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analyze the UNITED STATE OF America domestic context utilizing two tools or approaches introduced in the course. (Geography, State

analyze the UNITED STATE OF America domestic context utilizing two tools or approaches introduced in the course. (Geography, State Capacity, Political Systems, and Government Structure, Economic System, Institutions, and Legitimacy) in an analytical paper of -1,200 words. Specifically, participants are required to assess how these influence the state’s domestic context. For example, how does a state’s geography influence its domestic situation, or how does a state’s level of state capacity impact its ability to govern?
Learning Outcomes for Analytical Paper
• Assess how the tool, issue, or approach, influences the state’s ability to govern.
• Analyze how the specific issue influences the overall domestic context of the state.
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INDIVIDUAL PAPER: DEBRIEFING SCENARIO 1 HBR Simulations (Change Management Simulation: Power and


HBR Simulations (Change Management Simulation: Power and Influence V3, By William Q. Judge, Linda A. Hill) 

Scenario 1 features the Director of Product Innovation leading a low urgency change in which he has influence and yet no authority. Again, review the instructions before you begin the simulation

Write a paper that includes the following (cite course sources to date as applicable to back up your points):

Discuss your experience in this scenario (1 page)

What were your results and how do they compare to your results in the previous three scenarios?

What seemed to work and what did not work? Be specific.

Were there any common missteps?

Which levers did you find yourself using first? Which ones did you use later?

What did you learn about the power and credibility of the Director of Product Innovation as a change agent? What are the implications for middle managers charged with leading change efforts? (1/2 page)

What did you learn about how the urgency of the change situation impacts the ability to gain a critical mass of support? (1/2 page)

What did you learn about the differing reactions to the change? (1/2 page)

What are your key takeaways from this experience? (1/2 page)

Course Books/Readings

• Heifetz, R., & Linsky, M. (2017). Leadership on The Line: Staying Alive Through the Dangers of Changes. Boston: Harvard Business Publishing ISBN-13: 9781633692831

• Pasmore, B. (2015) Leading Continuous Change: Navigating Churn in the Real World. Oakland, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers. ISBN-13: 9781626564411 OPTION: EBOOK = Pasmore, B. (2015) Leading Continuous Change: Navigating Churn in the Real World.

• Cates, K., Riederer, G., Tacha, N. Nselle, U. & Rodrigue, A. (2014). The Perils and Pitfalls of Leading Change: A Young Manager’s Turnaround Journey. Harvard Business Publishing. KEL768 PDF-ENG

• Heifetz, R., Grashow, A., & Linsky, M. (2009). Act Politically: Winning Allies and Managing Opponents of an Adaptive Challenge in “The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World,” Harvard Business Press, 3281BCPDF-ENG

• Judge, W. Q, & Hill, L. A. (2013). Change Management Simulation: Power and Influence V3. 7611-HTM- ENG

• Alavi, S. B. & Gill, C. (2016). Leading Change Authentically: How Authentic Leaders Influence Follower Responses to Complex Change. Journal of Leadership Organizational Studies, 24 (2), 157-171.

• A.T. Kearney Global Business Policy Council (2018). Competition, Disruption, and Deception: Global Trends 2018-2023. • Bushe, G. R. & Marshak, R. J. (2018). The Dialogic Mindset for Generative Change.

• Cavanagh, M. (2006). Coaching from a systemic perspective: A complex adaptive conversation. In

• R. Stober & A. D. Grant (Eds.), Evidence based coaching handbook (pp. 313-354). Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Sons.

• EY Center for Board Matters (2018). Anticipating and planning for geopolitical and regulatory changes.

• Franken, A., Edwards, C., & Lambert, R. (2009). Executing Strategic Change: Understanding the Critical Management Elements that Lead to Success. California Management Review, 51(3), 49–73.

• Issah, M. (2018). Change leadership the role of emotional intelligence. SAGE Open. 8(3), 1-6.

• Johansen, B. (2017). The New Leadership Literacies. AMA Quarterly.3(3), 3-5.

