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2 2 Running Head: INTERPROFESSIONAL ADVOCACY 1 In May 2022, I Attended Online History Assignment Help




In May 2022, I attended an NYSNA seminar organized by Continuing Education Inc.

the seminar’s target audience was NPs, RNs, and other certified healthcare practitioners. It was a one-week seminar whose purpose was to assist the program participants in making a self-care plan integrating mind-body exercises and healing modes into daily life to lessen stress and promote wellbeing. The seminar was also crucial to other participants and me because nurses encounter daily stress triggered by ever-rising workloads, health challenges, work-life balance problems, conflicts, financial issues, and life events. Though a bit of stress might be beneficial, it is unhealthy experiencing severe stress. This is because stress causes unease, and continuous stress negatively influences mental and physical health and cognitive performance.

Stress amongst RNs is amongst the most under-valued, yet impactful matters nurses confront. Stress is apparent in numerous facets of a nurse’s individual and work life. A nurse’s emotional demands are unlimited, and so are the physical needs, which can be taxing. The job’s ethical stress is often a challenge. All these stress elements always affect nurses’ health and sometimes influence patient care. Also, it weakens nurse retention proportions leading to a turnover. While nurses comprehend the ideal method to manage pressure and unease is via selfcare, they constantly complain that they lack “me time.”In this seminar, I learned alternative healing approaches that are medically confirmed to lessen stress and raise well-being that a nurse can perform anywhere and anytime. The seminar was interactive because it provided mediative movement workouts and dance. From the seminar, I learned about ANA’s products, such as books, webinars, and articles advising healthcare strategies to handle stress.

The facilitators taught us how to use our mind-body exercises, such as yoga and meditation, to attain a steady psycho-physical comfort that encourages nurses’ usefulness in their work setting. Thus, this is predominantly via modest meditation workouts which do not need a particular setting and can be done in any work environment. Since mental health (MH) issues are common amongst nurses as an outcome of exposure to an array of MH risk elements such as mental strains, aggression, work stresses, stress, and mistakes in performing labor duties (Tuckey, Sonnentag, & Bryan, 2018). Burnout is the leading instigate of emotional fatigue and high depersonalization, and its widespread among nurses. Thus, the facilitators demonstrated how mind-body approaches are used in coping with stress-linked difficulties.

Mind-body methods like yoga, tai chi, meditation, and qigong are utilized to handle stress and enhance physical and mental health, even with cardiac illness patients. Mind-body methods can improve nurses’ entire health and wellbeing levels and avert burnout levels by assuaging the supplementary physical signs and lessening nurses’ mental stress. Even during the pandemic, mindfulness practices were used as an efficient self-management strategy or a stress reliever method for nurses exposed to COVID-19, which endangered their psychological health (Callus et al., 2020). Thus, learning various interventions that can enhance nurses’ mental and physical well-being like rescheduling working shifts or regularity and breaks duration provided the participants with approaches to managing stress among healthcare employees. The facilitators challenged participants to integrate programs that foster the nurse’s mental safety. In addition, organizational commitment to developing capacity and infrastructure that facilitates the general welfare of the nurses is needed. Participants were challenged to embrace self-care as the nursing profession can be demanding and has burnout prevalence.


Callus, E., Bassola, B., Fiolo, V., Bertoldo, E. G., Pagliuca, S., & Lusignani, M. (2020). A rapid review of stress reduction techniques for health care providers dealing with severe coronavirus infections (SARS, MERS, and COVID-19). Frontiers in psychology, 11,


Tuckey, M. R., Sonnentag, S., & Bryan, J. (2018). Are state mindfulness and state work engagement related during the workday? Work & Stress, 32(1), 33-48.

