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Loss of Biodiversity


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Loss of Biodiversity

Biodiversity loss refers to a decrease in species varieties, number, and genetic variability within a given ecosystem. Notably, biodiversity loss can happen within a geographical area or globally in its most extensive form. The planet’s biodiversity is under threat today than any other time before in human history, and ironically, he who is most reliant on it is the chief culprit. The nature of man’s contribution towards biodiversity loss makes it an exciting topic of discussion. It is based on this justification that a study is warranted; particularly, the drivers of biodiversity loss.

Understandably, habitat destruction as engineered by man is the primary cause of habitat loss. As the human population increases, so does the need to produce more food and accommodation. The net result is clearing forestlands to create more room for agricultural production and urban settlements’ encroachment into forestlands. Animals in these ecosystems are the most affected as they lose their homes and are pushed to the brink of extinction.

Pollution is another driver of biodiversity loss. Pollution forms (soil, water, air, and agricultural pollution) release chemical and other toxins into ecosystems; thereby, destroying animal and plant habitats, and worst-case scenarios, killing the biological systems. As there are no signs of man being able to reverse the pollution trends any time soon, we risk creating more and larger dead zones, lacking the ability to sustain animal and plant lives.

Moreover, invasive species are also faulted for habitat loss. Invasive species refer to animal and plant varieties that are not native to specific geographical locations. Invasive plant and animal species invade new ecosystems, threatening native species’ existence and even destroying them in some instances. It is important to remember that a breakdown in an ecosystem’s tiniest element, as caused by invasive species, offsets the entire ecosystem’s balance.

Finally, global warming and climate change are also responsible for biodiversity loss. Unpredictable global climates and changing global temperatures influence the environment’s capacity to host animal and plant species. For example, global warming is associated with increasing global temperatures. In perspective, as the globe continues to grapple with global warming’s effects, animals such as mountain gorillas may soon lose their homes. Similarly, coral reefs may completely disappear in the coming years, thanks in no small part to global warming.


            Thanks to biodiversity loss, we stand a risk of losing many animal and plant species to extinction. Biodiversity loss is caused by global warming and climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, and invasive species.



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A lot of people in modern society do not believe in supernatural abilities or creatures.

Married to the devil’s son is a novel whose characters are humans, demons, djinns and witches. These are used to represent different types of people in society. For example, Demons are generals considered bad in the text, through the storyline proves that not all demons are bad. The same applies to society. For examples, in most societies, politicians are considered cunning and deceitful, but they might not all be so .witches are considered good and are meant to be the protectors of the people, but the plot goes to show that some witches are evil. The same applies to society when some people who are considered good have known to commit vices .the book attempts to use factual and fictional characters to portray various things that happen in society by exploring themes such as war, marriage, love and the constant contrast between good and evil. This essay will discuss the novel married to the devil son, which portrays all these aspects.





The novel’s concept, married to the devil, revolves around the story of a prince  Who is rumoured to be the son of the devil. The author defines this prince as danger and darkness, which is the clear definition of some of the world political leaders who are an inspiration of darkness and immorality in our modern society. According to the novel, the princess is locked up In her home. She is only allowed to come out in the event she gets married. But the problem in this context is she gets married to whom. The story begins in a past period where the devil had romantic affection for one of the king’s wives. The devil went into bed with the king’s wife, and in the process, the wife got pregnant. This situation explains the developed immorality in modern society, especially among loyal families or leaders. The king realised the affair he ordered to execute the belief that his wife had cheated on him. The  Devil emerged to the king and made him an arrangement. In switch over for immense power for his running Kingdom. He was to allow his wife Sire the Devil’s kid. Since the king is described as greedy and hungry for power, he falls into the trap and agrees to the deal. This part of the novel reflects our modern society, where individuals make harsh and greedy sacrifices for the sake of power and control.



According to the deal, the king’s Kingdom was the most powerful, and the prince will be the 7th prince of the Kingdom. This deal seemed charming to the king. Being a princess, doubtless sounds pleasant.  This means a life filled with luxury, stunning dresses, and finicky shoes, but there are zero pleasant things about being a princess for princess Hazel. This is because she can. She can by no means go outside the palace. The princes are also not allowed to have friends. She can by no means have a say on what to eat or wear or whatever she wishes for. Hazel is not also allowed to choose the partner she wants to get married to. According to the author Hazel’s explanation, he finds out that son she will be married to a prince she has never met, but according to rumours,’ he is the devil’s son. The injustices the princess goes through represents the happenings today. Many children from loyal families sacrifices their happiness and love life for the sake of things like business deals for their families.

