellbeing, active living and reproductive and sexual health.

Nurses will facilitate the shift, especially through educating and reinforcing preventive and wellness healthcare. Here, the nurses will encourage people to receive preventive service and inspire them to adopt healthy lifestyles (Butkus et al., 2020). Being a home health care nurse, we have several prevention initiatives, such as ensuring our clients incorporate prevention activities into their daily lifestyle through various ways such as using alternative transportation like walking or cycling, proper nutrition and meditation.

The health reform presents a workable strategic plan to achieve a preventive and wellbeing healthcare system. Every person counts, and therefore all of us must take responsibility for our health and collaborate and cooperate to realize a healthy nation.


Benjamin, R. M. (2011). The national prevention strategy: Shifting the nation’s healthcare system. Public Health Reports, 126(6), 774-776.

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Xu, Y., Zhang, T., & Wang, D. (2019). Changes in inequality in utilization of preventive care services: evidence on China’s 2009 and 2015 health system reform. International journal for equity in health, 18(1), 1-10.

6 PM.COM’s $1.6 Million Pricing Error art history essay help

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6 PM.COM’s $1.6 Million Pricing Error Discussion

Early Friday morning bargain hunters who seemed to be on, a sister company of, snagged several once-in-a-lifetime offers. For six hours throughout midnight and 6 a.m., the online retailer that sells shoes, clothes, luggage, and appliances, regulated the value of almost all its stocks at $49.95 due to a pricing mistake (PST). Zappos had already lost over $1.6 million, mostly on items it had managed to sell below price by the period discovered the problem. The pricing mistake resulted in incredible savings on nearly 1,500 pairs of shoes, 600 pieces of clothing, and dozens of other items that cost more than $200, along with a $2,000 GPS device. When the pricing mistake was found, Zappos pulled the website down, and Chief Executive Officer Tony Hsieh speculated about everything, saying, “I guess that means no ice cream for me tonight.”

The issue identified in this case study is the pricing error. Pricing error is an arising issue in online businesses, but this is usually honored by the organization, but every person or customer was surprised on how this issue was honored by 6 PM. A price error is something no online business wants to be associated with, but it happens all the time. Sellers and vendors are always unaware of the problem until they discover that their sales have unexpectedly risen, but their income has not. This can take several days for an issue to be discovered. For this case study, 6 PM discovered it even though it has already created a company’s loss. When the company’s management realized the error, they temporarily shut down the entire platform before the pricing issue was resolved (Geweke and Guofu, pp. 557). Although the company thought it was a great offer for consumers, it was unintentional, and they ended up losing much money by selling some products below cost. The administration acknowledged the error and apologized to the befuddled customers.

One of the alternative solutions is knowing your target customers or consumers. This strategy is useful in sales, marketing and pricing since it creates personas of the potential customers. This alternative is advantageous because it allows the business owner to price based on how each group distinguishes value. The disadvantage of this strategy is that, in some cases, it does not define what each target customer values. The other alternative solution is understanding and spending much time applying some thought to pricing. This is important since it creates a regular review of individual pricing in their business area; thus, it is not a set-and-forget area (Lettau and Markus, pp. 1). Without practicing and applying time in this activity can be a problem and a limitation to the company since repeated pricing mistakes can occur, promoting much loss to the company.

There appears to be a clear link between costs and product demand on the e-commerce platform. Customers come to the web looking for discounts on the items they want. The platform, on the other hand, offers a wide range of products at various price points. Even though the platform is not exactly a discount site, it draws shoppers searching for inexpensive footwear in a single place. Although the demand for goods on the web does not directly impact the prices, the price levels attract demand. With increased demand, the price could rise, but this is not the case at the 6 e-commerce web page.



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The Qualitative and Quantitative methods. history assignment help is it legit: history assignment help is it legit

When carrying out any research project, trustworthiness is necessary to establish confirmability; it helps find out that the research studies have indicated the actual participant’s response but not what the researcher wished to find.

For research to be of the required quality two criteria are used they include;

Qualitative and Quantitative methods.

Qualified research requires to have the following components;


Credible research requires to be rich in data and analysis which is enhanced by the triangulation; triangulation takes four forms which include;

Data triangulation – this involves using data from different sources.
Theoretical triangulation- this involves using more than one theory for the conceptual framework.
Methodological triangulation- this involves using different methods of a[pproach for the research.
Investigator triangulation – this involves using more than one researcher to enhance3 the chances of credibility.