Election Simulator Revision Get Essay Help

Election SimulatorImplement an Java ElectionSimulator class that can compute the minimum number of popular votes needed to win the Electoral College given the turnout during an election year.See full description (Election Simulator desc.docx)

import java.util.*;


public class ElectionSimulator {

    // TODO: Your code here

    public static int minElectoralVotes(List<State> states) {

        int total = 0;

        for (State state : states) {

            total += state.electoralVotes;


        return total / 2 + 1;


    public static int minPopularVotes(Set<State> states) {

        int total = 0;

        for (State state : states) {

            total += state.popularVotes / 2 + 1;


        return total;


    private static class Arguments implements Comparable<Arguments> {

        public final int electoralVotes;

        public final int index;

        public Arguments(int electoralVotes, int index) {

            this.electoralVotes = electoralVotes;

            this.index = index;


        public int compareTo(Arguments other) {

            int cmp =, other.electoralVotes);

            if (cmp == 0) {

                cmp =, other.index);


            return cmp;


        public boolean equals(Object o) {

            if (this == o) {

                return true;

            } else if (!(o instanceof Arguments)) {

                return false;


            Arguments other = (Arguments) o;

            return this.electoralVotes == other.electoralVotes && this.index == other.index;


        public int hashCode() {

            return Objects.hash(electoralVotes, index);



    public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException {

        List<State> states = new ArrayList<>(51);

        try (Scanner input = new Scanner(new File(“data/1828.csv”))) {

            while (input.hasNextLine()) {




        Set<State> result = new ElectionSimulator(states).simulate();


        System.out.println(minPopularVotes(result) + ” votes”);


Election Simulator

The President of the United States is not elected by a popular vote, but by a majority vote in the Electoral College. Each state, plus DC, gets some number of electors in the Electoral College, and whoever they vote in becomes the next President. Right before the 2016 election, NPR reported that 23% of the popular vote would be sufficient to win the election, based on the 2012 election data. They arrived at this number by looking at states with the highest ratio of electoral votes to voting population. This was a correction to their originally-reported number of 27%, which they got by looking at what it would take to win the states with the highest number of electoral votes. But the optimal strategy turns out to be neither of these and instead uses an unlikely coalition of small and large states.

Assuming the following simplifications, what’s the fewest number of popular votes needed to win the presidency in each election year since 1828?

A simple majority of the popular votes in a state will win all of the state’s electors. For example, in a small state with 999,999 people, 500,000 votes will win all its electors.A majority of the electoral votes is needed to become president. In the 2008 election, 270 votes were needed because there were 538 electors. In the 1804 election, 89 votes were needed because there were only 176 electors.Electors never defect.

Note. The historical election data here was compiled from a number of sources. In many early elections, state legislatures chose electors rather than voters so in some cases we estimated the voting population based on the overall US population at the time and the total fraction of votes cast. This may skew some of the earlier election results. However, to the best of our knowledge, data from 1868 and forward is complete and accurate. Let us know if you find any errors in the data!


Implement an ElectionSimulator class that can compute the minimum number of popular votes needed to win the Electoral College given the turnout during an election year.

ElectionSimulator(List<State> states)

Constructs a new ElectionSimulator for the given list of states.

Set<State> simulate()

Returns the set of states with the minimum number of popular votes needed to win the election.

Design your recursive backtracking method to represent subproblems with two integer parameters: the current electoralVote threshold and the current index into the list of states. Then, solve the following optimization problem: “What is the set of states that minimizes the popular vote while satisfying the electoralVote threshold and using only states starting at the given index into the list of all states?”

Unlike problems that we solved in class, the ElectionSimulator requires us to return a single set of states representing the optimal combination.

Each recursive subproblem may need to compare two different sets to determine which of the two sets of states is better. Consider when and where the new keyword is used to instantiate new data structures.The base case(s) must either return a set of states or null. In maxSum, the base case returned 0 for a valid combination limit <= 0 as well as an invalid combination numbers.isEmpty().This does not require choose-explore-unchoose because we are not enumerating solutions. Build up the final solution using the return value rather than a parameter.

The ElectionSimulator should be able to solve the optimization problem for a small input such as the 1828 election. But larger elections will take too long to compute. To put the computational task into perspective, all 50 states (plus DC) participated in the 2016 election so there are 251 possible subsets to explore. Unfortunately, 251 is 2,251,799,813,685,248, which is such a huge number that even checking a billion combinations each second would take about a month to process. But it’s not necessary to check all of these combinations. In the 2016 election, for example, the threshold for electoral votes needed to win the presidency was 270, so there are at most only 271 · 52 = 14,092 unique combinations that need to be computed.

