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Rule Of Law And Development do my history assignment: do my history assignment

Rule of Law and Development  


A Mutual Reinforcement




Executive Summary


The Post 2015 development agendas which are often called as the next generation MDGs includes Rule of Law, one of the most crucial component of development around the world. Precisely for developing countries like Bangladesh, the fragile state of rule of Law and access to justice implicates the downward situation of development, especially from the human rights perspective. This paper will analyze the sources, nature and elements of rule of law as well as development and scrutinize the nexus between these two. In light of realistic experiences around the world, this paper will try to find whether the implementation of rule of law practically substantiates the goals of sustainable development. At the same time, the situation of Bangladesh as well as the possible way outs will also be highlighted.




Contents o Introduction o Definition and the Elements of Rule of Law o Definition and the Elements of Development o Why Rule of Law is a prerequisite for Development? o Linkage between Rule of Law and Development o The Judicial & Institutional Experiences  o The Bangladesh Scenario: Problems and Recommendations o Rule of Law, Human Rights & Development:  o Conclusion  




1. Introduction


In recent years, the concept of the “rule of law” has been gaining increased attention in academic and political circles.  Now, a major opportunity to capitalize on the


Summer Reading Chapter Summary history assignment help

Other players in this issue of Summer Reading program’s assignment range from Student orientation leaders to the author of the book in question. This assignment created tensions between incoming freshmen, upperclassmen and the school. A Particular Student at UNC who was effected by this issue was Amir Thomas. He was a student orientation leader. As an orientation leader he was able to experience, thee precautions that the university put in place to help the students who felt uncomfortable with the assignment. Amir said that “they gave us specific discussion points that we could use in case we encountered student who were resistant, to try to encourage them to be more open to the book.” He also said in his experience over the summer during orientation,…show more content…
The program is set up to make you open your mind to new ideas, because it is required in the college atmosphere. If Converse College required their incoming freshmen class to read “Approaching the Qur’an”, it could create some discomfort within the student body because, there is an astigmatism with Islam particularity in southern states, which is where most Converse students originated. But I do not believe that Converse students would refuse to read their assigned book, because they know that Converse values acceptance of any religion, race, and sexuality. But if this issue did arise, I believe the Board of Converse College would take a similar approach to the issue like UNC, by making the assignment optional to students. But still requiring student to participate in their group discussion. The option would be up to the students. 
In this case study, lots of questions were left unanswered. Such as were the discussion sessions still held?, When FNP appealed the case were they successful?, and did this confrontation change the way UNC approach the book selection for their Summer Reading program in years to come?. I wish this case study included the answers to these questions. However, this case study did illustrate how a prejudice toward a religion can effect even the educational

Argumentative Essay On Ender’s Game history assignment writing help: history assignment writing help

“It’s not intentions that matter, it’s actions.  We re what we do and say, not what we intend to do.”  (Unknown)


In some cases though, that’s not always true.  Ender’s Game, a science-fiction book by Orson Scott Card, extremely contradicts it.  The main character, Ender is manipulated into many terrible actions, while he has good morales and never intended to do these terrible things.  He is portrayed as a good kids and one of the underlying themes convey that intentions mean everything, not the action.  This has caused many controversial debates with many different views.  For example, John Kessel has written a critical essay, Creating the Innocent Killer, about Ender’s game.  Kessel’s essay works on all angles of Ender’s morality.  The good…show more content…

The Victim Hero, the Innocent Killer, the Guiltless Genocide, the Lonely Savior, and Why is Ender’s Game so Popular?  In the Victim Hero, Kessel explains the abuse and bullying in Ender’s life.  Next in the Innocent Killer, Kessel talks about how even though he kills, the author persuades us into thinking the Ender is morally good.  In the Guiltless Genocide, it is shown that Ender clearly committed genocide but was found guilty for it.  Also, in the Lonely Savior, Kessel describes the effect of the genocide on Ender when he consequently isolated himself with his self-inflicted guilt.  Lastly, in Why is Ender’s Game so Popular? Kessel just talks about abuse in people’s daily…show more content…

Kessel uses statistics about just how popular Ender’s Game is.  Kessel makes that points even 17 years after it was first released, Ender’s Game still sells between 100,000 and 200,000 copies per year.  Kessel explains that it is possible with abused kids that justify and deny their abuse.  He then explains that abusers abuse to justify their past abuse or even they still feel abused while they abuse others.  Ender’s Game offers these abuse victims revenge without guilt, telling them nothing bad will happen if they get revenge.


In his essay, Kessel has both strengths and weaknesses in his writing.  Some strengths are  that Kessel uses lots of evidence and with insightful details.  Some weaknesses though are his faulty logic and exaggeration.  Overall, in Kessel’s essay, the strengths won over the weaknesses creating an effective persuasive essay.


John Kessel’s critical essay had faulty logic that weakened his strong evidence and reasoning.  But, everyone has different opinions.  Maybe others liked his faulty logic.  Or maybe they just agree with his opinion.  Everyone may have their opinions, and that’s okay.  Ender’s game was meant to show an opinion, Orson Scott Card’s opinion.  And Kessel’s essays was to show his, as this one was to show mine.  Everyone has different opinions and view, and that’s


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives machines the power to behave like humans. AI enables the machines to make decisions based on gathered data. An intelligent agent must be able to reproduce the cognitive functions accomplished by humans, which includes: learning, reasoning, recognizing context, perception, linguistic intelligence and problem solving. A Chatbot or Chatterbot or Talkbot is a conversational program that engages with humans using natural language. Communication can either be textual or auditory.

Chatbots were initially developed using pattern-matching techniques, which is still prevalent. Developing Chatbots is possible using scripting languages, markup languages, machine learning etc. Each method is subject to certain advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, Chatbots are given features to…show more content…

It integrates all the other modules and provides communication channels between them. This performs calls to different APIs as well as to the data store.

Gmail API:

The Gmail API is a RESTful API used to access the user’s mail [9]. The API provides access to the mail server, which enables retrieving and composing mails. Authentication processes are taken care by the API. The main form of communication with the client is through e-mail. Hence this module is used to facilitate the purpose of reading, composing and sending mail to clients.

Calendar API:

The Calendar API is used to create, view and modify different events on the user’s calendar [10]. This API also uses RESTful calls. The calendar is capable of sharing events, sending reminders and notifications to users about upcoming events marked in the calendar. In this system, the user’s schedule is available on the calendar. The translator will check to see if the user is available for a particular time slot and fix up a meeting accordingly. The calendar is updated to reflect the newly added event and to provide reminders and