This involves the consistency of the results achieved when the experiment is carried one more time; it involves the flow of arguments and logic.

It argues that when both the project and the product are repeated there should be a consistency of the results.

Quality research requires that it Has an audit of the trail of data. Notes analysis, reconstruction, product synthesis, note processing, personal notes and preliminary developmental information.

The sampling techniques for this process differs from qualitative to quantitative methods.

This refers to a shift from concerns on reliability and validity to research concerned about worth and thinking about the members of the society where the research is being conducted.

This is a correspondent of external validity; it is achieved through the thorough description of the research context and all the underlying assumptions when all that is achieved, the research results can be transferred from one research study to another which is similar.

Beneficence autonomy involves balancing benefits of treatment against the risks involved and the costs; non-maleficence involves the process of avoiding the cause of the harm since most treatment methods involve some degree of harm to this principle.

Principle of maleficence states that the harm should be reduced to the minimum while upholding the benefit of the patient’s treatment.



Kyngäs, H., Kääriäinen, M., & Elo, S. (2020). The trustworthiness of content analysis. The Application of Content Analysis in Nursing Science Research (pp. 41-48). Springer, Cham.

Stewart, H., Gapp, R., & Harwood, I. (2017). Exploring the alchemy of qualitative management research: Seeking trustworthiness, credibility and rigour through crystallization. The Qualitative Report, 22(1), 1-19.

HOW TO REMOVE STAINS ON FABRICS ap art history homework help

Ink stains.

How to remove it;

Put some milk in a bowl and put the stained area in the milk.
Leave it in the bowl for 15- 30 minutes for soaking.
Using a toothbrush, rub the stain and rinse with water.

Oil stain.

How to remove it;

Sprinkle some salt on the oily part and allow it some time.
It is using a toothbrush brush the salt away after it has absorbed the oil.
Use the corner of the napkin to softly wash it away with water.


These stains are removed using hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer; thus, it reacts with enzyme catalase in our blood which leads to water oxygen and heat.

Apply 3% of hydrogen peroxide from a drugstore.
Using a butter knife scrub away the blood or rub it with the fingers.
Using hydrogen peroxide rinse it and later wash it with laundry.

Rings around the collar.

Remove it with a shampoo.

Process; Pour a few drops of shampoo on the collar and rub it.

Allow it to soak for 20 minutes and rinse it with water.

Perform laundry on the linen as usual.

Grass spots

Remove using toothpaste.

Process; Apply a pea-sized amount of white toothpaste on the stained area.

Dip the toothbrush in a glass of water and rub away the stain.

Perform the laundry as usual on the cloth.

Tea stains.

Use cold water and some detergent.

Put cold water on the stain from the rear part but not the front part.

Put any detergent on it and rub the area.

Leave it about 3-5 minutes and then rinse.

If the stain dries, soak it for thirty minutes after applying the detergent.

Red wine

Use baking soda and some salt.

Apply baking soda on the fresh stain and tap it with a clean towel.

Use a large basin and stretch the clothing over it.

Let the cloth soak for five minutes and slowly lour boiled water on the part.

Clean the linen in a washing machine or the ordinary laundry.

The wax from a melted candle.

Removed using a newspaper

Use a towel and put it on the ironing board and on top place a sheet of newspaper.

Put the clothing with the stain on top and then add another leaflet of a newspaper.

Iron right on top of the newspaper at a high temperature.

Perform laundry as usual.

Removing Gum.

Use ice cube, glycerine and dish soap.

Scrub the gum with an ice cube in order to freeze it.

Use a butter knife to remove the most part of it.

Apply some glycerin on top of the remaining gum allow it for some minutes and then scrub it off.

Rinse with water and if there is still some gum, use the dish soap to remove the remaining gum.

Nail polish stain

Put the stain face down on a few napkins and apply nail polish remover at the back of it.

Replace the napkins with a new one after soaking it with the liquid.

Rinse the cloth with cold water and perform laundry on it.


Chung, H., & Kim, H. S. (2017). Grouping of various stains to develop programs for a front-loading washer. Fibres and Polymers, 18(5), 1000-1010.