Use the provided Arguments class to memoize (save) each unique combination by associating the arguments with the combination in a map. If we’ve solved the subproblem before, then return the combination saved in the map.

In the constructor, add a field to keep track of a new Map<Arguments, Set<State>>.In the recursive case, save the final solution to the current subproblem before returning the result.In the base case, if the solution to the current subproblem was saved earlier, return the saved solution.


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Predicate logic problems.1.Convert the following wff into the clausal form.2.Define the following terms: (a) Refutation theorem proving (b) Completeness (of inference rules) (c) Unification (d) Horn Clause3. You are walking in a labyrinth and all of a sudden you find yourself in front of three possible roads: the road on your left is paved with gold, the one in front of you is paved with marble, while the one on your right is made of small stones. Each street is protected by a guardian. You talk to the guardians and this is what they tell you: • The guardian of the gold street: “This road will bring you straight to the center. Moreover, if the stones take you to the center, then also the marble takes you to the center.” • The guardian of the marble street: “Neither the gold nor the stones will take you to the center.” • The guardian of the stone street: “Follow the gold and you’ll reach the center, follow the marble and you will be lost.” Given that you know that all the guardians are liars, can you choose a road being sure that it will lead you to the center of the labyrinth? If this is the case, which road you choose? Provide a propositional language and a set of axioms that formalize the problem and show whether you can choose a road being sure it will lead to the center. (Hint, Use a truth table.)4.Given the following dataset, use the Apriori algorithm to discover association rules. Use support = 2 and confidence = 70%.5.Assume the following are known: (a) Every package in room 27 is smaller than a package in room 28. (b) C is the largest package. (There is only one largest package.) (c) Each package is either in room 27 or 28. (d) There exists a package D in room 28. Assume the following predicates are given: (1) Package(x) is true if x is a package. (2) InRoom(x,y) is true if package x is in room y. (3) Smaller(x,y) is true if package x is smaller than package y. Use refutation theorem proving to prove that C is in room 28.


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Need question 1 and 2 in different docs with APA citation and No plagiarism pleaseQuestion 1:Discuss in 500 words or more best practices for incident response in the cloud. Refer to at least one incidence response framework.(500-550 words in word document with references 6 years or less old)(Please follow APA format) Please 3 references from journals or books will be appreciated. Write everything in own words.Question 2:My topic for course project is Preventing Attacks on Web ApplicationsIt must consist of:1. 5 source annotated bibliography2. slide presentation with 12 or more slides3. Summary or Abstract containing at least 750 words.(700-750 words in word document with references 6 years or less old)(Please follow APA format) Please 3 references from journals or books will be appreciated. Write everything in own words.


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Bob’s Back Hoes Student ExerciseI was wondering if it would be possible to get the journal entries and the chart of accounts (how they should be entered into Quickbooks 2019 please?

