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New Media technology review

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New Media technology review

A clear description of the technology

Wearable technology enables constant observation of people’s physical and behavioral habits and physiological and biochemical parameters in everyday life. Vital indicators, including pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood saturation, posture, and bodily function by using electrocardiograms (ECGs), ballistocardiograms (BCGs), and other instruments provide the most commonly assessed results.

Additional clinical details may be accessible from a portable picture or video sensors. Shoes, eyelashes, earrings, clothing, gloves, and watches may be added to mobile gadgets. Skin-attachable devices may also be created. Sensors such as benches, car seats, and mattresses may be incorporated into space. Usually, a smartphone is used for gathering information and for storing and processing on the remote server. The wearable devices used to research gait patterns are two primary styles.

Specific instruments for health workers have been created to track walking habits, including an accelerometer, video camera multi-angle, and gyroscopes. Other gadgets, including online trackers for exercise (like a Fitbit) or smartphone applications and add-ons, have been created for fitness users. Wearable equipment and algorithms for data processing are also combined to execute gasket measurement activities in various situations.

Seemingly, Fitbit is an example of the digital health tracking system. As a result, the Company that produces the Fitbit hardware and software is Fitbit Inc. Fitbit was founded in 2007 and is known for the identity of its activity trackers, which helped spark wearable trends. The items of the Fitbit are either carry on the wrist or cut on clothes and improve the understanding of things such as the number of steps taken, steps taken, or quality sleep for hours. Despite the proliferation of mobile apps and smartwatches (especially Apple), which intrude on its territory, the Company remains the top category it invented.

Brief historical overview of the technology

During the 19th century, medicine became a natural-science discipline requiring specialized expertise and practice, possessed only by specialists. The state’s financial history and regard for the autonomy of the practice included an implicate contract between the medical profession and society. At the same time, the welfare of the practitioners (6–8) was secured. A new deal is timely, partly because of financial reasons and the increase in technology, which gives patients control. This should identify and explicitly explain stakeholders’ positions, their respective obligations, their rights, and accountability.

The penetration of hardware, the internet, cell phones, and smartphones has increased. Medical developments such as narrow-scale artificial intelligence, robotics, genomics, telemedicine, and augmented reality become disturbing. There is a tremendous volume of diagnostic knowledge, colleagues, and open-access scientific trials and recommendations regarding applications and research. This results in improved efficiency and a greater quantity of expertise in healthcare and self-sufficiency.

Digital health leads to many legal aspects and problems of the benefits and changing state of policymakers’ play. With the absence of the ivory tower, mistaken modern healthcare knowledge and inadequate internet resources will lead to medical decisions that do not include doctors and threaten patients’ lives. The inefficient procedures and online medical quackery can be caused by a lack of access to medicinal services and diminished regard for the health care system. Digital health tools will do the same if doctors do not be involved as specialist partners in the process. To offer quality and credible knowledge to patients, greater attention can also be provided to validating medical sensors, other digital health instruments, and mobile applications. A vital starting point is to equate their exactness with well-documented technology, but double-blind trials with larger patient cohorts are still necessary.

A discussion of why this technology is considered “new media.”

The digital age has seen the introduction of a host of digital activities for health promotion. Many of such practices are voluntarily practiced by individuals who wish to improve their fitness and health, while even more are used in organizations’ interests. Health assistance and education platforms, software, and social media networks have multiplied, allowing laypersons to access health information and share stories of their disease or health practices.

An app available for free on mobile phones, iPods, and tablets is an emerging digital well-being innovation. Tens of thousands of fitness applications have been created for consumer use for handheld digital devices. Many applications depend on disseminating activity knowledge like nutrition, weight management, drinking, cessation of smoking, physical exercise, sun exposure, mental well-being, and sexual health.

Another feature of consumer-led digital health promotion is self-tracking. The invention of handheld wireless devices and tools to control and quantify many facets of physical functions, behaviors, and geolocation data gave people the ability to partake in the self-tracking process, which is why modern health tracks are regarded as “new media.”