The marriage arrangements were made where Hazel has married Lucian, the devil’s son.


In the beginning, the relationship between demons and witches was fragile. The witches considered themselves righteous, and they were not allowed to have any romantic relationship with the demons. When the devil and the mother of Luciana, who was the witch, got into a romantic relationship with sire Luciana,, it annoyed Luciana’s mother’s family. This situation motivated Luciana grandmother to curse on Luciana in that neither of the parents would meet or rise him. Due to this situation Luciana was forced to be raised by the king due to the curse placed on his parents. This concept represents the hatred being portrayed among people from various ethnic groups globally. This hatred has affected the collaboration and positive relationship among various groups, countries and individuals. The outcome of this hatred and cruelty is that innocent people tend to be denied their basic requirements like health, shelter and food. It’s morally wrong because most of these problems are personal, but the outcome affects the compact majority, that is, most of the time, innocent.


After the marriage, Luciana describes as a cool, calm and charming individual, returns to his home kingdom to continue with his daily life as a  prince. However, the situations change certainly when the king falls sick and feels that he will not leave for long. War erupts among the king’s children when he eventually dies. The fight for the throne gets so harsh to an extend that Luciana and his wife escapes and seeks asylum in the neighbouring Kingdom. According to the author, the kings’ son kills each other until it is only one that remains alive. In the fighting event, Luciana decides to return home to also fight his way to the throne. This power struggle is examples of what is happening currently. Many people have been doing unethical and cruel things for power and control.


The devils’ son had magical demonic powers whose existence was dangerous to the people around him when he lost control. According to the author, there is a moment where Luciana got annoyed and hungry because of the injustices that had been done to his wife Hazel, the demons in him emerged. By explaining to the author, that was the first time the Kingdom concluded that Luciana was the devil’s son. It is proclaimed that at the moment, there was an intense war between the Luciana kingdom and their neighbouring Kingdom. Due to the reaction caused by the hunger caused by Hazel’s attacking, the demons inside the prince came out. While at war is explained that Luciana killed a lot of the enemies using his demonic power. His colleague soldiers were so scared and confused since they had never seen their leader in a search state. This context of the story is very relevant to what is happening in our daily lives. A lot of murder and killings have been proclaimed for love.




According to the narrator, when the curse is lifted, Lucian’s parents decide to link up with their son, who is the king’s time. Luciana mother is the first one to find his son. However, later on, the devils also arrive from the underground Kingdom to meet his son. Lucian’s mother visit is genuine and for the love of his son, but the devil’s plans are personal. The devil intends to manipulate King Luciana to abandon his Kingdom and join him to dominate, manipulate and rule the evil underground Kingdom; After various unsuccessful attempt, the devil decides to return to his Kingdom. The devil tries to convince  Luciana’s mother to return with him to the underground, but she denies it and decides to be with his son, who she feels she was denied the chance to be there for him. The devil returns to the underground, but after the birth of heaven, the king’s daughter returns and again attempts to manipulate heaven to join him underground. His attempt is once again unsuccessful. This context reflects the actual happenings in modern society. A lot of parents have been denied to raise their children due to various reasons. Contrary to the love and caring by Luciana’s.mother his father is an opportunist. This is the reality in modern society where some parents often use their children for their gain.


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Managing a Geographically Dispersed Team




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Effective Ways in Which Geographically Scattered Teams Successfully Collaborate

A geographically dispersed team (also known as a virtual community, a distributed unit, or a remote team) is a group of individuals from different parts of the world who collaborate using communication tools such as email, FAX, and video conferencing. This has become the new norm, and working with a virtual team gives them greater flexibility in their work and the ability to interact with partners all over the world (Hill & Bartol, 2016). Organizations with the ability to recruit employees from all over the world benefit from hiring top talent regardless of where they are based.

In any case, digital technologies present significant challenges in ensuring that anyone approaches the data they need to complete, share archives, and preserve their colleagues, as well as providing them with visibility into current work and progress (Olaniran, 2017). In this respect, we must ensure that we can continue our efforts. Groups can create plans using a Gantt chart and a Kanban board, share files, leave feedback, prioritize multiple tasks in a central location, and track progress. The virtual office will provide staff with timely knowledge of excellent assignments, ensuring managers are still mindful of what is going on by bringing all details about organizations, programs, and positions together under one roof.