OverviewIn this case-study, you, the student, will set up a new service company file using the Easy StepInterview found by clicking on Detailed Start after clicking to create a new company. As younavigate through the Easy Step Interview, you will decide the best answers to the interview basedon the information presented here. You will also have the opportunity to practice setting up aChart of Accounts, and completing Journal entries, sales, Bills, and Cheques. As an extendedactivity, you may be required to complete the Bank Reconciliation.Accounting InformationBob Brown has decided to start a business of his own, doing backhoe work for clients beginningJanuary 1. He will run the business from his home at 123 Any Street, Chatham, Ontario N7M 1A1.He has obtained his Business Number and registered for Goods and Services tax. Tax rates areGST 5%, and HST 13% Bob will use the calendar year as his fiscal year. His first HST quarterly report period will end March 31. Bob will only do business in Southwest Ontario. This is a Service Based Business with no inventory. To assist with setting up the Chart ofAccounts, choose ‘General Service-Based Business’ as the industry in the Easy StepInterview process. Set up a Service Item called Back Hoe Fees, Description Back Hoe Services, Default Taxwill be HST Only. Bob Expects to invoice some Customers and collect Payment later. Bob will sometimes buy products and services on credit and pay his vendors later. Attached is a Chart of Accounts Bob has been given to use with his business.BOB’S BACK HOESSTUDENT EXERCISEQuickBooks 2019 – Assignment 2Page 2 of 5Chart of Accounts:Account Type Description10500 Chequing Account Bank Chequing Account11000 Prepaid Insurance Other current asset Prepaid Insurance12000 Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable13000 Home Office Equipment Fixed Asset Home office Equipment13010 Computer Equipment additions Fixed Asset Computer equipment additions13020 Computer Equipment Depreciation Fixed Asset Computer equipment Depreciation13510 Office Equipment Additions Fixed Asset Office Equipment Additions13520 Office Equipment Depreciation Fixed Asset Office Equipment Depreciation14990 Undeposited Funds Other Current assets Undeposited funds15000 Equipment Fixed Asset Equipment15010 Equipment additions Fixed Asset Equipment Additions15020 Equipment depreciation Fixed Asset Equipment Depreciation20000 Accounts Payable Accounts Payable Accounts Payable25500 GST/HST Payable Other Current Liability HST Payable30000 Opening Bal Equity Equity Opening bal Equity32000 Bob Brown Capital Equity Bob Brown capital30800 Bob Brown Withdrawals Equity Bob Brown Withdrawals39000 Retained Earnings Equity Retained Earnings40100 Back Hoe fees earned Income Fees60400 Depreciation expense Expense Depreciation Expense61000 Advertising Expense Expense Advertising Expense62000 Back Hoe Equipment Rental Expense Back Hoe Equipment Rental62500 Back Hoe Gas & Oil Expense Back Hoe Gas & Oil63000 Bank fees Expense Bank fees64000 Insurance Expense Insurance64250 Liability Insurance Expense Liability Insurance65000 Home Office Expense Expense Home Office Expense65250 Office Supplies Expense Office supplies65500 Utilities Expense Expense Utilities Expense65750 Telephone Expense Expense Telephone Expense66200 Professional fees Expense Professional fees66500 Accounting Expense Accounting Fees67000 Repairs Expense Repairs68200 Taxes Expense Taxes68300 Federal Expense Federal taxes68400 Provincial Expense ProvincialQuickBooks 2019 – Assignment 2Page 3 of 5Transactions:On 3 January, Bob deposits $25,000 in a separate Bank Account for the Business at CIBC,downtown branch. (Create journal Entry # 1 to Debit Chequing Account and Credit B Brown,Capital)Bob has decided to lease the backhoe. The monthly payment of $2,000 (plus HST) is made on the15th day of each month to Brian’s Leasing.The Following Transactions took place in January:Date Transaction Source3 Purchased a computer by cheque from Impact Computers $4,600(plus HST)Chq 14 Bob Contributed a ladder to the Business Valued at $400 FairMarket valueJournal Entry


