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13 Resume Tips that Let You Get Noticed

For you to best present your resume with the unique blend of personality traits, experiences and skills, you need to focus on certain tricks. As a professional resume writer, I will help you get the reaction you want from your resume through the thirteen resume tips below:

1. Begin with a clearer and better description of your role you want to perform. You also need to make it clear, concise and short. For instance, your role can be an administrative assistant, senior engineer and marketing manager. Remember that recruiters are known as a busy type of people. You need to make it easier for them to know where you exactly fit.

2. Customize your role description. If ever you have started your resume with “Administrative Assistant” but you actually meant to apply for the position of an Executive Assistant, you need to change the header. This will now reflect the title.

3. Before delving deeper into the career history, giving a concise and brief description of your value is essential. Never get into the habit of using over-used words in emphasizing yourself as a valuable employee. The best sentence to be constructed is that you are an “Accomplished sales manager with fifteen years of experiences and proven record of results.”

4.Inject some personality throughout your resume. You need to write as if you would speak to someone in an interview.

5. Choose to replace the passive words with the active verbs. And then, eliminate a sentence like “responsible for managing team of 13”. The best sentence would “lead and motivate team of 14”.

6. Do not spend three or even four sentences for the position that clearly describe your job responsibilities. This is also unless you have an unusual job in the previous years. Remember that employers already have an idea of the general outline of the job responsibilities. They are mainly interested in the things that you have done in the past.

7. Focus on the Ninety Percent Impact of your Content.
You need to clearly put emphasis on the changes you have made including your previous actions. Even all of the problems you have solved before should as well be emphasized. Quantify all possibly delivered results.

8. Always make it a habit to provide context. If ever you have increased your sales by fifteen percent, you still need to emphasize if it is bad, good or average for the company. It is rather suggested for you to put emphasis on increasing the sales fifteen percent. This is especially during the downturn in the market. Your accomplishment will be best understood by the interviewer.

9. Put emphasis and tell it straight how others say about you. It is best to make use of quotes, LinkedIn testimonials, product reviews and “thank you notes”. Be sure that these quotes are for real.

10. Format the resume in a nice way with white space. You can take a closer look at all online resume samples. You may also choose for a clean and simple style that puts emphasis on your key selling points.

11. Better to include a specific link to a completely-detailed and well-written online portfolio, visual CV and LinkedIn profile. This should be filled and completed with great endorsements.

12. Ensure to have a resume that contains all of the keywords. These are what employers usually searches in the field. Better to take a closer look at all job postings and then concentrate on the words that appear all the time.

13. Choose for a common system font intended for your resume. Remember that a fancy font may appear nice. However, this may affect your chance of being accepted in the job. The recipient may not have the same font installed. It is possible for your resume to be unprofessional and to lose it s formatting.

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