Important Factor for Successful Partnerships

Respect for one another
Remind the team of the project’s goals and objectives regularly.
Encourage team building through motivation.

Three Tools to Collaborate on a Geographically Dispersed Team

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is the most widely used voice digital network globally, and it is a safe and stable commercial version of the widely used consumer Skype. The user puts together all of the usual ways of communicating on one platform to enable workers to access and use various communications apps from one system, from any device and any place.


Cross-Platform Connectivity – Skype for Business connects workers on all Skype computers, websites and accessible, IP-based devices to millions of people around the globe via Skype for business applications.

Reduced Travel Costs – Using Skype for business reduces unnecessary travel costs. A Skype for Business Video Conference is an excellent substitute for a face-to-face meeting (Castellano et al., 2021). The addition of Skype for Business Outlook means that you can plan it for your daily business day from any location and any network. Cost Savings Before the end of the deal,  individuals may use Skype for Corporation to substitute or supplement their existing PBX system.

Negative Aspects

Impact on Business Sustainability – During the transition, the employees, partners, suppliers, and customers expect the business to run properly.

Increasing Hardware Requirements – As a result of the comprehensive software, business migration can necessitate purchasing new equipment, such as IP devices and new laptops and tablets with built-in webcams, microphones, and headsets.

Network Performance Influence – As applications and content that require high levels of connectivity, such as HDV, become more common, data used across the local community, wide region, and cellular networks is rising exponentially.

Google Hangout

Google Hangouts is a social networking app created by Google. The hangout was initially a product of Google+ until 2013 when Google began to integrate features from Google + and Google Voice into Hangouts.


Strengthens the Online Presence – Digital hangouts are the latest way to socialize online, and they can support you as an advertiser or business owner in a variety of ways. With Google Hangouts, businesses can significantly increase their online presence and drive traffic to their websites.

Enables Employee Commitment– Google Hangouts is an excellent way to inspire an organization’s corporate customer commitment. It also helps a lot, particularly for people who work from afar (Olaniran, 2017). Team members may collaborate on a mission and share ideas without relying on third-party tools or instruments.

Affordability – Google Hangout is a low-cost, scalable network that can help the institution improve its connectivity. Its video feature is perfect for broadcasting live viewers to a wider, more focused audience (Hill & Bartol, 2016). Google Hangouts has proven its worth in creating more successful marketing campaigns at a lower cost than other digital advertising types.

Negative Aspects

It can switch off an audio or drop someone at random during wider group chats. It doesn’t allow you to add background members, and it doesn’t ask if your microphone setup is right.
Using a Gmail account has a disadvantage for the individual. Some people have email addresses that are unique to their internet service provider or yahoo.
LocatingLocating it on the email interface is difficult – people have a Google phone number that takes precedence in the sidebar, confusing.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a single platform for teamwork and collaboration, including real-time workplace chat, online conferencing, database files, and mobile integration.


Increased efficiency and connectivity
versatile working spaces


 Difficult Transition from Outlook – The most straightforward way to transition to groups is for everyone to use teams to their full potential and stop using Outlook. However, since Outlook and Office 365 are still inextricably connected, it becomes a challenge.

The Best Tool to Manage Geographically Dispersed Team

I use Skype for Business to communicate with my geographically dispersed team. In my workplace, we depend heavily on this method. My team is dispersed around the United States and the world.

There are many advantages to using Skype for business, including:

Built-in security Cross-platform support
Single sign-on (SSO)
Easily share your files.
Instant messaging
Phone/Email Incorporation


Staff can now do their jobs outside of the office thanks to recent technological advancements such as video conferencing, application creation, and text messaging. Collaboration in many places in any part of the world is feasible in this modern age where everything is digitalized and at your fingertips. Knowledge and technological advancements have made this possible. The use of remote virtual teams by businesses is becoming increasingly common.




Castellano, S., Chandavimol, K., Khelladi, I., & Orhan, M. A. (2021). Impact of self-leadership and shared leadership on the performance of virtual R&D teams. Journal of Business Research.

Hill, N. S., & Bartol, K. M. (2016). Empowering leadership and effective collaboration in geographically dispersed teams. Personnel Psychology, 69(1), 159-198.