6 Completed cash Job for Maple City construction, issued receiptfor $2500 (plus HST). Receive Payment in full and deposited cashin bank.Sales Receipt1017 Bob paid expenses for the business:Telephone $198.45 (plus HST $20.00) to Telus. Overwritecalculated HSTChq 2Electricity $430 (plus HST) to Origin Power Chq 3Advertising $2,000 (plus HST) to leader Papers Chq 48 Completed Job for JP Construction, 158 Keil Drive, Chatham,Ontario N7L1A1 (519) 555-1234. Invoiced $2000 (Plus HST),Terms Net 30.Invoice 20111 Completed cash job for Big Brothers Construction, issued receiptfor 4,400.00 (plus HST). Received payment in full and depositedcash in bank.Sales receipt102Bob purchased office furniture on credit Inv B333 $700 (plus HST)from Bizquip. Terms Net 30Bill12 Bob paid expenses for the business: Fuel $214(plus HST) to EchofuelsChq 5Insurance $600 to CUG Insurance for 12 Months liabilityInsurance. Expense January Insurance and set up PrepaidInsurance for Balance.Chq 6Bob drew $800 cash for his own use. Chq 715 Paid Brian’s Leasing for the lease of the backhoe. Chq 8QuickBooks 2019 – Assignment 2Page 4 of 5Problem StatementStep 1: You have been hired to set up a Service Company File for Bob and set up the chart ofAccounts as provided by the Consulting Accountant.Step 2: You have been directed to complete the transactions for the first two weeks of January.Step 3: You receive the bank statement and process the Reconciliation.NOTE – Only complete the steps as assigned by your instructor.Required Items for Each StepStep 1 Create the file Bob’s Back Hoes – Your Name”. This will help distinguish your report fromthe other students’ assignments. Add, Edit, Delete or Make Inactive Accounts to match the Chart of AccountsStep 2 Process the transactions for January (including the initial capital contribution). Print (or create a pdf) the following reports for the period January 1-16: Chart of Accounts Income Statement Balance Sheet JournalsStep 3 Complete Bank Reconciliation using the Bank Statement dated January 16 found on thenext page Print (or create a pdf) the following report for the Period January 1-16: Bank Reconciliation DetailedQuickBooks 2019 – Assignment 2Page 5 of 5Bank StatementUsing the bank statement below, prepare the bank reconciliation at January 16CIBCDowntownAccount Name Bob’s Back Hoes Account No 333067Statement for January 1-16Date Debit Credit BalanceJanuary 2 Cash/Chqs 25,000.00 25,000.00 CR4 0001 5,198.00 19,802.00 CR6 Cash/Chqs 2,825.00 22,627.00 CR8 0003 485.90 22,141.10 CR11 Cash/Chqs 4,972.00 27,113.10 CR0002 218.45 26,894.65 CR0007 800.00 26,094.65 CR13 Bank fee 20.00 26,074.65 CR0006 600.00 25,474.65 CRCheck figures: Net Income: $3,987.55 Book Value of Chequing Account after bank reconciliation: $20,712.83


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• Draft three policy arguments for allowing the billboards and three policy arguments for disallowing the billboards. Your arguments for both sides should be persuasive so you can prepare for a potential legal battle.Draft three policy arguments for allowing the billboards and three policy arguments for disallowing the billboards. Your arguments for both sides should be persuasive so you can prepare for a potential legal battle.Use Microsoft Word Use Times New Roman, 12 point font.Justify the left margin only.Double space.Do not double-double space between paragraphs or sections of the memo.Indent paragraphs ¼ of an inch.Italicize case names in citations; do not underline.Remove formatting such as “headings” and outlining.Length: No more than 10 pages.The law presented here, including statutes, cases, and quotations, is purely fictional and cannot be attributed to any real individual or provision.You represent AIDS Awareness Now, an organization dedicated to raising AIDS awareness among American youth. Thanks to the generosity of the Will and Belinda Bates Foundation, AIDS Awareness Now has $3 million to invest in its education campaign. AIDS Awareness Now plans to invest the money in billboards along California’s Interstate 5 highway. The billboards will feature an image of a young couple embracing along with the text Protect Yourself. Learn More at The billboard design has already been completed at the cost of several hundred thousand dollars and cannot be altered. Unfortunately, the design may run afoul of California’s Outdoor Advertising statute, provided below. Please review the statute below. First, develop three policy arguments for allowing the billboards. Second, develop three policy arguments for why the billboards should be disallowed. When developing your policy arguments, consider moral values, social justice, fairness, economics, and institutional roles.Cal. Sts. & High. Code § 2239: Outdoor Advertising**§ 2239.1 Findings.(1) Inadequately regulated outdoor advertising may threaten highway safety, scenic beauty and conservation efforts, and minors.§ 2239.2 Declaration of Purpose.(1) This state may limit free speech in order to serve compelling government interests, which include but are not limited to:a. promoting highway safety;b. preserving scenic beauty;c. promoting conservation efforts; andd. protecting minors from obscene material.§ 2239.3 Definitions.(1) Outdoor advertising includes but is not limited to any outdoor display, banner, sign, placard, billboard, electronic screen, or device, which uses image, writing, electronic signal, painting, mural, light, or any other means, to advertise and which is visible to motorists on highway systems in this state.(2) Obscene material includes material that when viewed as a whole and in accord with accepted societal standards, appeals predominantly to sexual desire, in a patently offensive manner, and which is devoid of serious educational value.§ 2239.4 Outdoor Advertising Restrictions.(1) Outdoor advertising which distracts a motorist by any means, including but not limited to, flashing lights, rotating panels, shocking content, or noise, is prohibited under this Act.(2) Outdoor advertising which requires the removal of trees, shrubbery or other fauna, or which interferes with planned conservation efforts, is prohibited under this Act.(3) Outdoor advertising portraying obscene material in any manner is prohibited under this Act.§ 2239.5 Severability.(1) If any provision of this Act is declared invalid or unconstitutional, such declaration shall not affect the legality of either this Act as a whole or any provisions not declared invalid or unconstitutional.Legislative History:The passage of this Act is an important step for California: a step to removing the blight of offensive, over-commercialized billboards along our beautiful highways. — State Senator Joe LeavethemThis Act is narrow in its application. I am proud to sponsor a piece of legislation that at once protects the safety of California motorists, and at the same time observes the American ideal: ‘the only valid censorship is the right of people not to listen.’ — State Senator Jay John, quoting Potter Stewart.

