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There are also policy implications brought about by the increasing uncertainty caused by the UK referendum vote. The central banks across the world were prepared for the possible adverse effects that Brexit posed as they responded in a quick manner to its ramifications. Particularly, key central banks were equipped to offer local currency liquidity and also to avert any liquidity of foreign currency shortages via switch lines. This readiness has boosted buoyancy in the elasticity of the financial markets (Parker 2017). The policy makers in the European Union and the United Kingdom have a major role to play in assisting to minimize the uncertainty posed. Smooth and predictable transition is of more significance to the forging new post-Brexit financial relationships and trading that will probably maintain the improvements from trade between the European Union and the United Kingdom (Ottaviano et al. 2014).

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The most developed economies tend to continue confronting substantial economic lackluster and a weak inflation outlook in the wake of Brexit. Also, there is an ever increasing downside risk in the uncertain environment created by the UK referendum vote. In order to confront these setbacks, a blend of both immediate demand support as well as operational restructurings are necessary to reinvigorate the near-term development given the increasingly uncertain and fragile setting. The efficiency of policy support would be improved by the exploitation of interactions amid an array of policy implements, rather than leaving the whole burden of steadiness to the central banks (Politics 2017). A greater dependence on the measures to improve domestic demand, specifically in the creditor countries, would assist hugely in the reduction of global imbalances while still resulting in a stronger global growth in economy. The effectiveness of structural reforms cannot be undermined since with its enhancement through appropriate macroeconomic support and careful sequencing, stability can be realized. The remaining financial sector vulnerabilities, on the other hand, especially in the European bank legacies, must be addressed in a decisive and quick manner to ensure that the monetary system is resilient to the long-drawn-out uncertainty period and buoyancy that may be forthcoming (Ramiah, Pham, & Moosa 2017).

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The policy challenges brought about by the uncertainty in the global financial markets are more varied across the evolving and emergent markets and economies, but in most instances they also entail a necessity to boost medium growth projections through operational transformations. The possibility for temporary demand support is distinctive with each country, but the scope may be limited during the periods of intensified global risk aversion (Politics 2017). In this light, the policymakers should ensure that there is a robust defense against lingering periods of financial instability and tighter external financial situations (Trentmann 2017). The priorities include the provision of excess credit growth wherever needed, containing currency mismatches and maturity in the financial markets. Additionally, the policymakers should always be prepared and ready to act more proactively, belligerently, and in a supportive manner should there be any effect of fiscal market fluctuations and greater uncertainties that impend to substantially weaken the global economy outlook.

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It is evident that Brexit has done more to add weighty uncertainty to a delicate global economy reclamation. It has also led to considerable change in the United Kingdom’s political environment as it has spawned a higher improbability regarding the landscape of its imminent economic relationships with other countries in the Euro area, and this could escalate the political threats to the EU. The wearing out of confidence was depicted in a greater preliminary sell off in the world monetary markets, which has since recovered partially (Staal 2016). However, the continued uncertainty is probably more likely to take a toll on investment and consumption. The persistence and impact of the increasing uncertainty, as mentioned earlier, is difficult to quantify at the current initial stages. The reaction of the financial market has so far been generally contained and orderly (Wyman 2016). Even so, the effects on global confidence and the tauter fiscal conditions amidst the long-drawn-out discussions that might forge a new association between the UK and EU, could significantly impact the global growth adversely beyond what is predicted in the standard setting.