HCS/455 v9 Impact of Health Care Policy and Determinants HCS/455 v9 Page

analyze the UNITED STATE OF America domestic context utilizing two tools or approaches introduced in the course. (Geography, State Writing Assignment Help HCS/455 v9

Impact of Health Care Policy and Determinants

HCS/455 v9

Page 2 of 2

Impact of Health Care Policy and Determinants

Part 1

Research health care policy and health care determinants.

Respond to the following prompt using 90 to 175 words:

Explain the importance of health care policy and its impact on health care determinants.

Part 2

Complete the following chart. Use the weekly textbook readings and other resources you have researched to support your answers:

Identify the four different forms of health care policy.

Identify an example of each form identified.

Classify the form identified into one of the two categories of the health care policy.

Describe why the health care form identified fits in the category identified (15 to 45 words).

Part 3

Respond to the following prompt using 90 to 175 words:

Describe how the different forms of health care policy can be used to shape future policies.

Part 4

Respond to the following prompt using 175 to 265

Look up your state’s (Michigan, USA) Medicaid program (search for your state + Medicaid). Compare the guidelines, income requirements, etc. for your state to those of another state.

Additionally, explore your home state’s insurance website regarding current insurance rules for state residents.

What did you learn about your state’s insurance and Medicaid program. How does your state compare to other states?

Why do you think your state’s program and guidelines are different from those of other states? Are there demographic or geographic factors that contribute?


Cite at least 2 reputable references used to complete your prompts and chart. One reference must be your textbook, Longest’s Health Policymaking in the United States. Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, the textbook, or other sources of similar quality.

Format your reference section and references used in your prompts and chart according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

Copyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

Marissa G. Submitted 07/27/22 Dr. John figured out all of my issues

Marissa G.

Submitted 07/27/22

Dr. John figured out all of my issues in 5 minutes when I had been desperately seeking answers for my health issues for over 15 years!!! I have hyper-mobility ED. I’ve had surgeries on my knees and was potentially looking at surgery on my neck. At 32 years old I want to avoid that. After 2 sessions of prolo therapy on my neck and upper back my pain is DRAMATICALLY reduced and my mobility is the best it has ever been. Dr. John is incredibly intelligent but also has wonderful bedside manner. I cannot recommend him enough!

Lindsay L.

Submitted 07/27/22

Dr. John Strovokos is wonderful. I feel so much better after just a couple months of seeing him. As someone who is very educated in functional medicine and a holistic approach to health, I was blown away when Dr. John was able to pinpoint root issues behind my health struggles (that I was clueless to prior to seeing him). He educates and listens to his patients and acts as a partner in your health journey. Cannot more highly recommend!

John V.

Submitted 07/27/22

I had my initial Hormone Pellet procedure 3 months ago, and prior to the procedure I was definitely feeling my age, i.e., low energy levels, low libido, and constant muscle and joint pains. Fast forward 3 months, my energy levels is off the charts, and also have noticed the ability to stay focused throughout the day. I highly recommend Dr. John Stavrakes and Heritage Regenerative Medicine. He has an extremely positive attitude and uses his own treatments which makes him a great ambassador of his own procedures. One disclaimer, he is a huge “ND Irish” fan and you will hear about it, but don’t hold that against him!

Sarah G.

Submitted 07/27/22

Dr. Stavrakos did a PRP micro-needling facial (more commonly known as the vampire facial) for me and my skin has never looked better! The procedure was extremely effective and I am so glad that I got it done by this practice. Everyone there was so kind and welcoming, and Dr. Stavrakos listened to all of my skin concerns and paid great attention to detail during the procedure so that I could walk away with the results I wanted. Post treatment, He mentioned that the results are supposed to continuously get better with time, but only a week after having it done, my old acne scars have already almost all disappeared, my skin is brighter, and I have no pimples! I have struggled with acne for years, and after doing Accutane, I was left with many scars. Dr. Stavrakos’ procedure gave me the clear, flawless skin that I never thought I could have. For anyone in the same boat as me, I would highly recommend this treatment from Heritage Regenerative Medicine 🙂

Moir D.