Module 15 Memorandum


From: [Align everything to the “A” in this line.]



[After the colon in the “From:” line, skip a space and then align everything above and below that to the “A” in “Align.” Do not use bold font. If the information in the “Re:” line runs to a second line, single space the two lines.]

Introductory Paragraph [This does not get a heading.]


[Left justify, capitalize, bold, and underline]

A. Arguments for Allowing the Billboard

1. Subheading (if applicable)

[Left Justify, capitalize the first letter of each word, and underscore.]

2. Subheading (if applicable)

[Left Justify, capitalize the first letter of each word, and underscore.]

[Use more subheadings, as appropriate]

B. Arguments against Allowing the Billboard

1. Subheading (if applicable)

[Left Justify, capitalize the first letter of each word, and underscore.]

2. Subheading (if applicable)

[Left Justify, capitalize the first letter of each word, and underscore.]

[Use more subheadings, as appropriate]


[Left Justify, capitalize, bold, and underscore.]

A. Arguments for Allowing the Billboard

1. Subheading (if applicable)

[Left Justify, capitalize the first letter of each word, and underscore.]

2. Subheading (if applicable)

[Left Justify, capitalize the first letter of each word, and underscore.]

[Use more subheadings, as appropriate]

B. Arguments against Allowing the Billboard

1. Subheading (if applicable)

[Left Justify, capitalize the first letter of each word, and underscore.]

2. Subheading (if applicable)

[Left Justify, capitalize the first letter of each word, and underscore.]

[Use more subheadings, as appropriate]


[Left Justify, capitalize, bold, and underscore.]

1. 2. Subheading (if applicable)

[Left Justify, capitalize the first letter of each word, and underscore.]

Subheading (if applicable)

[Left Justify, capitalize the first letter of each word, and underscore.]



