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5 Tips to Improve Your Writing

Many methods can be taken for the process of improving writing, especially for the academic one. This video presents the 5 tips to improve your writing, which will eventually provide additional learning for the students. In this video, you will learn about the elimination of the usage of contractions, like “don’t,” “can’t,” or “shouldn’t.” Contractions pertain to the process shortening to words to make it simpler. This serves as the first tip that is highlighted in the video.

The second tip is about the avoidance of using “there is” or “there are.” This is for the reason that in writing, you should make it direct and concise by eliminating the unnecessary words that makes the sentences long. With this, you can make your sentences stronger.

The third tip is about the avoidance of using the words “really,” “very,” “a lot”, and “so,” as it will make your writing weak.

Fourth tip is about the non-usage of passive voice; instead, apply the active voice. In passive voice, subject is the receiver of the action. On the other hand, in active voice, the subject performs an action to an object.

The last tip is about the usage of strong verbs. You might find that it is easier to write pointless words or phrases, even if you have the capacity of replacing those with single word, which is more descriptive. A simple yet effective manner of improving your academic writing is to change the verbs ‘to be’ that are weak by strong verbs.