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Aristotle captured some of these concepts in his works on the structure of plays in the Poetica. His legacy

Aristotle captured some of these concepts in his works on the structure of plays in the Poetica. His legacy is still the foundation of literature that students learn in the ninth grade about stories: plot, character; theme, and beyond.
Think about how identity, including attributes such as gender, race, class and culture might play a role in a story’s plot, character development, and theme.
Then, make up a short story using one or more identity elements as a key part of the plot, character, and theme. You can base your story on one that is well-known if you like. And offer a paragraph or two about how the concepts of Aristotle contribute to your being able to create your story.
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When I was in college, I was a pre-med student who wanted

When I was in college, I was a pre-med student who wanted to be a physician to help people improve their health. During my undergraduate sophomore year, I had a physician shadowing experience which drew me into healthcare administration. I discovered that healthcare administrators can have a wider impact on people’s health than physicians do. This seems to be more rewarding and satisfying to my passion to help people improve their health. It inspired me to pursue a career in healthcare administration.

As someone passionate about healthcare innovation, I am excited to apply to XYZ Health because of its innovative culture. XYZ Health is unique because innovation does not only happen in the XYZ Health Ventures Studio which is the innovation hub of XYZ Health. Innovation is ubiquitous in XYZ Health. For instance, XYZ Health earns the “more wired health organization” by The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). It is because XYZ Health embraces innovation and technologies to improve patient health. It reflects well on XYZ Health’s mission to deliver high-quality and innovative care. Therefore, I am confident that I am an excellent cultural match for XYZ Health.

I have always wanted to work for a forward-thinking health system like XYZ Health which is constantly willing to apply technology to provide the best care for patients. For instance, I was very excited to learn about XYZ Health Ventures Studio’s recent collaboration with Vouched to provide patients access to register digitally via their smartphones. It improves patients’ experience and safety.

Additionally, I feel that I am an ideal candidate for the XYZ Health administrative fellowship because I am goal-oriented and self-driven to venture out and find ways to achieve results. This trait is ideal for XYZ Health’s fellowship because its project-based structure allows me to tailor my rotations for professional development. My collaborative skills would fit the organization in various team projects. During my residency at XYZ, I discovered that many projects necessitate a collaborative effort. I am confident I would add tremendous value to the XYZ Health administrative fellowship with these strengths and attributes.

Lastly, my skillsets can be valuable to XYZ Health. Throughout the residency opportunity, I got convinced that my experience with quality, innovation, and safety care can be valuable to XYZ Health. With XYZ Health being rated “A” by Leapfrog and five-star ratings from CMS, it proves XYZ Health’s emphasis on quality. Luckily, my experience with quality and patient safety aligns well with XYZ Health’s commitment to improving patient safety and quality of care.

Throughout my professional journey, I have gained data analytic experience, finance competencies, and communication skills that will assist and be essential in establishing my commitment to meeting XYZ Health’s organizational objectives during my fellowship. I look forward to contributing my skills and experience to XYZ Health.

Assessment Description This assignment will help you, a future counselor, analyze various

Aristotle captured some of these concepts in his works on the structure of plays in the Poetica. His legacy Writing Assignment Help Assessment Description

This assignment will help you, a future counselor, analyze various evidence-based addiction treatment interventions.

Write a 750-1,000-word paper that gives a general overview of commonly used substance use disorder treatment approaches. In addition, you are to select two common approaches and compare their similarities and differences.

Include the following in your assignment:

Briefly describe two common empirically researched substance use disorder treatments. Choose two from the following: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, or Solution-focused Brief Therapy.

Compare, in a side-by-side chart, the differences of each of the two treatments chosen.

Explain which of the treatments you personally would prefer to use and why.

Identify the professionals who may be involved in treatment, and then describe their role and how you would personally coordinate treatment with them.

Include a minimum of two peer reviewed scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook.

Consider using the following level-one APA headings in your paper to help organize the content:

Common Empirically Researched Substance Use Disorder Treatments

Differences in Treatments

Treatments Personally Preferred

Professionals Involved in Treatment

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.

Benchmark Information

This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competency and professional standards:
MS Addiction Counseling; MS Christian Counseling of Substance Use and Addictive Disorders

4.1: Assess valid and reliable research to answer questions for an identified problem, concern, or professional counseling intervention.

This assignment meets the following NASAC Standards:

5) Describe the philosophies, practices, policies, and outcomes of the most generally accepted models of treatment, recovery, relapse prevention and continuing care for addiction and other substance-related problems.

8) Appreciate the value of an interdisciplinary approach to addiction treatment.

10) Describe a variety of helping strategies for reducing the negative effects of substance abuse and dependency.

13) Appreciate the need to adapt practice to the range of treatment settings and modalities.

