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Rejuvenate Yourself With a Skin Procedure to Improve Your Confidence

Skin issues can make you moody and unable to accomplish many things. That is why you need to add that glow with a skin procedure from medical grade facials in Colorado Springs. Facials not only work to help you glow but may help you reach new levels of confidence. Halle Friedman, RN, the treatment chair, will only let you out of the center when you glow with a new redefined skin.

Why should you undergo a facial medical procedure?

Facial procedures provided by a qualified doctor can help you reach beauty goals with little downtime. Additionally, Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics’s procedure offers long-lasting results to match those long-term goals you have in place. Modern medicines have guaranteed a type of customization to help identify the right beauty procedures to reach the greatest confidence levels. Doctor Friedman uses a perfect mix of ingredients to ensure you achieve the best results whenever at the center. Your treatment may include treatments such as lasers, micro-needling, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels to help you achieve the right skin.

Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics also offers repeated sessions to help you achieve your beauty goals. However, you will need a close assessment from your doctor to determine the suitability of repeated treatments. After the procedure, you will notice some changes meaning a higher cell turnover and fewer skin breakouts. Additionally, when you follow your doctor’s treatment regimen, you will notice less aging of your skin.

How do microdermabrasion and dermaplaning work?

Dead skins are mostly responsible for rough and unappealing skins. Dermaplaning is a procedure that helps remove the dead cells using scalpels gently. The procedure removes the oily swollen pumps leaving them smooth and shiny. The procedure also changes your general complexion making your skin shine more than it did before.

Microdermabrasion is another method that does not deeply penetrate your skin like ordinary surgeries. The procedure rubs off the top layer of the skin with a special tool. Removal of the top layer allows for the development of another new layer free of oily patches and wrinkles. Consequently, a Microdermabrasion procedure helps treat scars, acne, wrinkles, clogged pores, and hyperpigmentation.

Role of micro needing in improving your skin

The doctor uses a small pen-like tool to carry out a micro-needling procedure. The procedure creates many tiny holes on your skin that compel your body to begin healing. The healing procedure creates a layer of fresher skin that creates an additional glow when you move around. The tiny holes created during the procedure are so insignificant that the naked eye cannot see them. Additionally, you will not witness any scarring with the procedure.

Importance of chemical peels to skin treatment

Chemicals play a part in getting rid of old skin cells. After the procedure, you will appreciate the new skin. Additionally, chemical peels can get rid of discolorations that make you look less appealing.

Find your best self with a facial procedure from Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics. You will find the best treatment that matches your skin tone. Get in touch through the website or call the facility.


White-Collar Crime and Employee Theft history assignment help australia





White-Collar Crime and Employee Theft

Robin attempts to define white-collar crime and employee theft in the research since they have attracted significant controversies from different scholars. To inform on the issue, the paper’s objective was to highlight the relationships between white-collar criminals and employee thieves while highlighting their congruence dimensions and the different aspects relating to white-collar crime and employee theft, as demonstrated by different scholars.

The paper is greatly informed by different scholars and secondary sources in its findings and conclusions. Sutherland’s definition of white-collar crime and his research is based on comparing the paper through which other scholars’ literature relates to his work by criticizing or affirming his findings and relationships to social class and criminal behavior. Geis acknowledges the need for more elaborate procedures in determining the different categories of white-collar crimes to make the scientific classification of the white-collar crimes viable.  However, though Sutherland led to the emergence of the white-collar crime ambiguity and controversies, his definition was only limited to the crimes committed by business people for the benefit of their employers or their benefits (Robin). The study also utilizes the various scholar’s definitions in enhancing demonstration of the differences and similarities in explaining the two concepts and their association in criminal behavior and the social changes that influence criminal activities. The different literature reviews understand the similarities and differences in white-collar crimes and employee theft by differentiating within the social classes and criminal behaviors.

The study utilized the analysis of the secondary data to enhance its investigation. Most of the data utilized were the recorded information concerning the criminal activities committed by convicted individuals across all crimes. The data utilized included a sample size of 70 corporate statistical data relating to their criminal records (Robin). The study was mainly examining the relationships of the two concepts and thus greatly utilized the inferential statistics by observing the secondary data and making conclusions from analyzing the presented data and conclusion in the literature review. Also, the sample size included the different social classes in the organization and society, including the upper social class and lower-income social class.

