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Anorexia Nervosa and the Role of the Court

Several pertinent factors favor enacting a law that would force an individual with a severe eating disorder to receive help. No matter what their age, whether eighteen, twenty-four, or thirty-six, people can still reach the point where they are so sick that the disease has taken over their ability to think logically.

My heart is slowly breaking and searching for the answers as my sister seems to get sicker and sicker. I am helpless, yet I have a truth within me, the knowledge that a higher power has a plan etched in stone for each one of us. I believe my Heavenly Father has a beautiful plan, not only for my life, but also one for my sister. Right now she is merely a piece of broken glass that lacks the strength to reflect His light, so I must reflect it for both of us. She is trapped inside a life-threatening cocoon, but one day she will be set free.

The friend whom I will always hold closest to my heart is my sister Natasha. She came into this world only nineteen months before me to pave the path so my way would be less difficult. Now it is my turn to tread the path for her, for right now my sister is fighting an enemy that knocks her back at every step: she is struggling against an eating disorder. Anorexia Nervosa began to consume her life five years ago, and before she could turn back, this nasty disease had its terminal grip on every part of her life. She could not, and still cannot, live a single day without being slowly consumed by this killer. Anorexia is a disruptive force that has interrupted my sister’s journey and has brought her near death on more than one occasion. It is a battle she fights with every ounce of strength. As the sister and best friend of someone who is deathly ill, I began to wonder what acti…

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The Disgrace of Flag Burning

The Disgrace of Flag Burning

To Those Who Want To Burn the Flag, just ask permission……..

Does the First Amendment give us the right to desecrate the American flag?

Or is the flag a sacred symbol of our nation, deserving protection by law?

For those who want to light Old Glory on fire, stomp all over it, or spit on it to make some sort of “statement,” I say let them do it. But under one condition: they MUST get permission from three sponsors. First, you need permission of a war veteran. Perhaps a Marine who fought at Iwo Jima? The American flag was raised over Mount Surabachi upon the bodies of thousands of dead buddies. Each night spent on Iwo meant half of everyone you knew would be dead tomorrow, a coin flip away from a bloody end upon a patch of sand your mother couldn’t find on a map.

Or maybe ask a Vietnam vet who spent years tortured in a small, filthy cell unfit for a dog. Or a Korean War soldier who helped rescue half a nation from Communism, or a Desert Storm veteran who repulsed a bloody dictator from raping and pillaging an innocent country.

That flag represented your mother and father, your sister and brother, your friends, neighbors, and everyone at home. I wonder what they would say if someone asked them permission to burn the American flag?

Next, you need a signature from an immigrant. Their brothers and sisters may still languish in their native land, often under tyranny, poverty and misery. Or maybe they died on the way here, never to touch our shores.

Some have seen friends and family get tortured and murdered by their own government for daring to do things we take for granted every day. For those who risked everything simply for the chance to become an American….what kind of feelings do they have for the flag when they Pledge Allegiance the first time? Go to a naturalization ceremony and see for yourself, the tears of pride, the thanks, the love and respect of this nation, as they finally embrace the American flag as their own. Ask one of them if it would be OK to tear up the flag.

Last, you should get the signature of a mother.

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