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A Career In The Medical Field History Assignment Help


Developing Individual Interests And Personal Goals history assignment help book: history assignment help book

Jerin George


Dr. Machado


ENG 111-06


Due: December 8, 2015


1) This project is formatted correctly according to project guidelines.


2) This project is a packet of work that contains, in this order: A) Title Page B) Final Draft C) At least one early/ rough essay draft D) Outline E) Brainstorm


3) I have read my work aloud, slowly.


4) The project improves on the following areas of compositional difficulty: I have been working hard on subject-verb agreement and using more effective words. My early drafts had both problems, but after having used BH Online, I feel confident that my final draft should be almost free of the errors that I worked hard to improve upon.  




I. Introduction


a. When researching a career, we must create an intellectually, creatively, and socially-informed picture of our professional futures based on our developing individual interests and personal goals.


b. However, goals may stay as dreams if we do not undertake the proper steps through effective preparation and making changes within our work environment.


c. Knowing the details of a specific career and using that information to make useful plans holds great importance when considering to earn a place within that career; I have a particular interest in pursuing the profession of a physician.


II. Career Points


a. Physicians, first and foremost, diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses.


i. They prescribe medications and order, perform, and interpret tests.  


1. Using these tests, doctors must recognize any


The Shawshank Redemption ap american history essay help

In the novel Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne arrives at Shawshank State Prison serving two life sentences when he is approximately thirty years old. Dufresne was falsely accused of murdering his wife and his wife’s secret lover and thrown into jail for the rest of his life. In the novel and movie, Andy is notably very secretive and tight-lipped. The jury was against Andy’s short and cold remarks in trial and explains why he was put into jail. Dufresne was easily able to keep his secret tunnel, money, and identity hidden which sparked hope within him during a time of great despair. Andy’s secretive nature is a big component in why the jury found him distasteful leading him into prison and escaping without anyone knowing. Luckily his best friend, Red, was the man “who could get it for you” (1). He narrates the movie and admits to being a cold-blooded killer making him a suitable and honest man to tell the story. Another factor in Andy Dufresne’s escape was the the warden-Samuel Norton. Red described him as “the foulest hypocrite that I ever saw in a high position” (224). The characters in the movie Shawshank Redemption feed off of Andy’s optimism and intelligence and propel him to getting exactly what he needs to escape without a trace. 
The judge in Dufresne’s trial declared him as a remorseless man. However, evidently shown in the novel and the movie, Dufresne was the opposite. He is quiet, composed, and patient. The dark prison walls that would

Women’s Role Of Women In The Iliad advanced higher history essay help: advanced higher history essay help

Throughout Western thought from Ancient Greece to 1600, women are portrayed as second-class citizens; their roles in society were inferior to those of the dominant groups in society. Women during this time filled traditional roles of caretaking, birthing and manual labor. Women were tools used in society in the form of property or as a source for bearing children, preferably boys. Women were compared to other luxury items such as gold and horses and often praised for their beauty. Many texts portray women in these subordinate roles, often times not referring to them by name. Overall women weren’t given access to many positions or resources in society due to the way they were perceived by men.


In Book 6 of The Iliad, women are portrayed as tragic figures, who are on the sidelines as the war is taking place. Andromache, a key character in the Iliad, is shown in an untraditional place for a woman , standing on top of the city walls watching the events occurring below. At this time Hector returns to the city asking all the women to pray for their safety and victory. Andromache asks Hector to stay and be there for his family instead of fighting in the war. It is written, “have mercy upon me; stay here upon this wall; make not your child fatherless, and your wife a widow…” At this point we notice Andromache in a vulnerable position because she’s a woman with no ability to act other than to watch it all take place.  Although Hector listens to Andromache’s words, he isn’t


Literary Analysis Of Robert Frost’s history assignment help cheap

Poems can be a wonderful source of self-expression, some may be straightforward with their meaning, some may just be silly and for fun while others need a closer look to find the deeper meaning. One example of a poem that appears to have a deeper meaning is Robert Frost’s small eight-line poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” about natures various stages and refers to the briefness of each stage. Although this poem uses words such as, nature, flower, and leaf, the poem has a hidden message about life. While this poem invokes images of fleeting seasons and quickly dying flowers, perhaps this is  of a metaphor for life and the brief time of innocence.  




The first line of the poem states how “natures first green is gold”, first green representing new life, a new child and gold representing innocence (Frost). Nothing is ever as innocence as an infant that has not seen or done wrong yet. During this first line, the meaning is not clear as to whether he is referring to actual nature or to humans, although the process of birth is nature. According to Alfred Ferguson, “Green is the first mark of spring, the assurance of life” (“Frost and the Paradox of the Fortunate Fall.” 1973). Interpreting this starting line as new beginnings are the most special, but also, the briefest.  




The next line Frost writes, “Her hardest hue to hold” is the most difficult to decipher by itself (“Nothing Gold Can Stay”). Mother nature could be the “her” in this poem, as nature is responsible for life. Hardest to