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Acadian Orogeny is a long-lasting mountain building from middle Devonian to late Devonian. Acadian Orogeny began roughly around 375 million years ago, and it was active for 50 million years (Lozano-Fernandez et al., 2020). It is located as the third among the four orogenies that created the basin. Geographically, Acadian Orogeny extended from the Canadian marine provinces towards the Southwesterly direction to Alabama. The formation that led to the collision of the Acadian orogeny resulted in the shape of mountain belts. Acadian orogeny is caused by landmass collision with other landmasses and the overriding of oceanic ridges by the continent. This mountain building incident impacted a region from modern-day New York during the Devonian period. Initially, a depositional fore-arc basin resulted from the compressional orogenic activity. 

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            The first seed-bearing from the Devonian period is called the seed fern, and it produces its seeds on its leaves without a unique structure. They are also known as phonograms, meaning they create their seeds (Krause et al., 2018). These plants have hidden sexual organs that are the reason behind the name phonograms. True seed fern became more numerous and diverse during the Carboniferous period; Seed ferns gave rise to the gymnosperm during the palaeozoic period. Gymnosperms such as conifers inhabit many ecosystems because they are well adapted to the cold weather.



A calcite sea is where low magnesium calcite is the primary inorganic marine calcium carbonate precipitate. An organic ocean is seawater that organizes, and highly magnesium calcite is the direct inorganic carbonate participants (Lozano-Fernandez et al., 2020). Early and late Paleozoic oceans were predominantly Calcite Sea, while the middle Paleozoic is characterized by organic sea. Effect of calcite sea condition includes the formation of carbonate, which spreads highly on the hard ground and calcite types of cement. Complex environments were pervasive in the calcite sea. Calcite seas coincided with the time of rapid seafloor spreading and greenhouse climate conditions. 

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Park-holic world

With increased competition between various companies and entities in the business world, the need to keep the clientele base interested is required. An increase in competition has led to the development of many marketing strategies to keep the clients and informed and educated. One widely adopted strategy is gamification. Gamification is defined as a process of enhancing services with affordances (motivation) to invoke gaming experiences and other behavioral outcomes (Hamari et al., 2014). Gamification has been used to solve issues affecting a group of people in various ways. For example, due to the parking problem experienced in my school, I am required to find a solution by gamification of the parking activity to solve the situation affecting many students.

As explained earlier, gamification is used in various ways. In education, gamification is used to make students understand concepts and encourage positive academic behaviors. Teachers have to use different approaches that allow students have a strong motivation towards their learning (Kiryakova et al., 2014). Such positive behaviors include submitting reports and assignments in time while improving class attendance records. With a noticeable drop in campus attendance midway through the semester, there is an immediate need to improve attendance records. One of the main problems affecting many students is the lack of enough parking space. This, in turn, leads to low attendance as most students opt for online learning. 

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A revised Job Description

Oroville Hospital

A medical hospital committed to providing personalized services to our clients for quality and long life.

Job Title: Vocational Nurse

Job Location: California

Job Description: Vocational Nurses have the role of monitoring the patients’ vital signs, administering enemas, sample collection and recording the intake and output of fluids and foods.


Evaluate patients
Implement the plan of care using therapeutic procedures, equipment devices, teaching interventions, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals.
Review the plan of care and the patient’s subjective or objective responses towards attaining therapy goals.
Perform all teaching responsibilities, including but not limited to: teaching patients and families, orienting support.

Required Qualifications

Graduate of an accredited school of nursing
Licensed as a Practical nurse.
High Computer Proficiency


Decision Making
Problem Solving
Excellent oral and written communication
Customer Service oriented