Statistics-median and sampling college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help
i need someone who can answer these questions in 30 minutesneeded to be done within 30 minutes1. The following are housing prices in Los Angeles: $899,00, $664,290, $3,350,000, $836,880, $1,750,00, $344,900, $499,900. What is the best measure of central tendency to use and why?2. Imagine you wanted to conduct a study using a sample from the population of UCLA students. How would you go about collecting a random sample? What are the pros and cons of this approach?3. Distinguish between Type I and Type II error. What are their causes?4. People using dating apps might decide to chat on the phone before meeting in person. They might be wondering if the person they’re talking to is as attractive as they sound. Researchers wondered if people could match an attractive voice to an attractive face so they conducted a study where 55 participates were shown two pictures, one was of an attractive person and one was of a less attractive person. The subjects listened to 40 voices counting to 10 and each voice was paired with the two photos. The baseline average expectation was that people would guess correctly 50% of the time. In this sample, people on average guessed correctly 72.6% of the time with a standard deviation of 6.5% (this is from a real study!). Is that a big enough difference to determine that this did not occur by chance? Conduct a one-sample t-test and interpret the results.a) State the (non-directional) null and research hypothesis (hint: for the null consider the baseline expectation)b) Calculate the critical values (using the t-table) and the value of the test statistic. Set your alpha level at .05 (hint: pay attention to whether this is a one tailed or two tailed test).c) Interpret the resultsd) Calculate the confidence interval, C=90%e) Interpret the confidence interval.


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Writing TheoryHello i uploaded a document that has all the instructions, this has 3 part, the last part is n essay form.

Part I: Writing Theory

Draw and label Toulmin’s Bridge.  Note the elements of argumentation; describe the Aristotelian appeals for each element.  

Describe the relationship between interest, effort, and time. How do these elements affect your audience?

Draw and label the Inverted Pyramid Model (including all assumptions) at the document level, section level, and paragraph level. How does each level fit together? How does the structure help the reader?

Define usability. Provide five best practices to make a document more usable.

Define plain language. Describe what plain language does for the reader.

Part II: Document Critique

To: Kevin Plank

Date: 11/27/2017

Subject: Report

As per your request, I conducted an analysis of Under Armour versus its leading competitor Nike. As a result, I wanted to go to bat for you to show you the position of your company. Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank, a University of Maryland alumnus. Under Armour’s mission, “is to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Every Under Armour product is doing something for you; it’s making you better.”


Under Armour is in an excellent financial position as seen in the table below:

EPS1.06Quick Ratio1.3P/E50.84BETA1.1


Under Armour is in a good position,EPS;Powerful mission.

Under Armour company is in a good position. If I were you, I would start selling more clothing to women. This strategy will ultimately produce a paradigm shift your company’s mission by establishing a whole new set of competitive core competencies. I would say that you are on your way to dominating the industry by taking a big bite out of Nike’s market share. If you have any questions, let me know. I am willing to work 24-7.

Part II – Critique Questions

Critique any issues with the overall message by answering the following– (1) Did they provide a clear claim? If so, what was it? (2) Did they provide enough evidence and interpretation to support their claim. What support did they use? (3) Did they provide enough attribution to lend credibility to the claim?

Overall, was the overall document deductive or inductive? Given the message, which structure is more appropriate?

Identify five document design issues. Describe why they are problematic for the reader.

Evaluate the overall language (style: word choice) of the document.  Identify at least two issues (idioms, clichés, buzzwords, euphemisms, and jargon). Describe why they are problematic.

Part IV: Presentation Coaching

Based on the book, the Naked Presenter by Garr Reynolds, and from our class discussion(s), I want you to coach me through the process of developing and presenting a compelling presentation (points will be awarded for your level of description). Use at least 10 concepts found on the table below. Note: Bolded concepts count as two. Note: Failure to incorporate these terms into a well-developed essay will result in a 50% deduction in your score. Do not simply list and define these terms.

Presentation Concepts

Presenting NakedSeven Lessons from the BathConversation Not PerformanceYou Need Alone TimeKnow Your AudienceContrasts are CompellingEight Step Process for Presentation Development.Advice on Using NotesRehearsal: How Much?Preparing the Day of the PresentationP.U.N.C.H.Projecting YourselfAdvice on managing your fearNervous TellsOpen Versus Closed Body LanguageConnect with Eye ContactShowing Your PassionTapping into EmotionInteract Using ProximityUse the B KeyChanging the PlayInvolve through participationMake your Ending Sticky: S.U.C.C.E.S.Look the PartQuestions and AnswersLess is MoreTone, Pitch, and VolumeHand Gestures


Cyber power security project university essay help
Cyber Power Security ProjectThis project is based on Power Electrical Engineering and Cyber Security.