Team Work and Conflict Managament african history assignment help


The essential purpose of the paper is to reflect upon teamwork and how the conflict was managed among the team members.  The course work and class lectures also emphasized the importance of working in teams and how it contributes to accomplishing set goals and objectives. It is essential to develop patience and understand the opinions and points of view hold by the different team members. Throughout my academic life, I have vast experiences of working with individuals belonging to different backgrounds. It supports understanding the diverse cultures and how they are different from each other. Also, I augmented my communication skills by interacting with team members. I have realized that the success of the teams is reliant upon the ability of members to communicate and collaborate effectively.


            Being an extrovert and hardworking person, I developed a good association and relationship with the team members. I believe that building an environment of trust and confidence is essential for the success of teams.  The team went through the different stages of development, including forming, storming, and norming, and performing to work on the given project of application development. In the initial stages, the members were not aware of each other; however, they developed familiarity with a gradual pace. Tuckman’s theory also suggested that team effectiveness is dependent upon the capability of the members to accept individual differences. The differences in the thinking pattern caused numerous conflicts among the members. MBTI theory also shows that each personality has different traits and characteristics. However, the team members considered the conflict a positive element to learn from each other and reach mutual consensus. The meetings on a regular basis to report the progress of the assigned task played an integral role in the successful completion of the project. The members assisted each other in case of any challenges and focused upon accomplishing the single team goal. The team members espoused the strategy of “collaborating” to handle and manage the tensions and conflicts.

Moreover, the biggest challenge I faced was a lack of knowledge and information sharing among the team members. The exchange of information is always vital for the success of teams. However, the team members were reluctant to share information and thereby displayed a lack of transparency. I discussed the issue with the team leader and described the associated challenges. He conducted the meetings with the team members to ensure that the problem gets resolved, and every member was required to brief about his task in every session.


The personality has a direct impact on integration with the team members. The extroverted and open individuals tend to form an association with the team members in an effective manner. In the upcoming, I would use a similar approach to enhance integration with the team members. Listening to the team members and providing your own opinion about the specific subject helps in this regard. Also, I would prefer to take the conflict positively towards team success in the upcoming. The probable reason is that the conflict can prove harmful and destructive for the team’s effectiveness if the members get involved in disagreement and miscommunication. It is essential to encourage the team members and admire them for their efforts. Providing positive feedback and communicating how to overcome the encountered weaknesses and issues create a positive environment among the team members. Based on my experience, I have realized that transparency and knowledge sharing ought to be part of the team’s norms. I would emphasize these factors in the future when working in teams. It supports the team members to gain knowledge and become aware of the team’s progress as well.

Further, I have grasped the idea that teamwork leads to better idea generation. There were many points in the group discussions where we needed innovative solutions to the encountered problems. The team members provided many different and inspiring ideas to overcome the issues. The team discussions can be considered a tactic to get a new perspective and analyze the diverse view points.


Therefore, the project proved to be very interesting and informative as it augmented my ability to communicate with each other and explore different aspects of the given topic. It enhanced my capability to think outside the box. The innovative and creative mindset serves as a basis for success and triumph.  I have learned conflict resolution skills and comprehended how to tackle the tension among the team members. It is essential to stay open and appreciate the feedback given by others. I believe that teamwork increases the learning capability and augments motivation to work to attain team goals. I have also developed the habit of risk-taking as I got appreciation and encouragement from the team members to espouse different ideas. Thus, teamwork supports gaining insights about the particular topic and helps accomplish the stated goals.


North America Sequence of Paleozoic do my history assignment: do my history assignment



North America Sequence of Paleozoic


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1)      The paleozoic geological record shows four sequences, namely: Sauk, Tippecanoe, Kaskaskia, and Absaroka. The ages of each sequence are as follows; the Sauck is the earliest of all the sequences. It dated from the late Proterozoic through the old Ordovician; the marine transgression began after the middle Cambian. The marine transgression ended the Sauk era early in the Ordovician. The Tippecanoe was the second sequence that followed the Sauk. The Tippecanoe dated from the earliest Ordovician, which separated them from Sauk to the latest Silurian. The Kaskaskia began from the mid-Devonian, though its peak occurred in Mississippian and ended in late Mississippian while Absaroka started from the end of the Mississippian through Permian periods. The Absaroka is composed of the middle and upper Pennsylvanian.