However, according to the analysis, the article finds out that white-collar and employee theft are related but are differentiated by criminal behavior and positions in society or the different social classes. The study findings of the congruence and disparity between the two phenomena white crimes are regarded as violations of laws to control industrial activity committed by upper-class criminals and mainly include misdemeanor cases.

White-collar and employee thefts have various similarities and differences explained through the nine points of discussion. However, they are both committed by individuals. Still, they differ in the behavior and the aspects of laws regulations that define and protect such criminal activities create a distinction among the two crimes. Victims of white-collar crimes are mainly the victims since an organization commits them. In contrast, employee theft victims are the organization since it is committed against the organization. However, the analysis of only a sample size that included individuals with criminal records makes the study conclusions and findings bias and require incorporating a wide sample size across the different populations to have a conclusive conclusion and findings. The study should also investigate the differences between criminal behaviors among the different social classes associated with white-collar crimes and employee theft.



Works cited

Robin, Gerald D. “White-collar crime and employee theft.” Crime & Delinquency 20.3 (1974): 251-262.

RADIO OVER FIBER TECHNOLOGY history assignment help in canada: history assignment help in canada

Radio over fiber is a fiber technology that transmits data through an optical fiber by converting radio waves into knight waves. The technology is made possible by modulating a laser intensity with a radio frequency signal. The optical fiber then translates the signal. Radio transmission is used in different aspects; therefore, it is essential to distinguish RoF from the others. RoF is distinctively used when the data transmission is done over wireless access. This technology has been mainly embraced in cellular communication technology. Wireless signals are transferred from one central station to several base stations, where they are broadcasted through the air.

Many cellular communication networks are looking for efficient ways to route enormous bandwidth signals while maintaining averagely taxed lower frequency wireless channels in the system. This technique is done possibly by the use of the radio over fiber technology. This technology provides high-speed video streaming and data. To improve data and video streaming speed, the companies are utilizing this technology by setting up several central control stations linked to a base station by fiber optic. The control station then broadcasts the signals from this station.

The technology gives a large playing field to data users as it can both be connected wireless or physically through an optical fiber. These functions are mainly performed from the control station. This station’s primary function is to perform the medium access controls, switching, and frequency management function while reducing the burden of the base station that coordinates all the other control stations. This system takes advantage of the electromagnetic interference immunity, low signal loss, and the large bandwidths from the optical fiber to convert signals from electrical to optical efficiently and back to electrical to transport signals efficiently.


Low attenuation loss

Attenuation is the measure of light loss between input and output. This loss is heavily dependent on the material used. Every medium of transmission possesses some drawbacks on the transmitted material. For instance, transmitting radio frequency through the free air is affected by absorption and reflection losses. To reduce these losses, a material with a low attenuation is required. Optical fiber helps solve the misery through its low attenuation property—the property aids optical fibers to transmit electric signals over a long-range with minimal attenuation loss. The loss takes place through three main techniques, namely absorption, scattering, and macro bending loss.

Absorption takes place uniformly and is cumulative—the type of material aids this loss mechanism and its absorption rate. Cumulative absorption takes place when the rate of absorption per length is determined. While under uniform absorption, a uniform amount of light is absorbed by the material.  Another fiber loss mechanism is through scattering. This mechanism occurs when a propagated wave meets a particle that interferes with its average direction of propagation. The light is not absorbed but instead propagated in a different direction. Therefore, the light is lost through redirection. Scattering can be linear or non-linear, with linear having uniform light power between the reflected particles and the wave.

In contrast, non-linear scattering is caused by a high electric field in the fiber—lastly, macro bending loss. Here, loss occurs when the fiber material is bend. The bending creates a small radius of curvature, which aids the loss. The loss may be minimal when the radius bend is large. However, a small radius causes the highest losses.

Immunity to Radiofrequency interference

The radio over fiber technology transmits data inform of light waves. The fiber optic is a thin glass material that is flexible and has deficient attenuation levels. The transmission takes place through light as opposed to the conventional way of using electromagnetic currents. Therefore, through these fiber optics, the effect of radiofrequency on the electromagnetic currents is reduced. The interference of signals through the electric noise reduces data transmission speed and, in some cases, can corrupt files. This property makes the technology useful in areas with high electromagnetic interference, also in places that electromagnetic interference can completely block the transmission of signals.