The Abstract is due on Nov, 16 (( I upload an example for the abstract .. DON’T COPY FROM IT ))

Final Project OverviewYou can choose any relevant topic for the final research project related to the course topics. We will discuss it at the beginning of the semester. The chosen topic should involve theoretical or numerical work related to power system operation and associated cyber system. Understanding of power system operation and the cyber system should be demonstrated through the project, and your original contribution towards the chosen topic is expected. Your contribution could be in the form of a new algorithm, improvement, software deliverables, or suggested policy. The project should be an individual effort. The final report of the project will take the form of an IEEE Power Engineering Society Transactions paper.

This part of your grade will depend on the technical content of the report, relevancy to the course topic, demonstrated understanding, and your original contribution. More information on the research project will be distributed later in the semester.

Enhancing Microgrid Security by Defensing Against False Data Injection Attack


State estimation is a most important real-time control algorithm in energy management systems that is vulnerable to attack by false data injection. Hackers circumvent the bad data measurement detection system and implement malicious data modification. It will lead the power system to overload and loss stability. In this paper, a comprehensive review of the false data injection attack will be given. A basic strategy for defensing the false data injection attack will also be introduced. By reviewing the literature, an implementation of cyber-physical co-simulation will be presented to valid the applicability of the countermeasure for this type of the cyber-attack on a microgrid.  

Key words:

cyber-physical security, false data injection attack, Cyclic redundancy check, Unscented Kalman Filter, Co-simulation, NS3, PowerWorld


With the increasing size of sensoring, communication, automatic control and intelligent processing integrated in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has been widely applied on power grid to monitor the reliable operations. Consequently, cyber-security has been considered as a more crucial factor, especially in some critical microgrids that ensures critical loads to be kept secure and operational even in presence of contingencies.

Supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is a comprehensive data processing system that is normally used for operation monitoring in industrial organizations to maintains the security and reliability of a power grid. The sensors measure the bus voltages and power flows in a power grid. Then the measurements are transmitted to the control center. Engineers can estimate the state of the grid by analyzing the measurement data via state estimation, thus control the grid components. However, SCADA systems have been facing a lot of threats with the intention of gaining unauthorized access since they have been used in field. The self-vulnerabilities of the SCADA systems may one of the important factors that lead cyber-attack to happen, as well as caused severe system instability and financial losses.

False data injection (FDI) attacks are actions of injecting malicious measurement to against state estimation in electric power systems. In an FDI attack, an attacker compromises measurement from grid sensors that undetected errors are introduced into estimates of state variables, and thus cause a loss to power system. FDI attack research was firstly published in 2009. Up to now, many researchers have contributed many strategies and methods to defend against FDI attacks. This paper is going to investigate two methodology that can be countermeasures for FDI attacks – Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) and Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF).

Feasibility and validation of your approach:

The project is proposed to implement the FDI in CPS model, and valid the CRC and UKF methods according to a simulation. An NS3 based and PowerWorld interfaced cyber-physical co-simulation for smart grid will be used for simulating the microgrid applications. The simulation results will be the FDI defensing success rate by a several of random attack tests to the system. After the simulation, the results will be analyzed and be compared.

Statement of work:

1. Cyber-physical simulation software study and model a simple microgrid system: prepare the NS-PowerWorld simulation for FDI attack simulation.

2. FDI attack study: FDI attack paper study, and model FDI attack in scripts preparing for the simulation.

3. CRC and UKF study: follow the algorithm of CRC and UKF to code and create the digital filters for the system.

4. FDI attack, CRC and UKF comprehensive simulation: Simulate FDI attack, CRC and UKF on the created system. Observe the results.

5. Project report and result analysis: Analysis the recorded results in paper. Draft the project report paper, revise the paper and finalize paper.

Milestones and schedule:

TaskDateStartEndTotal (days)1. simulation softwareMar 19Mar 2892. FDI attack studyMar 29Apr 253. CRC and UKF studyApr 3Apr 964. SimulationApr 10Apr 1555. Project reportApr 16Apr 237

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