54) Exchange relevant information with the agency/professional to whom the referral is being made, in a manner consistent with confidentiality regulations and generally accepted professional standards of care.

63) Understand terminology, procedures, and the roles of other disciplines related to the treatment of addiction.

64) Contribute as a member of a multi-disciplinary treatment team.






A Political Campaign For Election (Australia)
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In both the Australian and international political arenas, the notion of political populism has played an incredibly important role in shaping the space of contemporary sociopolitical activity. In countries like Brazil, the Philippines, and the United States, the rise to power of politically right-leaning politicians has been influenced by a sociopolitical mobilization away from mainstream political views. Having said that, the rise of political populism has, as of yet, been generally associated with a somewhat older constituency. From Brazil to the United Kingdom, populist leaders tend to more effectively influence voters from older demographic groups, and this is a notion that has been comprehensively supported in major political analyses and studies, including those performed by Frieden (2021) and Michelsen (2022). Therefore, the specific political campaign being proposed in this particular report aims to bridge the gap between generally younger constituents and populist right-leaning politicians. In other words, this specific political campaign aims to assist in ensuring the success of a right-leaning Australian politician by the name of Jason Rackman MP, with generally populist views and principles. It is argued that in order for said politician to succeed, there is an immense need for effectively targeting and securing the favor of a younger demographic. As such, the political campaigner will need to maintain an incredibly effective grasp of social media marketing, and will need to socioculturally resonate with many of the different concerns and demands affecting today’s Australian youth.


Understanding the Candidate

The political campaigner being discussed in this particular proposal possesses generally right-leaning political views, with somewhat conservative takes on matters such as abortion, gender rights, crime, immigration, and gun laws. Jason Rackman MP does not hail from a privileged socioeconomic background, and possesses a mixed-race ethnic profile. These two traits often serve to greatly assist in differentiating the MP from his competitors, in what can often feel like a sea of political conservatives. Another incredibly important element that serves to differentiate Rackman from the remainder of Australia’s politically conservative politicians lies in the fact that the MP does not necessarily position himself within strictly left or right-leaning circles. For example, although many of the MP’s positions are strictly right-leaning, there are still numerous areas within which Rackman has often decided to take a more left-leaning approach, and this is particularly true for environmental and social concerns. Furthermore, Rackman has often proven incredibly effective in his ability to maintain a strong influence through the use of social media, often utilizing accounts which are entirely self-managed and self-coordinated. In many ways, Jason Rackman MP embodies a school of thought which is both rationally conservative in its desire to strictly adhere to the western ideals of freedom and liberty, whilst comprehensively progressive in its inclination to improve upon social and cultural issues in forward-thinking and potentially controversial ways. Because of Rackman’s ability to maintain highly influential social media pages and digital presences on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, the MP has often proven incredibly successful in his ability to target younger constituents.


Understanding the Electorate

In almost every conceivable manner, Jason Rackman MP wishes to embody an entirely new approach to political populism, free of the many multi-faceted stereotypes that have generally served to ridicule the space of new-age right-leaning political activism. As such, Rackman wishes to not only target a voting group made up of conventionally younger constituents than those generally associated with populist voting practices, but at the same time, wishes to simultaneously target voters from more affluent socioeconomic brackets. In other words, Rackman’s main target audience is to consist of generally younger constituents who are both more highly educated than their conventional counterparts, and who are more technologically literate. In this regard, the main electorate that Jason Rackman MP will be attempting to gain influence in is the electoral division of Adelaide (SA). With a total size of only 86 square kilometers, this somewhat small electorate consists of the Adelaide City Council, the City of Prospect, the Corporation on the Town of Walkerville, and parts of numerous other cities, including Burnside, Charles Sturt, and Port Adelaide Enfield. According to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), the electoral division of Adelaide is an inner metropolitan, situated in numerous capital cities with well-developed and effectively established infrastructures and suburbs. Jason Rackman MP will be primarily competing against Steve Georganas MP, who at the current moment, serves as the Member for Adelaide on the House of Representatives, promoting the interests of the center-left Australian Labor Party.