2)      Lithology is the general characteristics of rocks, sediments, and rock types in a stratigraphic division of the earth. Overlying the Precambrian foundation was a sedimentary veneer; these younger sedimentary deposits’ composition and configuration gave clues on the conditions under which they were deposited and accumulated. On the craton, the tectonic forces were transmitted through the rigid basement rocks, causing a differential vertical movement of the fractured basements rocks—the Paleozoic sequence sediments of; sandstone, siltstone, shale, limestone, and gypsum. The contained micro and macro-flora in these segments provide information on relative age for correlation from one area to another. Four rock types are formed under special occasions. They include chalk, salt, black shale, and coal. Chalk is made up of microscopic organisms that accumulated in the open sea in warm water. Major deposits of these chalks are found in the Cretaceous. Salt is formed when and where marine waters are restricted and evaporate. The evaporation of seawater precipitates it. The Silurian (Tippecanoe) and Permian (Absaroka) sequences consisted of marine water, which was rich in salts. The black shale accumulates under the bottom of the sea in confined conditions. This place lacked water circulation, and all forms of soluble materials such as carbonates dissolved. On the Northern craton, black shale was prevalent in the late Devonian to early Mississippian (Kaskaskia) and numerous but thin ones in the middle and upper Pennsylvanian and lower Permian (Absaroka). The Interior province of Pennsylvanian consisted of lignite and coal. Volcanic ashes are other distributed rocks found in these sequences but less distributed. Multiple fossil soils were found mainly in the upper Permian. In the lower Permian persistent and thin nodular occurs.

3)      Fossils are remnants or traces of an animal or plant that has been preserved from past geological events. The fossils included the rhythmites and cyclothems. Rhythmites were the alternations of two sedimentary types, such as the chalk and bentonite or the shales present in the Absaroka sequence.  Cyclothems are repetitive sequences in the Permo-Pennsylvanian within Absaroka. The cyclothem records a single advance and then retreat of the sea in an area. Cyclothems were majorly found in the middle and upper Pennsylvanian ( Absaroka). Their formation was the outcome of sea levels changes due to the waxing and waning of southern hemisphere glaciers. The origin of Cyclothems was proposed to be a result of tectonic movements, change of sea level, or climatic factors. The sediments were accommodated by the craton gradually sinking in relation to sea level and resulted from the added sediments and glaciation weight.

4)      The cratonic structures were preserved in the basins rather than on the adjoining uplifts. The basins had no pattern of formation but were formed as a result of weakness in the foundation. After a while, the basins’ initial structures were inverted, and some positive features like depressions were formed. The formation of structural regimens in late Mississippian to early Pennsylvanian time (Absaroka) was followed by continued movement of the basement rocks, which accentuated the folds. The incremental movement of the fault blocks was recorded in the Permo-Pennsylvanian sedimentary section. The continental interior is the main source of metallic minerals, mostly produced from Precambrian rocks. Gold production has taken place from the Precambrian at Lead, South Dakota. The extensive Lake Michigan copper deposits occur in Precambrian rocks, which is the main source of copper. The Mississippian carbonates contained a large amount of zinc and were used as the raw material. The sequences were crucial for the occurrence of minerals; this occurred due to the volcanic and tectonic movements during their formation.

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Racial disparity in sentencing is different from racial discrimination in sentencing, even though racial dynamics in sentencing have changed over time. It still reflects the move from explicit racism and to more considerable surreptitious outcomes and manifestations. Some scenario’s of racial disparity can be considered as racial discrimination when there is direct and sufficient evidence of racial discrimination against defendants of the minor sentencing outcomes. African American people are more likely to get disadvantaged when it comes to terms of sentencing length at the federal level. At the same time, the Latino people are also expected to be disadvantaged when it comes to the decisions to incarceration.

Youths from the African American and Latino communities are

more likely to get severe sentencing compared to the comparable situated white Americans. Youths who are unemployed from the African American community tend to pay higher charges when it comes to the trial penalty compared to

white individuals. In some situations, the racial disparity cannot be considered as racial discrimination, and that is why white individuals get a considerable reduction when it comes to sentence time compared to the Latino and black people because they provide substantial help to the prosecution.