Submitted 07/27/22

I have been utilizing Dr. John for several years now. Before getting PRP with Dr. John I was in constant back pain, and would have to literally spend hours getting my back loose, just to go to work. I couldn’t walk more than 50 yards without it getting tight. Since Dr. John, my back has gotten much better. I can now even walk miles. His procedures have given me back my quality of life. He is very knowledgeable in his therapies. He is absolutely worth the visit! I highly recommend him.

Anna S.

Submitted 07/27/22

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Stavrakos professionally and personally for many years. His dedication and commitment to Regenerative Medicine is truly outstanding! His bedside manner totally put me at ease and I felt very comfortable with my shoulder injection, as well as having significant results from it.

Evonne S.

Submitted 07/27/22

I was suffering from a great deal of soreness in my elbows and forearms. I had a series of prolo injections, each time with greatly reduced symptoms and eventually the pain and soreness went away completely. In addition, Dr. Stavrakos advised me on how to treat a few other minor issues with leg, and shoulder stiffness with some simple stretches that worked like a charm. Do yourself a favor and explore this as an option for yourself before you decide to have a surgery that you could possibly avoid.

Patty R.

Submitted 07/27/22

I have been seeing Dr. John Stavrakos for awhile and has helped me immensely with knee pain. Prolotherapy injections worked so well I was able to avoid having surgery. I rarely give reviews but this was a game changer for me. Make an appointment with Dr. John Stavrakos you will be happy you did!

Maria V.

Submitted 07/27/22

I am a patient of Dr. John Stavrakos. He is treating me for chronic upper back pain.The pain was so excruciating, I wasn’t able to sit for longer than 15 minutes. Dr John did a series of prolo therapy injections which helped tremendously. I am so glad I found Dr. John Stavrakos!! I avoided surgery and feel a lot better. Thank you Dr. John. Highly Recommend!!!!

Susan H.

Submitted 07/27/22

I went on a mission Trip 3 weeks ago to West Virginia and came back with a horrible case of poison Ivy. I saw Dr. John at Heritage Regenerative Medicine 2 weeks after coming back with horrible itching and redness where this had spread and nothing was helping. He gave me an Ozone treatment and the next day the redness had started fading away and the itching had eased up. I was in again this week on Monday where i received another Ozone treatment. It is truly amazing how much better I feel and the redness is almost gone and the color is coming back in my arms with no more itching . WOW!!!!! How amazing , OZONE treatments really works with poison Ivy. I suggest if you ever get Poison Ivy you should call DR. John at Heritage Regenerative Medicine for Ozone treatments. It an answer prayer.

Samuel L.

Submitted 07/27/22

I first discovered prolotherapy and regenerative medicine after an auto accident where the typical cadence of treatments (physical therapy, chiropractic, pain medicine) did little to relieve the pain and instability in my neck and back. Within two sessions, prolotherapy had significantly improved my quality of life and now I have little to no pain and instability. It works!!! We were thrilled when Dr. Stavrakos at Heritage Regenerative Medicine opened his office here in southern Charlotte. While regenerative medicine is becoming increasingly mainstream, there are fewer “expert” doctors in the science. Dr. Stavrakos is an expert, proficient in not only the state-of-the-art Stem Cell and PRP treatments but also the older dextrose-based prolotherapy that often works just as well (and is much cheaper). He treats joints, ligaments, and tendon injuries comprehensively giving you peace of mind that nothing was missed. My wife is now also a patient of Dr. Stavrakos and her knees improved considerably even after just one treatment. Hopefully she will be pain free with a few more. Highly recommend Heritage Regenerative Medicine!

Laura W.

Submitted 07/27/22

Dr. Stavrakos is so kind and has an excellent bedside manner. I truly appreciate the amazing results he has helped me achieve.