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Construction Management and Economics (April 2008) 26, 387–393




The impacts of change management practices on project change cost performance




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FMC Technologies Inc., Houston, USA Department of Engineering Technology, University of Houston, 304A Technology Bldg, University of Houston, Houston 77204, USA Received 18 June 2007; accepted 15 January 2008




Change cost is one of the most sensitive aspects of construction project management, but it is also one of the most difficult to control. It has been widely recognized that construction projects that adopt change management practices generally incur lower change costs in comparison with project budgets. The relationship between change management…show more content…

Table 1 illustrates the demographic composition of the BM&M database based on respondent type, project nature and industrial group. As can be seen in Table 1, most of the projects are in the heavy industry sector. Such an extremely uneven sample population distribution poses difficulty in the subsequent data analyses, and it is therefore one of the primary considerations when the analysis techniques are selected. Appendix II presents the 14 questions used in this research.




Zou and Lee of projects (Construction Industry Institute, 2003). With all of these considerations, this research only focuses on the impacts of change management practice on project change cost performance.




Research objectives


It is worth noting that this research is to be explanatory instead of confirmative or predictive. In other words, the purpose of this research is to reveal potential correlations1 among project characteristics, change management practice and project change cost performance. The two main objectives of this research are (1) to investigate the effectiveness of individual change management practice elements in terms of improving project change cost performance—e.g. for a particular change management practice element, could the construction project using it have a high probability of



One of my other self-assessments reveals that I do things on time; I’ve noticed that a good leader aids his or her subordinates to develop their talents by teaching them how to focus and finish jobs on time, inspiring them, and sharing knowledge to broaden their horizons. Even if they have a strong academic understanding, leaders, in my opinion, require real-world experience in order to move forward with finding answers to problems. A leader, according to Daskal, not only stimulates and inspires coworkers and subordinates to enhance their skills, but also enjoys cooperating and encouraging them to do superior in order to succeed the company’s goals (Daskal, 2016). Therefore, I agree with the result of the evaluation.

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Why was codification needed?

Codification was needed to clarify entry to ASC, refine accuracy of analysis, reduce risk of non-compliance, organize the research procedure, maintain problem-solving updates and collaborate with IFRS merging

What is the goal of codification?

The Codification’s goal is to clarify the company of thousands of U.S. authoritative accounting announcements published by diverse standard-setters. Therefore, to accomplish this objective, the FASB sponsored a project to incorporate and typically adapt all related accounting publication announced by the standard-setters of the U.S. in conjunction with those of the FASB, the Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants…show more content…

What is the difference between the “general topics landing page,” the “industry topics landing page” and the “subtopics landing page?”

General topics landing page including industry topics landing page prepare a list of entities on particular subtopics and the capacity to combine all subtopics. Therefore, subtopics landing page is identical to general topics landing page excluding the table of content is extended to the area of the subtopics and connect all sections in a subtopic where you can handle research and acknowledge response.

What is “pending content?”

Pending content is when a new standard is created and is not yet completely efficient for all entities; the FASB inserts it in the Codification as Pending Content.  

How is SEC content differentiated from FASB content?

SEC content is differentiated from FASB content in the Section equivalent to the Codification content of hierarchy. However, the number of SEC’s section is classified as FASB’s but it is anticipated by the letter “S”.

2. Log into the codification database and perform a search on the following terms and answer the related questions:  

a. Warranty expense:

i. How many results did you get?

After the search the res

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Assignment 2-3 Applied Accounting Research Paper




FASB Codification Database Summary




For authoritative guidance on accounting rules, one must turn to the Financial Accounting Standard Board’s Codification.  Since 2009, FASB has arranged the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) into an easier to access format, known as the Codification. One of these pronouncements is FASB 235- Notes to Financial Statements (FASB, ASC 235-10, 2009).  In this pronouncement, the overall required structure of disclosure notes is discussed.




There are five main points that the financial statement must contain to remain in conformance with the requirements of this pronouncement.  All financial statements issued must “present fairly financial position, cash flows, and results of operations in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)” (FASB, ASC 235-10-05-3, 2009).  Within the detail of these financial statements, the accountant must include a summary of significant accounting policies (SSAP) (FASB, ASC 235-10-50-1, 2009).  This required disclosure entails: the accounting method followed, such as LIFO or FIFO; the manner of applying the accounting method; determination of the method and any changes in financial position; and, lastly, the reason the accounting principle is best for the company for revenue recognition and cost allocation.  Also, if the basic financial statements are not presented together, it is still required for each statement to include the SSAP