Understanding Rackman’s Position and Stakeholders

Throughout this important section, some of Jason Rackman MP’s most significant positions and concerns will be examined and briefly discussed, in accordance with the largest stakeholders currently being affected by these concerns. First and foremost, Rackman will aim to inspire a genuine, comprehensive and authentic move towards more liberal and free forms of sociopolitical participation. The digitalization of today’s social, emotional and political happenings and events has certainly impacted and greatly influenced the method through which individuals and groups participate in society. However, although the rise of social media has paved the way for increased and eased communication, Rackman also strongly believes in the need for more open and authentic information sharing. As such, the two most important concerns that Rackman wishes to tackle within this space revolve around the notions of internet security and online censorship. More specifically, Rackman wishes to influence the passing of several laws that aim to protect local residents against the increasingly dangerous implications of collecting personal information on social media platforms. Furthermore, Rackman wishes to create a social media space which is diverse, open and inclusive, but at the same time, which is not limited in its acceptance of particular sociopolitical leanings or ideological underpinnings. Rackman strongly believes that the information-sharing process is being greatly hindered by massive forms of censorship, and that in order to positively influence a stronger generation of youngsters, social media needs to possess structures that promote free speech, rather than unnecessary trample on individual freedoms and liberties through different forms of censorship. Here, it is essential to understand that there are a number of incredibly important and key strategic stakeholders, including local community-based action groups, which can help advocate against censorship and personal information collection. Furthermore, another incredibly important stakeholder here is the government itself, which can help generate and pass laws that serve to protect individuals against personal information theft and online forms of censorship.


Understanding Jason Rackman MP’s Political Pathway Forward

Although Jason Rackman MP possesses numerous positions with regard to contemporary Australian sociopolitical, economic and cultural concerns and issues, the two main topics which will serve to shape the core of the politician’s campaign will revolve around internet security and digital freedom. It is argued that maintaining a strong right-leaning position on these topics will help pave the way for shaping Rackman’s political identity as a technologically literate conservative. With that said, in order to ensure election victory, it is essential to detach from otherwise conventional assessments and stereotypes regarding contemporary right-leaning conservative politicians. Therefore, asides from the aforementioned issues, one of Rackman’s main objectives revolves around the desire and need to outline the possibility of a forward-thinking conservative politician that is both tech and innovation-friendly, whilst being simultaneously conservative on notions such as internet freedom and security. It is essential to disassociate from otherwise redundant stereotypes about conservative politicians resonating more with older individuals that often stem from less affluent socioeconomic backgrounds, lower education levels, and less tech-friendly environments. In order to achieve this general goal, and in order to ensure that Rackman effectively tackles the notions of internet freedom and security in accordance with the MP’s target audience, the following tactics may serve to better position the MP:

Maintain an authentic approach in an almost comprehensively inauthentic political space of interaction. In other words, Rackman’s approach needs to be shaped around a real and personal connection between the politician and his potential constituents. Thus, although social media content can be edited and evaluated, all media content should be generated solely by the MP themselves.

Help develop new narratives on internet usage that blend together forward-thinking definitions with conservative sociocultural ideals and understandings. Here, it is essential to formulate new sets of potential pathways for safe and secure internet use, and Rackman can help showcase how big notions, such as internet security, can often be approached by way of small, local community-based initiatives. 

Establish and continuously develop grassroots initiatives revolving around the promotion of individual rights and freedoms in an increasingly digitalized space. In other words, promote the notion of “Digital Freedom” in an age of digitally manufactured consent. Here, Rackman needs to continuously place pressure on other levels of government in an effort to pass new laws and regulative measures that protect against personal information theft. 

Objectives/Goals and Measuring Success

When it comes to assessing some of the objectives and goals associated with Jason Rackman MP’s political campaign, it is essential to consider the significance associated with social media influence. In today’s hyper-digitalized sociopolitical spaces of interaction, the most effective politicians are those that manage to dominate the digital space, and in turn, the opinions of the youth. By dominating the digital space, Rackman will effectively manage to inspire, influence and positively direct Adelaide’s youth towards avenues of increased confidence, security and freedom. Thus, some of Jason Rackman MP’s primary objectives and goals are as follows:

To become Australia’s most followed politician within the span of the next 24-30 months (including followers on all major social media platforms).

To generate views on TikTok and YouTube, in particular, that exceed at least 5 million views on a monthly basis, and on a weekly basis during election periods.

To become the most commonly cited politician amongst demographic groups 18-25.

To successfully advocate for the passing of at least two laws covering personal internet freedom and security, both of which must carry federal implications.

Having said that, in order to measure the success of the political campaign, Jason Rackman MP’s pathways and objectives will be measured in accordance with the aforementioned SMART objectives.



Jason Rackman MP possesses a sociocultural set of ideals that are not only prevalent because of how they can help tackle real and meaningful issues facing millions of Australians today, but also because of how they help deconstruct otherwise unnecessary forms of bias against contemporary right-leaning politicians. Thus, at the very forefront of Rackman’s political position is the desire to develop a more nuanced and youth-friendly approach to conservative politics, free of the stereotypical elements that often serve to disconnect it from younger voters or more technically friendly constituents.


Frieden, J. (2021). International Cooperation in the Age of Populism. In Economic Globalization and Governance (pp. 303-314). Springer, Cham.

Michelsen, D. (2022). Agonistic democracy and constitutionalism in the age of populism. European Journal of Political Theory, 21(1), 68-88.