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Application Of Core Competence And Ethical Dilemma. History Essay Help


The NASW codes of ethics state online history assignment help: online history assignment help

In my best guess of things, why the participants act in a particular manner and try to justify their cause is because they would probably want to do what is best at the moment, but that can never be presumed to be right. So the take of Deborah appeared to be sensible at the time. Rarely can we figure out what reasons others have for acting the way they did, especially without any evidence?

The NASW codes of ethics state that telling the truth is less harmful than not telling Barsky, A. (2017). The clienteles are major participants and have taken a prompt decision that is not well informed and poses a danger to them and their loved ones. The participants are doing what they are doing because they don’t want to harm their families in which they ignore the legal obligation of telling the truth to the law. LaShoda decisions are based on sentiments rather than professional ethics.

For instance, Mary’s goal is to halt abuse by Martha’s father to keep her away from harm. The accomplishment of one of Mary’s objectives and the clarity of safety provision to Martha cannot justify whether it’s the best or not. However, there is a distinction between one’s goal and how best we can achieve them through conjoint. Similarly, the case of AL is an ethical dilemma to decide. In that case, the solutions wouldn’t be obvious to discern what will cause more harm or help in the matter.

Finding a solution to ethical dilemma situations is never a lightweight to carry. Martha faces the harm of being lied to, loss of trust between Mary and Martha, and the harm of running or be sexually and physically abused are weighty to her.

What will minimize harms? It is much easier to carry out judgmental decisions when a case is explored in detail. Analyzing harms and their possible burdens makes it easy to decide what to be done. For instance, the backing off from John’s case exposes his ethical mistake, which causes harm considering he has not considered his objectives and how best to accomplish them.

Determining what ought to be done to produce more good than harm is no easy task to do. Deciding what to be done is the hardest call to make, but once it is done, that’s it. The burden of acting by the book or being ethical is heavy to carry because even with the best of intents, wrong can still be done.

Demonstration of ethic and professional character as history essay help

This should be the first step to identify the legitimacy of the story about ‘Mary,’ which will help determine the next cause of action about the family. The application of critical thinking to interpret this information from the possible source use is essential to ensure integrity (Short and Szolucha, 2019). Mutually agreed upon, the step to be taken should serve the needs and the challenges of Carla to maintain the family together. It is possible to demonstrate elevated quality evidence that is well informed based on the assessment done.


Demonstration of ethic and professional character

Code of ethics for making an informed and ethical decision, reliable, where relevant law and regulations are a shield for an appropriate context. Carrying an approach that presents a professional demeanor and physical appearance will help facilitate a proper upshot to the case study in question.

Create awareness on human rights

It will be essential if Carla understands what’s at stake by violating her children’s rights and why she should take full obligation and responsibility. Protecting her family rather than engaging in what harms or negatively impacts the family must be her priority. This advancement cuts across the social, economic and constituent justice.

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Demonstration of professionalism and expected ethical behavior

There are standards that NASW codes of ethics expect to be followed. These are purely rules and regulations that balance the beam to ensure non-chaotic service delivery to clients by laying their trust in these social workers. In the case study above, the management of personal values and professionalism when exercising duty as a social worker is critical salient. Notably, when a client confides to you about her health, it means so much to them for coming in terms of being vulnerable to you. It is ethically very wrong to expose clients like that openly. The repercussion and penalty for such conduct should bear a heavy weight on the social worker to impede them from engaging in such a minor misdemeanor.


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Policy practice engagement

Identification of social policy at all levels, either locally, State level, or central level, which influence welfare for the community, delivery of services, and access to the social services is the practice here. In our study, critical thinking to analyze situations and formulating and advocating for dogmas that advance ethics acceptable to the profession of SW is a requirement. High profile for the confidentiality of the client’s information is essentially core to the NASW.  Exceptions should only partake in compelling situations or where the client has given consent.