Large bandwidth

The optical fiber has a large bandwidth with three transmission windows, namely the 850 nm, 1310 nm, and 1550 nm wavelengths. These transmission windows are significant as they offer a lower attenuation. Large bandwidth is essential as they give room for a large flow of data within a shorter time. Fiber has a microwave carrier frequency of 1 GHz, which gives it a high carrier frequency. Assuming a limiting factor of 1% on such a frequency, optical fiber provides a resultant bit rate of 3Tbps, which is exceptionally high. The rate gives the fiber optic its high bandwidth nature. Technologies have been put in place to improve system capacities. Wavelength division multiplexing and optical time-division multiplexing are examples of such technologies. This technology reduces spectral utilization. The optical division multiplexing technology improves system efficiency by spacing in several time slots and assigning every user a separate wavelength. a

Taking an example of internet connection through cellular, when the bandwidth is higher, the connection is smooth, and data transfer is faster. The optical fiber has a large bandwidth, and data transmission is faster and reliable. The large bandwidth’s main advantages are that data is transferred faster, reliable for transferring bulk data, and time-efficient. It is measured in bits per second and expressed as bitrate.

Reduced power consumption

The role of technology in the 21st century is to improve efficiency and conserve the environment. Through the use of the RoF, which further utilizes the optical fiber in its infrastructure, has dramatically helped inefficient utilization of energy resources, specifically power consumption. The use of optical fiber is mostly encouraged due to its speed and efficiency. However, an underlying factor that is more important is its impact on the natural environment. Therefore, due to its energy consumption efficiency, the material has proved useful and safe for use. Since the technology works from a base station to a control station basis, most equipment is stored at the base station. This reduced energy consumption at the base station as the instruments are inactive and can be switched off to conserve energy. Also, the optical fiber reduces friction and other forms of resistance during data transmission, reducing the amount of energy required to propagate the waves through the glass fiber.


THE MEDICAL OFFICE MANAGER a level history essay help


The medical office manager, also referred to as hospital office manager or even the healthcare office manager, is a healthcare expert who is responsible for the supervision, directing, and coordinating the office and staff activities daily in the medical points purporting to provide the quality effective cost for the patient (Harris, Sasnett, Baker & Sanders 2019). These professionals have different responsibilities to carry out in various health settings, for instance, Pediatrician, family practice, hospitals, and many other health settings. This paper will thoroughly address the health office manager’s responsibilities and roles in the various health settings.

The medical office managers have a vital primary role in the operational and the administrative section. They ascertain the smooth running of the supervising staff office. They also schedule an appointment, they can as well terminate, hire and train the staff, they maintain reports, they also reconcile the account information, they can order office and medical suppliers, they delegate responsibilities, they can as well perform the data entry, they also generate inventory records, access employee performance and many other more responsibilities (Misztal-Okońska, Goniewicz, Hertelendy, Khorram-Manesh, Al-Wathinani, Alhazmi & Goniewicz 2020). Medical office managers’ roles vary depending on their exact position within the medical systems and the health setting they are in.

Scheduling the Patient Appointment

Patient scheduling is an art and the most crucial element in delivering high-quality healthcare. The following discussion focuses on how to schedule the patient appointment;

Offer the patient self-scheduling. Due to the technological advancement, many patients are comfortable with online portals and the apps. It makes sense to let them make their own appointment by providing to them with a friendly online schedule system.

Program appointment in successive blocks scheduling the dawn appointments from the noon backward and the afternoon from noon onwards helps to minimize the number of vacant slots of appointment all the day long (Misztal-Okońska, et al. 2020). The staff can also use blocks of time that are not filled with appointments to catch up on the documentation. Consecutively scheduling the appointment may help minimize overhead costs. During the days of lighter appointment loads, the staff will be reporting late for the job and leaving very earlier.

The appointment reminders’ implementation reminders the use of an automated system to either call or text patients before the appointment period or day will at large minimize the number of no-shows. This gives the patient ability to cancel the appointment by directly responding to the reminder. In most cases, the policy is also included in the appointment reminder until the patient confirms their appointment (Misztal-Okońska, et al., 2020). Communication is the basic component in the patient satisfaction, and therefore the automated appointment reminder is a way of improving communication and minimizing the no-shows.

