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With conclusive evidence found in medical studies like The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM)’s “The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids”, people are starting to realize the effectiveness of medicinal marijuana for chronic pain. Shoppers Drug Mart and its parent company Loblaw Companies Limited, for instance, applied to become a licensed producer (LP) to distribute medicinal marijuana. The companies are even offering employee coverage for the drug.  




There’s an important distinction to make here, however, concerning what pharmacists consider medicinal marijuana to be the best treatment for. Shoppers and Loblaw are offering medicinal marijuana coverage specifically for “spasticity, neuropathic pain associated…show more content…

There’s no mystery as to why as well, seeing as beneficial cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are good at binding to our bodies’ natural receptors for cannabinoids in our brains and nervous systems, modulating our pain responses. Curious about the best medicinal marijuana strains for chronic pain? Read on for 3 of them below.




Patients considering medicinal marijuana strains for their chronic pain should keep in mind that hybrids with a high content of both THC and CBD are the best for pain management. The reason for this is that THC, while being a psychoactive cannabinoid, is proficient at blocking pain signals related to the nervous system from reaching the brain. CBD also affects pain signals (although indirectly), causes no psychoactive side-effects and is proficient at preventing pain related to the musculoskeletal system (i.e. spasticity, arthritis).


ACDC is a great strain for those experiencing painful symptoms of chronic conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and chemotherapy after-effects, because it’s got both THC and a significant amount of CBD (1:20 ratio). The strain is also a sativa-dominant hybrid, which means it’s effective at relieving stress improve states of depression in…show more content…

This strain is ideal for patients who want to feel calm rather than sleepy and to experience pain relief without psychoactive effects.  


3. Cannatonic


This last hybrid is one that has a consistently low THC content (rarely reaches 6%) and high CBD content (6-17%). The result is that Cannatonic is one of the strains that you can take to manage chronic pain caused by migraines and relieve insomnia. The Cannatonic strain, in fact, comes from a cross of two indica-dominant plants and as such carries the major benefits of relaxation and deeper sleep associated with indicas. Cannatonic can also help with muscle spasms and anxiety, but should be taken when the patient is settling in to rest for the day.  


There are many more strains engineered to bring similar pain management in varying degrees. These 3 strains discussed, however, are great for patients who are treating for specific chronic conditions for the first time. In all cases, patients should consult a d

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The human being is the most sophisticated organism on the planet. It feeds, cleans, and heals itself. It does have an expiration date however, that can be hacked or manipulated depending on the way, you as the steward of your body treats it. As I stated the job of the body is to clean and heal the body to increase the longevity and its quality of life. Now the body heals everything the same way, but its reaction depends on the structure or organ that becomes injured. For example if your body is cut, it bleeds, this begins the inflammatory process initiated by this “insult or injury” scar tissue is summoned to the injured area, and new cells replace the damaged tissue and within about 6 weeks the injured area is returned to somewhat normal, of course depending on the extent of damage. The key is to adopt a more holistic view, rather than focusing on small bits and pieces of your anatomy. And that includes taking your thoughts and emotions into account as well . The optimum aging scenario, says Andrew Weil MD, a pioneer in integrative medicine, is to remain as healthy as possible until we approach death, and then rapidly decline: Regardless, your wish to live a long healthy life. To do this, one must counteract the toxicity being ingested, inhaled, or exposed to the body.

For the last 117 years, we have been under constant assault from environmental toxins, in our food, water, air, etc. Experts are reporting, that Environmental Toxins Are Now a Major Health Threat “We are now


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This paper examines Margaret Atwood’s dystopian fiction, the “MaddAddam trilogy” as a work of eco-fiction. Atwood is a Canadian novelist and her novels are well known for their thought-provoking content and she also expresses her strong views on environmental issues in most of her novels. The funny, cruel and profound “MaddAddam trilogy” is Atwood’s most prominent work, which focusses on the current trends, and extrapolates them to explore the future. The paper further examines the themes and aspects of eco-fiction that are present in the novels : ecological crisis, out-of-control scientific innovations and environmental degradation. I consider the theme of ecological catastrophe and environmental degradation in the trilogy to be inspired by current…show more content…
The “MaddAddam trilogy” is one such work, which is a post-apocalyptic fiction, a subgenre of eco-fiction. The novels involve attempts to prevent an apocalypse event, and it deals with the impact and consequences of the event itself. She won the Orion Book Award for her speculative series “MaddAddam trilogy”. She is also known as a climate change author, as he calls climate change the “everything change”. Global warming occurs prominently in her trilogy. She hopes through her writings to create awareness on the impending environmental apocalypse. Atwood’s trilogy is all about ecological holocaust, and it is not only the result of ecological collapse caused by human activities but rather the consequence of the out-of-control scientific innovations. One obvious thing about the trilogy is, it portrays the current environmental situations of the world. The trilogy clearly implies that environment is in a terrible condition, and although an environmental apocalypse is not imminent, we are definitely headed down that road. All the three novels in the trilogy deals with the significance of the ecosystem and the scrupulously precise way of handling the

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Risks – Sources, Internal Control and Recommendations


Risks Related to Financial Markets:


1. Liquidity:


An automotive business is always in need of liquidity to provide for the needs of working capital of normal day to day operations, research and development, capital expenditure for expansion needs and repayment of debt due by the firm. Liquidity is secured through external funding, cash and cash equivalents and internal generation of cash flows.  


For the year ended 31 March 2016, Nissan’s cash and cash equivalents stood at 944 billion yen. Nissan also has 512 billion yen of committed credit lines that are available to be drawn. From an external funding perspective, Nissan has several sources at hand namely bond and issue of commercial papers, long and short term loans and credit from banks.  




Controls: Nissan has…show more content…

However, considering the extensive capital expenses by peers like Tesla, Daimler it becomes increasingly imperative that Nissan has access to higher cash levels to avoid technological obsolescence.  




2. Financial Market


Nissan being an MNC it is exposed to several financial market risks which include Forex risks, interest rates and commodity prices. Not all risks can be eliminated through derivative investments. Although it is not possible to eliminate all the risks with the use of derivative products, Nissan does hedge commodity and currency price risks.  


a)  Foreign exchange:


Nissan products and services are produced in 19 countries all over the world and sees sales from more than 170 countries and regions. As a result, Nissan has various forex exposures from different countries and currency both from procurement and sales activities.


Controls: To minimize foreign exchange risks Nissans, seek to limit them same through       derivative products that comply with the internal policies and procedures for risk management and the operational rules concerning derivative