The use of patient waiting lists to fill no-shows and the cancellation the mitigation of the number of the negative effect of the no-shows and the cancellation is by maintaining the the patient waiting list of the patient who likes to get in earlier than their appointment time. They send out the mass text to them to notify them of the open availability and have them respond if they would like to take the open appointment.

Consideration on if the care needs to take place in-person some issues that patients have can be resolved over the phone via the massages or the emails or even through the secured patient portal. This will, in turn, save the in-person appointments for the patients who require the in-person care.

Data collection and the access of the data in maximizing the provider’s productivity and minimize the patient’s waiting time try to allot the types of appointment and patients that require longer and more time, collect the general data that will aid in the troubleshooting issues and set the meaningful goals to work towards in the achievement process.

Double book strategically and cautiously. This is applied in the daily schedule that requires more demand more practice than on the normal occasions. For instance, the new patient walk in is a nurse is likely to complete the patient intake process for a new patient while they can see the walk-in and the patient once the intake process is finished.

Document Creation and Maintaining the Patient Medical Report

Set policy the document policy should be evaluated. This is to ensure that the document covers key points. Policies should be able to reflect the fact that the record of the patient must be highly detailed. Insufficient details will not provide a satisfactory defense in case you and your staff are sued (DeWEESE, S. A. N. D. Y & REITER (2016). Policies should additionally reflect the standards of the nation. Consideration of the rules and regulations in the state where the medical setting is located together with the workers’ scope of practice.

 Educate staff educating the staff about policies put in place. Education sessions should be held where staff can exercise their documentation skills. For example, provide a patient situation and ask staff to document it and then hold a group discussion over the best entry.

Follow-up does not assume that the staff is following up on the policy. The patient record should be analyzed based on the criteria of your policy. The feedback should be given to incompetent staff members, and verification for their improvement should be done.


Coding in the medical field is converting healthcare diagnosis, medical services, procedures, and equipment into the universal medical alphanumeric codes. Diagnoses and the procedure codes are gotten from medical record documentation, such as the laboratory and radiologic results (Misztal-Okońska, et al. 2020). Its application is that it describes the injuries and diseases from a health care provider or a physician and converts them to a numeric code or the alphanumeric code.


Billing in the medical field can be described as the process of submitting and doing a follow up on the claims with the health insurance company so that payment can be made for the service given by the healthcare provider.


Interpersonal communication skills

The medical educators have promoted skillful communication to promote the doctors’ positive relationship, and the patients, primarily communication, tend to explain what the doctor says (Harris, et al., 2019). Communication additionally tends to have the emotional content of the discourse, usually called the interpersonal skills.

Application of the governmental health guidelines

Protecting against environmental health hazards in the application of the governmental health guidelines, individuals should keep off from the environment that poses a risk to human health by monitoring the water quality and air.

Promotion of healthy behavior and the healthy communities promote the activities that improve the people’s health.

Risk Management Plan to Improve Patient Safety The risk Management can be described as a process of recognizing the factors that provide efficient, excellent, effective, and safe care of the patient (Harris, et al., 2019). The teams and staff are coming up with the solutions after discussing the problems and giving improved safety measures for the patient. The staff is enabled and engaged in teaching, learning, and expressing their views to ensure prevention of the medical errors and patient safety measures are intact.

Implement Mandatory Federal Regulations In implementing the federal regulation formerly; they are enacted to protect the health insurance coverage for the workers who change or lose the job. It is also associated with the confidentiality of the patient’s healthcare details.

Potential Medical Errors the first error is the omission error because of the action not taken. The second error is the errors of the commission because of the wrong action taken.

Improve existing, and future policies the policy changes to improve the health care needed, the changes presented to the public will and policymakers are to be critically acknowledged. The changes for improvement and the measures are aligned as the evidence application with the health goals.

Procedures ensuring positive outcomes and best healthcare promotion of well-informed environment of the clinicians, also ensure the improvement of the outcome through the transparency, continuity of care as a result of the discharge, support the patient discharge finally the use of connected care for the better outcome (Harris, et al. 2019).

In conclusion, the medical office managers are responsible for running medical offices from the managerial perspective. They ensure the offices run efficiently and ensure that the offices keep low cost and save money.


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DeWEESE, S. A. N. D. Y., & REITER, J. (2016). THE PLACE OF THE MEDICAL OFFICE IN HEALTH CARE. Person-Focused Health Care Management: A Foundational Guide for Health Care Managers, 75.